Fly Me To The Stars...In Style!

By Janice Mergenhagen

(with thanks to my friend, Maureen Bourns, non-FOE member)

(OOC -The following is a vidcam presentation of the Decorator Channel. It 
will read like a documentary. All rights reserved).

"Welcome back to a special edition of FABULOUS DECOR. I'm Mademoiselle 
Magnifique Dessein, your hostess. Today, a special treat, as the Empress 
Azarra, herself, will take us on an exclusive tour of her Imperial Star 
Destroyer to show you what luxuries the lucky passengers of her upcoming 
cruise will enjoy. Your Majesty, thank you for allowing us to show the 
galaxy what you have done with an otherwise dreary Star Destroyer. This 
cruise is certainly a novel idea."

"It actually came about because I felt that The Emperor needed a 
vacation, and I thought what a wonderful opportunity for both of us to spend 
time together with some of the Empire's most loyal subjects. Unfortunately, 
at the last minute the Emperor was unable to attend because of pressing 
galactic matters, but I decided to continue the Cruise because all the 
passengers were so excited about going."

"It certainly is the talk of the sector. Only 150 lucky people. Can we 
see where they will be staying?"

"Of course. Right this way. Each of the staterooms is exactly alike. I 
decided on a slightly different color scheme than what the Empire is used to 
- midnight blue, silver and slate. We are entering the sitting room with 2 
chairs covered in midnight blue velvet and a long, low, deep genuine wood 
table from Zahr. The bedroom and bath area are through this door - the 
bedspread and curtains are midnight blue panne velvet with embroidered 
shooting stars. These 2 rooms have a slate plush rug with dark blue shooting 
stars - a motif you will see throughout the decor. The plush towels in the 
bathroom have the special 'ISD Empress' logo embroidered on them. We have 
not installed the beds yet because that will be customized to the the number 
of occupants in each cabin."

"This is very impressive work. Beautiful designs and so elegantly 
executed. And must have been very expensive."

"Quite the contrary. Each of the designers has an exclusive contract to 
sell reproductions of the items that they supplied. Most of them were 
extremely generous. Their names will be listed at the end of the program so 
your viewers can contact them to order whatever they would like."
"The comm units will be buzzing off the wall, I'm sure. Where are we off 
to now?"

"On the next level, we have two complete exercise rooms - one for males 
and one for females, separate from a heated pool in the center to be used by 
both. Further down the hall, we come to the spacious Empress' Emporium where 
you can buy exclusive mementos of your cruise brought directly to you by 
our highly trained staff while you sit in the luxurious chairs and nibble on 
hors d'oeuvres. Then we come to the recreational rooms with games of 
chance, vidgames and the flight simulator. In the middle of this level is 
the theatre, which seats 200, the large ballroom with the bandstand, round 
tables with chairs and a large dance floor, and the smaller ballroom for 
other entertainments. I have engaged a 25-piece orchestra, a professional 
dance troupe and a prestigious theatre company to entertain us on in-transit 
days and in the evenings. Finally, we come to the large dining area with a 
head table seating 52 and 10 smaller tables seating 10 passengers per table."
"I understand you even have a special china pattern."

"The 8-piece place setting, which you see here, has black and silver 
rings around the edges and 'ISD Empress' in the middle. All crystal and 
silverware are etched with 'ISD Empress.' Replicas will, of course, be 
available in the Emporium.

"Next we have the Passenger Lounge, an immense area with small groupings 
of wonderfully comfortable couches and chairs upholstered with a special 
suede-finished bantha hide."

"I LOVE the night sky with the glittering stars painted on the ceiling 
accented with small diamonds, I understand."

"How wonderful of you to notice! I've always felt that it's the little 
details which really make a statement. On the next level are the smaller 
rooms for the Cruise staff and entertainers. The rest of the Star Destroyer 
houses all the essential personnel needed to run the ship efficiently. The 
Cruise staff are quite separate from the crew; we will have a steward for 
every 3 suites."

