For the Good of the Children

by: Dana Terry

(note: this takes place before the Jedi Council
meeting where Alida addressed the Council)

Adan Caudell headed away from the inn.  Behind him, he
left Alida D'med Reineach and her husband, the
Telosian guardsman.  He had hoped that Sgt. Reineach
would see reason.  Yet, he realized, he would do
better to speak again with Mrs. Reineach.  She knew
the dangers of a Force sensitive child being raised
away from the Jedi influence.

Or at least he hoped she knew.

What was it about the Telosians that kept her there? 
Yes, he was well aware that she had become 'property'
when her word had been broken, but she was Jedi; or
had been.  Why had she given in so easily?  Was there
some allure to the life she now led that kept her from
seeking assistance from the Jedi?   Surely the
sergeant, who was not even Force sensitive, could not
be enough to keep her from her service to the Force.

She was no longer the same woman who had departed
Yavin, from what he could see.  She, a Jedi of the Old
Order, fully trained and having trained in her turn,
allowed her husband to speak for her?  He expected
that from the product of a backward society, but not
from a Jedi.   Adan shook his head.  

At one point, he had thought that he was getting
through to Sgt. Reineach.  When he had mentioned the
possibility of the sergeant's son growing into someone
like Darth Vader, he had seen a pause; a concern had
blossomed.  Then it was gone and the man had firmly
refused to even consider sending his son to Yavin for
proper training.  And the former Master D'med agreed
with him?  They were purposefully leaving their son
open to the Darkness that existed on Telos.  It only
proved once more that Alida D'med had truly fallen. 
Had she gone entirely to the Darkness?

Just as Master Rintala's unborn child needed to be
raised in the crèche, so did Alida Reineach's son. 
Just as Master Rintala's unborn child needed to be
raised in the crèche, so did Alida Reineach's son.  It
was for the children's own safety, to keep them from
the Dark Side, and for the good of the galaxy at

As he reached his speeder, a thought came to mind: if
the Master had fallen so far, what of the Jedi student
who now resided on Arridor?  He'd heard rumors of a
son being born to the woman there.  It was time for
the Jedi to do once more as they'd done in years gone
by: send a team to investigate the possibility of a
Force-sensitive child's birth and bring them back to
the Temple for training.

Maruko and Rory perhaps had the best handle on the
attitudes of these people.  They would make a good
team to send to Octavia Jinn Kyrsk.

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