The First Meeting

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Geri Kittrell and Debbie Casselbury

Mira sat at her desk analyzing what she should do next.  All evidence
pointed to the fact that Tahirah could be a very dangerous threat to the
Emperor's safety. Not to mention that the confounded woman wouldn't give
a clue of what she wanted with the Emperor she simply left her no choice.
Mira re-read her transmission to the Emperor.

TO: His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor
FROM: Commander Mira Lexor....

Majesty, the HERESARCH intercepted a shuttle with an unusual passenger.
done extensive interrogation....subject will say nothing except insisting
seeing you.  I thought this would be of interest to you. Please advise.

Mira  studied Tahirah as she worked out. "Your strength is returning.
Will you now  tell me what your business with the Emperor is?"
"I can't."  Tahirah replied.  "When will you take me to him?"
"Never."  Mira turned on her heel and left "It is your choice."  Mira
back to her office fuming, that woman was complex.   
"Commander Lexor, you have a holo-trans on the priority channel."  Capt.
Avell announced.
"Priority channel? Are you sure Captain."
"It's the Emperor himself!  Feel honoured Commander."
Mira stood silent. "Yes Captain. I'm ready."  Mira subconsciously
adjusted her lab coat and stared at the image of the Emperor, his pale
wore a weary expression.
Mira bowed. "Your majesty."
"What have you found Commander?"
"A warrior from her actions your Majesty." Mira stated evenly. "It would
appear from all my questions she was coming from Falkron or a sector
close to
The Emperor nodded his head slightly. . "Ah yes. I do remember that
produces the Haldis Guards...very reputable, very strong.   Does she
her name?"
"Tahirah, that is what she calls herself."
"So this Tahirah insists on seeing me. Does she give a reason.?"
Mira frowned. "I have failed in obtaining that information Your Majesty.
Her mind is well conditioned. From research if she is from Falkron she
either be an assassin or a bodyguard."
The Emperor stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I wish for you to bring her
to me.  I will direct the HERESIARCH to Port Lansing.  I will send a
for you there.  Until then, Commander Lexor, YOU will be responible for
Tahirah until I decide how to proceed in this matter."
Mira nodded as she bowed. "As you wish Your Majesty." Her words were soft
but audible.
"You have done me an excellent service, Commander. We will converse again
Mira leaned on the corner of desk after the transmission ended she had
thought to be noticed by the Emperor.  Composing herself she needed to
to the Captain, she needed to know what her transmission and done.
"You've received an honour Mira," Captain Avell told her, "but be aware
if you don't produce results, the Emperor will not be pleased.  You have
until his shuttle arrives to find out more on Tahirah and have her tell
what her business is."
"I do my job to the best of my ability Captain; it's only a matter of
until I get the answers the Emperor and we desire."
Captain Avell nodded. "I wish you success and hope you have your answers
by the time we reach Port Lansing."
"I will Captain.  I'm sure that Tahirah cannot hold out much longer, I'm
sure the Emperor will take control of Tahirah once we arrive."
"True, he has his ways of getting information, if you fail.  Watch your
step and be sure of your reports."
Mira rose when her door buzzed. "At this hour?"  Mira muttered to herself
rising, wrapping a robe around her.  At the door, a lieutenant stood at
attention. "Commander, the prisoner Tahirah insists that she speak to you
"I'll take care of this.  Give me a moment to dress."
"Is it true that you are going to meet the Emperor at Port Lansing?"
"I see the gossip still out distances official transmissions."  Mira
nodded with a smile. "Yes, it is."
"I hope you don't take this wrong Commander, but do you think it wise
you've been recognized I mean, with everything that has went on with him
the Empress?"
"Lieutenant Morris, we are here to serve the Empire, not to question the
Emperor's personal life."  
Mira felt an intense curiousity swell up in her as she entered the
prisoner's cell.  "You wanted to see me?"
Tahirah quickly turned around to face her. "I'll talk if you promise to
take me to my master." The woman's tone was almost pleading. "YOU must
me to him --- soon.   Master will have need of me."
Mira questioned hold her hands behind her back. "Who is your master?"
Mira's tone was sharp.
"The Emperor!"  Tahirah blurted out.  "I am to be his guard, gift from my
"How can I believe you?"  Mira questioned , crossing her arms across her
chest. "What proof can you give me?"
"My ship..."  Tahirah yelled. "Take me to my ship..."  Tahirah paused, as
if in
thought. "Must show you something on my ship."
Mira stood silent not giving Tahirah an answer at first.  "Very well,
we'll go to your ship."  Mira nodded and stepped back, cautiously
Tahirah to leave before her.  Mira followed her out and looked to the
Lieutenant "We're going to her ship. Alert the guards in the hanger deck
be ready for anything."
"Don't you think you should inform the Captain?  That area is considered
"I will take full responsibility, Lieutenant.  I've not come this far to
gaining information to be stopped now."
When they got closer to the ship Mira took hold of Tahirah's arm as she
stepped up to the Lieutenant "You will wait out here." She then turned
to Tahriah.  "One wrong more and you will never see your master, do you
understand?" Mira stressed, she wasn't going to take any chances.  When
Tahirah didn't answer ,  Mira stated her question again. "DO YOU
 Tahirah nodded and stepped inside. Walking over to a secret compartment,
woman pulled out a data disk walking over to a panel she played a
for Mira.
Mira watched as a man, from his robes and demeanor Mira took him as a
or some spokesman.  Mira raised an eyebrow as the man introduced himself
the King of Falkron.  He stated that Tahriah was his gift to the Emperor
show the respect and loyalty of his people.  Mira studied Tahriah after
recording ended.
"Will you take me to my master?"  Tahriah asked.
"I will think about it."  Mira said smoothly concealing her own
"For now, you will go back to your cell."  
Mira could tell that Tahriah was disappointed, but she wasn't about to
tell the woman her wish would soon be answered.

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