Ghosts Appear in the Strangest Places.

By Ginna Wilcoxen and Geri Kittrell.

Kirienne waited until Octavia was alone then appeared to her, offering her a 
drink of Corellian Brandy Kirienne took and began. 

"Milady Octavia  Ye handled yerself very well at Port Lansing me friend." 
"Nice you thought so." Octavia snipped. 

"Nuff of that. I kew yer grandfather Qui-Gon would be most pleased and proud 
of ye. Ye did ha difficulties tae face, but I ben mayhaps tha puts ye one 
step closer tae becomin a Knight. Mayhaps tha was the trials of testin ye 
had ta face - they be different for us all. Mine (like Luke's) was at the 
"The tree" on Dagobah. It were the most terrifyin ordeal I had e'er been 

"I don't see you being terrified at anything." Octavia commented. 

"Look ye here in me blade and I'll show it to ye." 

Octavia watched as the blade allowed her see Kirienne alone in the cave tree. 

She watched it seemed as through Kiri's eyes the visions she experienced. 
Somehow Octavia knew the man was her Kiri's foster father being killed by 
Imperials. Kiri was 14. Taking a blaster from her foster da's boot and 
settling the score after the Imps had thrown her to the ground on top of his 
body. They held her there and made her watch as they killed him in cold 

The image changed and Octavia saw Kiri stealing their ship and flying all 
alone to Tatooine where she found her true father in the Mos Eisley cantina. 

Again Octavia watched through Kiri's eyes as Jarek was killed in battle and 
the image changed rapidly over to Kin's partner and life bonded mate being 
surrounded by bounty hunters with Kiri not having any weapons only her wit to 
save him. 

Kiri drew the blaster she had snuck into the cave. Kiri shouted something in 
her native language then Octavia could see Kiri struggle with herself about 
shooting the enemies in the vision. She threw the blaster away. 

"NO! I'll nae join the like o' you. I be a Kiddari Warrior and I'm tae be a 
Jedi. I'll nae throw awa' me honor at any price." Kiri seemed to yell at 
empty space. 

Then vision changed and Octavia watched at Kirienne was knighted as a Jedi 
Octavia recognized the place to be Port Lansing from years ago. Again Kiri 
had to endure visions of all the space battles she's been in. Seeing again 
all the kills she had to make and she heard as well as Kiri had heard all the 
screams of Imperial Pilots as her A-wing cannons found their marks. 
Kirienne then sat calmly on the floor of the cave and put herself into a 
meditation trance. 

"I am a warrior of honor. I ha had tae kill, but ne'er ha I done so in cold 
blood outside a battle and ne'er will I." 

The visions stop and Kiri put away her great sword and turned her attention 
back to Octavia. "Lass, many tings we be forced tae do in order tae win 
freedom, but ye must do wha ye can tae fight for those wha canna fight for 
themselves and tae gi hope tae those wha ha none. A Knights path is often 
filled with sadness, loneliness, pain and sorrow but we must fight for all 
those wha be chained in the dark." 

Kiri become solid and puts a small shard of a brilliant blue gem into 
Octavia's hand. "Focus on this gem when ye lose heart - call on me if ye ha 
need. I will come." 

Octavia went to say something but as suddenly as Kirienne appeared she was 
gone. Staring at the stone Octavia knew it was special from the short time 
she spent with Kirienne at Port Lansing she knew that this wasn't something 
that Kirienne shared with just anybody. 

The words of her grandfather from their meeting came to her "You are never 

Smiling to herself, Octavia went looked around and nodded. It was time to 
join the living again and to talk to someone about what happened at Port 
Lansing and to put it all behind her. She had to move on and face her 

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