Grandfather's Visit

By Amanda Wilcoxen

Victoria Syn sat on her bed, listening to some music as she jotted some notes 
down on her own paper. She thought about her recent lessons with Tara 
Alderson-Palpatine. Syn thought about how she could improve her 'saber moves. 

"If you want to learn how to use your light saber properly, then use the 
Force properly," A voice suddenly spoke. Victoria looked up, searching the 
area with her brown eyes, yet saw nothing. 

"Not another ghost…" She muttered under her breath. 

"I've been watching you closely. You have much potential, but you are using 
it wrongfully." 

"What do you care? Who are you?" 

"My name is Stratus." 

"Stratus? Is that name suppose to have meaning to me?" 

"You might know me better as, Wha-cha Jinn." 

"Jinn? Who are…" Her voice trailed off. 

"I am your grandfather. Marcus was my son." 

"Are you bad as he or worse?" 

"I do not kill my relatives…my son did not have the proper training." 

"Don't I know it!" She spat. 

"If I had know of him, I would have had a say in how he was raised. He would 
have been better if my wife hadn't hid him from me," He said becoming 
visible. A man that appeared to be 6'3'', wearing old Jedi robes, had long 
black hair that went pass his shoulders, dark eyes, a beard and a mustache." 

"You are…were a Jedi, I take it. What are you going to do, tell me 'Oh I'm 
sorry for your mother dying but I couldn't do anything?!" Victoria's voice 
raised loud. 

"No one can choose anther's destiny. What Marcus did was wrong, as what you 

RUINED HIS PLANS!" She yelled. 

"I understand your anger young one. But you have to learn how to forgive." 

"YOU, don't understand anything! You've had everything easy…before you died." 

"No one has it easy. But I hadn't learned of my own father until long after 
his death." 

Victoria just glared at him. "So, is this what it means to be part of the 
'Jinn family'? To always die?" 

His eyes seemed to smile at her. "It has nothing to do with the name. It has 
to do with your beliefs and what you stand for." 

"Is that so?" 

He smiled at her, a warm smile. "I wish you had an easier life. I wish my own 
daughter had an easier life, but that wasn't the way of the Force." 

"'Course," She said softly. "But you just watch and wish, like my own Great 

"Yes, I watch, I have regrets. And yes I have wishes, but I am just offering 
you council. It's up to you if you take it or not." Stratus paused. "If you 
ever need me, call on me." He said disappearing quick as he came. 

Victoria stood there, looking at the space that her grandfather once was. 
"Isn't it to late grandfather?" 

Then she heard the same soft, caring voice once more say, "It's never to 

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