First Visit to the SilverStorm

By Ginna Wilcoxen

Captain Rocasy of the Electria entered the cantina looking around. It 
was all he had heard it was suppose to be. He wondered what type of contacts 
he could make here? 

"Hey Roc what are you doing here?" 

"Everyone has a right to eat don't they?" Rocasy replied. "Why worried 
that I'll take some charters away from you?" 

"Who would pay you since you've lost your engineer?" 

"My engines are fine and it was her choice to leave. Anyway couldn't be 
a baby-sitter any longer." 

"True, she must have tired of it." The other pilot called back. 

Rocasy muttered under his breath and took a seat. 

"What can I get you?" A red haired young woman asked. 

"I'll take the daily special." Roc answered. 

"You're brave." Luna turned and walked off. 

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