By Ginna Wilcoxen and Season Irwin - August 2001

Octavia was restless in her sleep. She found herself in her 
grandmother's house. 'Not again,' she cursed. 

The figure of Qui-Gon stepped out and looked straight at her. 
"You need help and advice. Have you tried to contact your master?" 
"This isn't real, it's another trick! Another game set up by the 
Palpatines," Octavia countered, hating how her memories were 
being used. 

Qui-Gon frowned. "Your situation is real. You need to reach out 
to Skywalker; you need to use the Force to contact someone before 
you doubt your very existence." 

"And how do I do that?" 

"Meditation. When you are at peace, the Force will show you the 
way. Now, wake and find your inner strength." The image of Qui-Gon 
disappeared as Octavia opened her eyes and gazed at the other 
sleeping Jedi all about her. 

* * * * * * * * 

Octavia sat alone in the room she was sharing with Medenna 
and the other Jedi. She was glad she hadn't disturbed them with 
the dream sheíd had. Closing her eyes, she calmed herself and 
reached out with the Force. 

//Master Skywalker?// 

In the very distant Outer Rim area, on a small moon that Luke 
and R-2 had had to make a forced landing due to failures on his 
X-wing, Luke hesitated in his work on the engines. He had become frustrated 
by his failed attempts to get the X-wing back into flying 
shape. But now he set down his tools and reached out with 
the Force. 

Ignoring the insistent beeping of R-2 D-2, Luke concentrated deeply. 
He could sense confusion and self-doubt coming through from a great distance. 
It was even difficult to discern who the sender was. It was... 
It was Octavia. 

Her attempts to reach out to him were very faint at first and held no 
actual words. Luke Skywalker reached out in a more focused manner 
and sent to her, //What's wrong, Octavia?// Wiping the sweat from his 
forehead, he waited. The small jungle moon was very humid. 

Octavia sighed with frustration. This wasn't working. What was she 
trying to do? Then she felt him: somehow Skywalker had heard her. 

//Some things are happening that I'm not sure of. A Jedi student 
named Medenna and I were captured ... I donít' know how long ... 
seems ... " She wasn't sure how to explain what she saw as her own 

Luke's voice was faint in her mind, but clear. //Tell me.// 

//How do I know this isn't another controlled dream?// There 
was much suspicion in her tone. 

//Controlled dream? What has happened to you?// Luke sent, 
very concerned now. 

//We are in the company of Raven Palpatine; two other Jedi 
are with us, part of the Lost Jedi. Sense deprivation tanks, bacta, 
Force damped.// Luke could feel her anger flare, hot and strong. 
//*The Emperor* used our thoughts; twisted them.// 

Luke's aura through the Force strengthened. //Are you being held captive?// 

//We are on Zoron. They say we will be released, but .. Master 
D'med doesn't believe that will be the case.// Octaviaís tone took 
on a bleak feeling to Luke. //So much darkness, so much ... They 
say we don't feel, don't trust...// 

Octavia could actually feel calm and comfort reaching to her 
from her Master. //Listen well...if you are in the company of Dark 
Siders, and they are holding you in their 'care', beware of what 
they say to you. You need not be trusting of the words of a Dark Sider. 
Measure what they say to you very carefully.// 

//Raven, wants friendship, trust, wants a Jedi to train her. 
Medenna says its a trick.// 

There was a lengthy pause on Lukeís end of the communication. //Medenna 
is right. And no one except a Master in the Light may 
decide who is to be trained.// 

//She wants to talk to a Jedi; she wants to talk to you. Her plans 
are to come to Yavin. I ...don't...it's so hard to keep my center. 
I can't tell what is real and what isn't.// 

Luke's heart went out to her, but he kept his words very clear. 
//Focus on the Force and keep it open to you. I need for you 
to know this - what Raven wants or needs right now is 
of no importance to you. Focus on the Force and draw it around 
you. You are in a very vulnerable position right now, and need to 
call to others closer than myself about where you are and what has happened. 
Master Turim, Jerella, Rob, and Master DuíSau. There 
are many who are nearer to you that *will* come to your aid.// 

//Yes, Jerella, Master Du'Sau...// Octavia's voice softened. //I 
won't go back to the tanks. But Master D'med says we'll make it.// 

//Good. Keep the Force around your mind like a shield. 
Remember how I taught you to protect yourself while you sleep.// 
Octavia's presence began to fade. //Whatever the outcome, 
Iím glad to have met you.// 

At Octavia's last remark, Luke's brow furrowed. This particular 
Jedi Trainee was not getting the chances she deserved to become 
strong in the Force before fate threw her into such bad situations. 
Luke reached out again in the Force to contact his second in 
command team, Master Turim and Master DuíSau. 
Then he went back to his work. 

- To be continued - 

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