by Courtney Kraft and MaryAlyce Rensa

Part III of III "Out with the Old; In with the New"

  Anastazya walked up to the apartment building, searched and found the 
apartment, and just as she was about to knock, she heard yelling.  One of 
the voices sounded like Psylocke's voice.  Ana hestitated.  Things got 
quiet, and Ana considered returning another time, but then heard the loud 
smash and thud.    

  Her skin crawled.  She knocked hard on the door, yelling, "Psylocke!?" And 
then pounded on the door again when no one answered fast enough.  She 
listened and heard someone step to the door.  The chain on the door was put 
in place and door creaked ever so slightly open.  Ana saw a thin woman, 
about her height with purple hair, peer out the door crack. 

  "Hello?  I am sorry but Psylocke isn't home and I haven't seen her in 
several weeks," Jennifer said. 

  Ana slid her foot between the door and the frame.  "What do you mean?  I 
just heard Psylocke's voice yelling," Ana said, getting worried. 

  Jennifer chuckled, "Oh, that was me!  I'm practicing for a play I'm in. 
Sorry if it startled you, but I have go now.  Good bye." She tried closing 
the door, but Ana's foot was blocking it.  Ana peered just past Jennifer's 
head, and in the front closet mirror, she saw the form of a person lying on 
the ground, their head bleeding.    

  "Let me in, so I could leave Psylocke a message," she said, posturing 
herself to break the chain and push the door in. 

  "Oh no,  I am not able to let you in right now, but if you come back--" 
was all Jennifer got to say before Ana threw her hips into the door and 
bust the chain, pushed the door in, and sent Jennifer flying to the floor. 

  Anastazya got her first look at the body, and it was, indeed, Psylocke. 
An iron figurine was laying sideways on the counter, but worse, the glass 
table was shattered and Psylocke's blood seeped from her head, soaking both 
the broken shards and the capret.  As Jennifer tried to get up, Ana kicked 
her down again, hitting her in the jaw and throat.  That was one of the 
ways she was taught to take a rabid dog down.    

  Jennifer lay still on the floor, and Ana ran to Psylocke's side.  She was 
alive.  She searched the apartment frantically for a phone and called for 
an ambulance.  Then, she dashed back to Psylocke's side to administer first 
aid.  She found a towel in the kitchen and pressed it firmly to Psylocke's 
forehead.  As she pondered what she could use as a bandage, Ana sensed 
Jennifer stir and stand, and she was ready.  Ana played ignorant and let 
Jennifer come up behind her.  Jennifer never expected the blow to her 
abdomen and she crunched over, spitting up blood, and dropping to the floor 
again.  This time, she didn't stir.     

  Making sure Psylocke was ok, Ana tore the sleeves from Jennifer's shirt 
and used them to tie Jennifer's hands behind her back.  That was when she 
heard the meow, and turned and saw the most beautiful white cat whining and 
licking Psylocke's face.  Psylocke started to stir. 

  "Psylocke?  It's me, Anastazya.  Was she trying to kill you?" she 
asked, already knowing the answer. 

  Psylocke's eyes couldn't focus as she came to.  She felt something small 
and rough rubbing her cheek.  She could barely make out the figure before 
her.  "Who...?" 

  "Anastazya.  Lt. Rowan.  Remember me?" she said almost humorously. 
  Psylocke's speech sounded slurred.  Her head rolled slightly.  "No...go 
away...need sleep."  She muttered as she closed her eyes. 

  Ana gently touched Psylocke's shoulder.  "Psylocke, you were knocked out by 
this woman.  You need to go to the hospital," she said empathically. 
Psylocke didn't move or respond. "Psylocke, stay with me here.  You need to 
stay awake." 