"This is a mammoth undertaking, but everything seems to be coming 
together beautifully."

"I have been extremely gratified by the enthusiasm shown by all of the 
people who helped make this adventure a reality. I especially must thank my 
assistant, Seleene, who has worked tirelessly to bring so many details 
together. I know everyone will appreciate all that has been done to make 
this truly an experience of a lifetime."

"You ARE going to show us your stateroom, aren't you?"

"If you think your viewers would be interested, I'd be happy to."

"Of course they'd be interested. However, first we have to break away 
for a word from our sponsors. But hurry back - we're headed for the Empress' 

(Network notice - Insert GalactiK-Mart commercial here)

"Welcome back to FABULOUS DECOR. I'm Mademoiselle Magnifique Dessein, 
your host. We've been enjoying a private guided tour of the ISD EMPRESS, the 
fabulous Star Destroyer that was a wedding gift to the Empress. Our guide 
and hostess is none other than The Empress Azarra herself. Your Majesty, 
it's time to keep your promise to show everyone YOUR quarters for this 

"Never let it be said that a promise made from my palace wasn't kept. 
First we come to the Emperor's Suite. Here, I decided to forego his usual 
black motif in favor of more woodsy colors, especially very deep burgundy, 
mahogany and teak. We decided to keep it one large room with the bathroom 
and closet area separate. It is sparsely furnished as the Emperor likes it 
with a large bed, an ebony wood desk with complete communications equipment 
and a few moderately comfortable chairs. As there are no windows, I added the 
mural of the Imperial Palace and the plush gold rug with the Imperial 
"snowflake" design to give it a natural feel, even though we are on a 
spaceship. It is so unfortunate that the Emperor cannot use it."

"So, who will be the lucky ones to be housed in the Emperor's suite? 
Surely it won't be left vacant."

"I have decided to put Governor Casselbury and his wife in there.
"As we enter my suite next door, this is the large reception area with 
comfortable chairs. Through the door is this smaller area with my lovely 
Yavin-wood desk, a gift from my brother, Luke, and my work station. Even 
though this is a vacation, I still have diplomatic duties that I will tend 

"How very efficient."

"As you see, here we have the bedroom/bath area. The bed on the raised 
platform was my idea; the crown above it with the cascading midnight blue 
veils studded with small diamonds to represent the stars were added by the 
decorator. The color scheme echoes that of the staterooms with midnight 
blue, silver and slate. The rug, curtains, towels, sheets, etc. all have 
'ISD Empress' embroidered on them in native silk from Varelttas."

"It's a magnificent room! The colors...the fabrics... the regal, yet so understated. The sunken, triangular bathtub 
looks heavenly! I understand the black marble is heated for extra comfort. 
The brushed platinum fixtures are a luxurious touch. I even love the EMPRESS 
pillow cases! Are those available?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Those were a special gift from The Emperor. A 
personal...joke, as it were."

"He has a sense of humor?"

"Well, it does come out at the most unexpected times."

"How very interesting... I understand that Floratech has created a rose 
just for you. Have you seen it?"

"Not yet. The Empress rose is a midnight blue flower shot through with 
silver and has been genetically engineered not to affect my well-known 
allergy to roses. I am most anxious to see it."

" Well, Empress Azarra, it seems like we've taken up so much of your time 
with this tour, and I know you still have a million things to prepare. Is 
there anything that we've missed?"

"I'm sure we have. But if we have overlooked something, you'll be the 
first to know it, because I have a surprise for you. Your network has 
booked passage for you on the Cruise. Here is your ticket. I look forward 
to greeting you on August 6th."

"Oh, Your Highness, really?! I can't wait. My viewers will be looking 
forward to my reports on the Empress Cruise. Until then, this is Magnifique 
Dessein saying, 'When you must know the galaxy's grand design, C'est 

(Roll credits)

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