By Courtney and Mary Alyce


NOTE TO THE READER: This story references some RP that has been played, but
not posted.  In a nutshell, Psylocke was rescued off Tattooine and returned
to Imperial custody via Tara.  Tara and Psylocke got to know each other
better, and Tara lent her some clothes.  They met with the Emperor briefly
to say hi, and now Psy is going home....and yes, that is a 3rd Rock
reference you see.  ;-D

Psylocke trudged down the hallway of the third floor of her apartment
building.  She had never before been so grateful to be back there,
even if her roommate was a bit annoying.  Still, it would be nice to
see a friendly face.  As the reached the door, she instinctively
reached for the keys in her left pocket, then remembered that all her
clothes, keys, and wallet had been taken when she had been
kidnapped.  She was now clad in one of Tara's casual outfits that she
had given her after being plucked her off Tattooine.  Then again,
anything was better than the hot black cat-suit and wrist cuffs.  She
still had marks on her wrists from those.

She looked up the hall once, then turned back to her door and pounded
on it a few times.  No one answered.  She pounded on it again, but
still nothing.  How much would it cost to fix the door if I break it
down?  She grimaced, but decided to take the chance.  She stepped
back.  With no room for a running jump kick, she decided upon a step
behind side kick.  She wound up, focused her aim at the door, then
took a step and threw all her weight behind the kick and into the

The door didn't budge, sending the shock back up her leg.  "Ow!
Argh." She sighed and leaned her back against the door, propping
herself on the knob for support.  "I'll just have to wait."
Suddenly, the knob slid under her hand and the door swung open behind

"Huh?"  She turned and stepped into the apartment.  Everything looked
the same.  The furniture was all there.  Nothing looked damaged.

"Oh!  George!  George?"  She scanned the kitchen and living room
frantically.  She was no where in sight.  She turned down the hall
and peeked into Jennifer's room.  It was empty.  "George?"  She
turned and headed for her own room.

Her jaw dropped as she skidded to a halt.  Her room was a total
mess.  Her clothes were strewn about everywhere.  Her personal items
were all tossed carelessly about her dresser and desk.  Then, there
on the bed was a sight horrifying enough to even make her shriek.

"George!"  She dashed over to the bed and swept the cat up in her
arms.  "You're...you're huge!"  The thought that George could grow so
much over a short period of time hadn't even occurred to her!  But
what had happened to her room?  Why would someone ransack it like

"What are you doing here?" a voice behind her demanded.

Psylocke spun around to see Jennifer standing in her doorway, glaring
angrily at her.  "What do you mean 'what am I doing here?'  I live

Jennifer's eyes widened, then she backed off.  "Sorry, I didn't mean
it like that.  It's just ah surprising.  You were gone for so long."

Psylocke gently placed George back down on the bed.  The cat made a
small circle then head-butted her hand.  "It's a long story.  I
really don't want to go into it right now."  She put her hands on her
hips.  "What happened in here?  Looks like a tornado hit."

Jennifer stood motionless in the doorway.  Psylocke's eyes narrowed
slightly, then she started toward her.  "Don't worry about it.  I'm
not even sure how long I've been gone."

"Five weeks," Jennifer replied coldly.

Psylocke stopped in front of her and studied her face.  Usually,
Psylocke wouldn't tolerate such insolence, but it wasn't important
now.  It wasn't worth her time to yell at Jennifer.  Still, something
was nagging her inside.  She could sense that there was more that
Jennifer had done besides worn her clothes and messed up her room.
Her hair still looked purple as well, no roots showing or anything.
She turned and stepped past her.  "You must have been worried."

Jennifer's gaze followed her down the hall as Psylocke headed for the
living room.  "The police asked a lot of questions."

"The police?" Psylocke asked.  Why not the military? she wondered.
Surely, the Red Guard would have investigated her disappearance.
"Dare I ask how long you waited before you called them?"

Jennifer started slowly walking down the hall toward her, as Psylocke
went into the kitchen.  "Actually, it was the police who came to me."