  As if on cue, a set of paramedics entered the apartment followed by the 
landlord.  Anastazya backed away slightly as she explained to the medics 
what happened.  The medics called up a second stretcher for Jennifer.  As 
they wheeled Psylocke out of the apartment, Ana heard Psylocke lightly moan 

  Ana picked up the cat and stroked it.  "Are you George?  It's okay, 
little one," she said to the cat.  "She'll be fine," as Ana watched 
Psylocke get placed in the ambulance and taken to the hospital.  Ana then 
returned to the apartment and started to clean up.  But George kept coming 
up to Ana while she worked, and demanded to be petted.   

"Ok," she said, picking up George for the 15th time, and stroking her soft 
fur yet again, "You want to talk to me?  Psylocke will be fine and she'll 
be back home soon.  Don't you worry, I'll take care of you," she said 
trying to put George down, but George didn't want to go just yet.    

Ana laughed.  "Ok, I really need to clean up.  We don't want you getting 
into the glass on the floor, and it would be better if Psylocke came home 
to a cleaner house than this," she motioned to the mess on the floor as if 
the cat could understand her. 

"So, is it ok for me to be your roommate for a day or two?" she said, 
laughing at the cat.  George just put her paw on Ana's chest, pressed in 
and made herself at home in Ana's arms. 

It took Ana nearly 4 hours to clean everything up, between cleaning and 
having to pet the cat that she 'thinks' is called George.  Ana called 
Cassandra and told her she'd be here the night, and would call her 
tomorrow.  Ana found Psy's keys, and was able to lock the door.  She 
crashed on the couch, and noticed that one white fur ball joined her for 
the night.  She would visit Psy tomorrow morning. 

"Good morning, Psylocke," Ana said as she walked in the hospital room where 
Psylcke looked much better than last night.

Psylocke peered at the woman as she approached.  "We've met before, right?" 

Ana chuckled.  "Yes, Psylocke,  at the Emperor's wedding," we talked a bit.
I am Lt. Anastazya Rowan.  I was a pilot on Garrek's ship when we met.  Ring 
any bells?" she smiled hoping Psy remembered her. 

"Right!  I remember now," she said, cracking a light smile.  "...but what are 
you doing in my dreams?" 

Ana's face contorts slightly looking worried.  "In your dreams?" she 
responded, puzzled.  "Psylocke, you are not dreaming. You are in the 
hospital.  Your roommate tried to kill you.  I found you on the floor with 
your head cracked open and got you to the hospital.  Your roommate is in jail 
now," she finished, paused, then continued, "Don't you remember any of that?" 

Psylocke's heart sank.  "Oh yeah...I remember.  Thank you...I think.  Um...so 
what brings you to these parts?" 

Ana laughs softly.  "I have been apartment hunting and am having
trouble finding a decent place.  Many apartment buildings don't like
that I am an Imperial Officer," she said that with flair and mock
arrogance.  "I got a list of other Imperials in the city, and saw
your name.  I figured that if you had an apartment, then maybe your
apartment building would have room for me,  too."   She paused, with
saddness, and continued, "but alas, there were no apartments
available and your landlord told me to check  back in 6 months,"
She rolled her eyes.  "Anyway, do you know of any other apartment
buildings that would take kindly to Imperial officers living there?"
she asks more lightheartedly.

"Well, I highly doubt that Jennifer and I will be living together anymore."   
She let out a slight chuckle.  "I could probably use a friend to split the 
rent..." her eyes wandered upward to look at Ana. 

Ana hadn't thought about rooming with someone, but the thought was starting 
to grab her attention now.  "Hmmmm, I don't know what my new job is yet, so I 
have no idea what kind of hours I would be keeping,..." she said, "but I 
would keep the place clean, never bother your things, and..." she starts 
laughing.  She looks at Psylocke and softly says, "Well, this could be

"Do you label your food with black marker?" Psylocke asked. 

Ana looked confused, "No, unless you insist that I need to," she responded. 

Psylocke snickered and looked back down again.  "Okay, you're in.  Anything's 
better than Jennifer!" 

Ana rolled her eyes again, and slightly sarcastically said, "I hope so, " and 
they both laughed.

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