Entry Eleven

By Courtney Kraft

Zoron is.Zoron is.uh.I don't know really what to compare it to. It's like 
a garden surrounded by rose bushes. It looks pretty from the inside, but 
the only way out is through briar.

My master and I arrived by shuttle several hours ago. The crew did not 
attract attention by bringing the Eclipse into orbit. Apparently there are 
rebel terrorists on the planet, hence the needs for extra security. Not 
my concern.

My master has brought me here to learn Sith history from Lord Taras 
Steele. Seems to me there isn't much to tell, but what's there is 
important. I felt like a student at the Academy again, sitting in a 
classroom, having him lecture me. It was dull at first, but then he pulled 
down a book, a printed one, not a data pad, off a bookshelf. Using the 
book, as a medium, we took a psychic journey into the past.

He showed me the first Sith as he approached the Jedi with is theories of 
using both sides of the Force. Yet, Lord Taras did not allow me to hear 
the man's argument. Odd.I wonder what it was that he didn't want me to know.

There's one thing that troubles me that I haven't told my master. I'm not 
sure if Lord Taras has though. Back at Port Lansing, he tried to stop 
Nik-vie from returning me to my master. I suppose in Taras's mind, having 
me hanging half-conscious off Nik-vie posed as a threat to the Empire or 
even myself. The part that worries me is that while the two of them were 
arguing, I became so upset that it set off the Force bubble again, throwing 
them both away from me. Does Taras think that I did that to defend 
Nik-vie? I'm not really sure what he thinks. I don't want to bring it up.

Time for dinner, then a lesson from Princess Raven.

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