First In Line

By Geri Kittrell

Kirienne and her companions stood at the front of the line. She still 
wasn't quite sure how she'd managed to talk her crew into playing the part of 
tourist for a brief diversion before returning home from her adventure at 
Port Lansing, but here they were. By some very minor use of her mysterious 
power of enchantment, Kirienne had even ensured that she would be the first 
to enter the Palace Tour led by the Empress herself.

At precisely nine of the clock, The Empress Azarra had led the group into 
the Palace; much of it had been redecorated and some remodeled since the 
wedding. Kirienne had a delightful time playing the tourist, and was quite 
impressed with the decorating skills of The Empress. By using her very 
subtle powers of persuasion, Kirienne had gotten many of the Palace guards 
and stormtroopers to pose with the tourists as they had holos taken -- she 
posed with several herself. She even persuaded some of them to sign 
autographs for people in the crowd.

The unlikely tourist wondered what the Emperor's reaction had been when 
his bride informed him of the tours. She did enjoy seeing the public rooms 
of the Palace, even though her own taste in furnishings was vastly different. 
She thought to herself that the Emperor's private chambers were probably 
sparsely furnished and in shades of black. Kirienne though it was a nice 
gesture that Imperial citizens got to see where and how some of their tax 
credits were spent, and she noted that the people seemed to love their new 
Empress, who showed a warmth and friendliness to them.

At the end of the tour, when they were all led into the gift shop, 
Kirienne selected a few small trinkets and paid for them with credits 
relieved from the guards she'd posed with.

When Kirienne and her crew were in deep space, after a long morning in 
the Palace, she looked at the flyer that had been put in her bag of 
purchases. She giggled loudly as she read, "And would ye be lookin at this 
now; another chance for a grand adventure. We'll be signin up fer this 
immediately, I'll no miss an opportunity to experience this." 

The men groaned when they realized she was serious but she ignored them 
and suggested they get some bags packed.

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