Psylocke paused and raised her eyebrows.  "Really?" she said flatly.

"They said you didn't show up for work."

Psylocke turned to the refrigerator and flushed.  She was going to
get it when she got back!  How humiliating.  At least she could enjoy
a sandwich before she got back to training.  She reached into the
fridge and pulled out a bag of bread.

"You must have a pretty important-stop it!"

Psylocke looked up from the fridge, wide eyed, and holding a jar of
peanut butter in her other hand.  "What?"

Jennifer glared at the jar, her mouth hanging open as if to say
something, then looked at the bedrooms and back to Psylocke.  "Um I
thought I heard George scratching the furniture."

Psylocke quickly pulled out some moonberry jelly from the fridge and
opened it.  "You have good ears," she replied as she proceeded to
make her sandwich.  She didn't glance up again because she had the
creepy feeling that Jennifer was still staring at her.  When she
finished making the peanut butter and moonberry sandwich, she placed
it on the bar-style countertop the separated the living room and the
kitchen, then walked to the other side of the bar and sat down on a

"Any messages for me?" she asked before taking a bite.

"Just one.  Lon stopped by."

It was lucky for Psylocke that she hadn't started eating the
sandwich.  Otherwise, she might have choked.  "Lon?" she repeated
calmly.  "What did he say?"

"He said I was much more aggressive lover than you."

Psylocke's mind screeched to a halt. * What?  How could but we
haven't Jen?*  She dropped the sandwich on the plate, appetite lost,
and stood to face Jennifer, who was still standing at the end of the

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Jennifer uncrossed her arms and stepped up to Psylocke.  "It means
I'm taking over now."  She drew one hand back and punched Psylocke
across the jaw.

Psylocke's head turned with the punch, but the rest of her body
remained motionless.  Slowly, she brought her head up to look
Jennifer right in the eye.  Jennifer looked slightly taken aback that
her punch had little effect.

The corner of Psylocke's mouth crept slightly upward.  "If you're
going to throw a punch, put your weight into it."  Psylocke right
hand formed into a fist.  "Like this."  Then she wound back and
decked Jennifer in the face, sending her reeling several feet back.

Psylocke stalked up to Jennifer and pulled her in close.  They would
have stood eye to eye had Psylocke not been a good five inches
shorter than her roommate.  "You are in no position to 'take over'
anything.  Now explain yourself."

Jennifer's expression cracked a smile, and she started to let go of a
repressed laugh until she was giggling uncontrollably.  She didn't
struggle against Psylocke's grip either.  Psylocke shook her once.
"I told you to explain yourself!" she shouted.

Jennifer sighed and looked down at her.  "I'm taking over your life
Psylocke.  Yours is over.  I know everything about you.  How you
walk.  How you speak.  I know about your affair with Lon.  He taught
me how you kiss."

Psylocke felt the fire of rage course through her entire body.

"You bitch!"  She threw Jennifer down into one of the chairs.  "How
how dare you!"  She was nearly at a loss for words.  She was so
angry, so furious that she could feel her throat closing tightly.  "I
want you out of this apartment in ten minutes.  I don't ever want to
see your face or...or hear from you.  Just go!  Get out!" she spat,
pointing toward the door.

Slowly, Jennifer got out of the chair and crept past Psylocke back
toward the hall.  Psylocke turned away from her and looked out the
window as she heard Jennifer walk quietly down the hall.  There
wasn't much of a view from the third floor, nothing like the view was
on Bespin.  Things had been so much easier there. If only she hadn't
moved here.  Jennifer never would have come into her life^or seduced
Lon.  Did he really like her better?  Did he fall in love with
Jennifer and just forget all about her?  Would he just lie next time
he saw her.  What was she--


Psylocke reeled forward suddenly as something hard smashed into the back
of her head, sending her spinning to the floor.  She felt a second impact
as her head struck the glass table in front of her.  The next thing she
knew, she was on the floor.  She tried to look up, but the room was
spinning.  What was going on?  Her eyes wandered uncontrollably and landed
on the floor as she watched her own wine colored blood seep into the white

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