Dreams of the Quest

By Amanda Wilcoxen and Ron Wilcoxen

Lost to the Journals of the Whills is a Jedi legend which tells of a young padawan with especially strong abilities to see into the future.  This young child would lead the Jedi on a quest to find the legendary "Lamenting Lightsaber of Loren."  It was said that an ancient Jedi Grand Master by the name of Rowanne Loren had constructed the weapon from a special ore chosen by the Force itself.  Properties from the unknown ore caused the lightsaber to echo a chanting sound when ignited.

Furthermore, legend tells that the lightsaber was so attuned to the light side that no Sith could do evil while it was in their grasp.  The Sith were so afraid of the potential if such a weapon were mass produced among the Jedi, they began whole sale slaughter looking for the chanting blade.  For this reason, Master Loren who had forged the weapon, hide it amongst the stars encased in rock.  This rock became known as "The Starstone," which lies underneath a lone thorn tree.  When Master Loren had crossed over to the other side upon her death, legend was that she would rest inside the tree, guarding the hiding place.  This and many more Jedi lore were lost in an attack on the Jedi Library during a sneak attack by the Krath over four thousand years ago.  To the Jedi this was a dream, to the Sith a nightmare.


Medenna La'Rose had fought to resist the influence of the Bacta tanks, however there was a saying among the Jedi of over two thousand years ago.  No thing nor no one can not stand in the way of the will of the Force.  Even if it were two thousand years hence, this missing lore would still be regarded as such, merely a myth.  It was no myth that something was invading Medenna's mind. As she was dreaming this, someone unbeknownst to her, released her from the Bacta tank.  Medenna's lips parted wide to release a blood curdling scream as she fell to the floor unconscious.

Dreams-visions of a lady dressed in white came to her. The shimmering fabric appeared to be made of pure white silk robes-Jedi robes strangely enough. Long blonde hair cascaded down the full length of her back.  Her blue eyes that were soft and warm as a mother's touch as they reached out to Medenna.  The lady in white stood before Medenna, held out her hand to help her from the ground.  Her slim hand gently, smoothly, pulled back a locket of the young Jedi's long auburn hair.  Then the lady in white pointed to a rock, and as Medenna looked at the rock, it became transparent. She motioned for the young girl to touch the stone or rock.  As the child bent down and touched the rock it became transparent to her touch.  Her hand went through the rock and grasped upon a lightsaber within.  Holding the weapon as she drew it forth from the stone, she ignited it and the saber started to make a sound-a chanting sound.  It felt so good to hold the lightsaber, it was like heaven.

Nothing ever made La'Rose feel so good to gasp onto. Medenna's soft brown eyes glanced back at the woman who seemed to smile at her. Proceeding to this, the woman started to fade with everything else. The lightsaber's chanting stopped slowly and before Medenna knew what hit her, she was back in the present starring at her Jedi companions.

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