Ghostly Games

By Dora Furlong and Debbie Silverberg

The palace on Shardakour was normally drafty, but for some reason to Tara
it seemed more so today. She drew her arms around herself and watched as
Victoria came to the next obstacle on the course.  Tara smiled to herself
at the progress Victoria had made in the last year. Soon she would be
ready to handle her first mission. 

A voice whispered in her ear, interrupting her thoughts. At first she
thought she had imagined it until it came again. 

"This one is under my protection she will not be swayed."

Tara chuckled at that, watching as the form of Qui-Gonn Jinn shimmered
into being in front of her.  

"I think" Tara replied with a smile, "She is pretty swayed already." 

"That is only your opinion young one. That is only your opinion."
Qui-Gonn countered.

Tara shrugged, "Well I welcome your visits."  

The ghost looked back at her. Tara smiled and nodded, "For her path
is her own to choose not yours or mine."

He returned her nod, not sure what to make of the creature holding his
granddaughter, "You have a valid point. But we'll see what happens in
the end."

Tara's smile widened, "The end does not matter for light or dark she is mine."

The pair circled each other, judging, gauging, sizing each other up.
Finally he spoke, "I think you boast too much. Let's wait and see."

Before Tara could retort, Qui-Gonn Faded from view. 

Tara turned her attention back to her apprentice. This was an interesting
game her ancestor had just begun. 

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