The Hunt

by harry Sober

this story Takes place about three weeks after jaina disappeared

A lone figure stood quietly on the tarmac as he wathced the lamda class 
shuttle decend through Yavin 4's early morning sky.Around him the sounds of 
the surrounding jungle were suddenly drowned out by the high pitched shrill 
of a the shuttles engines as it touched down.

The young officer snapped to attention as the shuttles ramp lowered as its 
passengers began to disembark.

"Welcome back to Yavin 4 Colonel Treece" he said as he saluted sharply
" Thank you, Chulac," Donovan replied casuualy returning the young officers 
salute as the rest of his team came to his side.

"General Harzok is waiting for you in the main briefing hall sir, he 
apologizes for not greeting you in person, but things have been pretty 
hectic around here lately , this way sir Leiuteneant Chulac said stepping 
off to one side directing them .

Without warning a flash of sandy brown fur sprang from the shuttles left 
enveloping Treece and knocking him flat on his back ."COLONEL!"
Mac bellowed as he rasied his blaster rifle to aim at the creatures head 
."NO MAC, ITS OK!" Sirena barked jumping forward putting her hand on the 
muzzle of the Weequay warriors blaster forcing the barrel down to the 
ground, as all two and a half meters of wamprat happily licked Donovans 

"ACK PTHOOOOIE EWWW uh hi ya Rocky I'm happy to see you too ACK, okay okay, 
wanna let me up now?" "So this is the famous Rocky I've heard so much 
about,"Daniel said stepping forward as Serina stepped forward to help 
Donovan to his feet.

"He is much larger than you said he was Treece," Mac said as he also helped 
pull Donovan to his feet.

"Well, he's grown alot since I last saw him," Donovan replied dusting 
himself off "Havent you boy," he added scritching the womprat behind the 

"Uh Colonel, General Harzoc is waiting sir," "ofcourse, lead on leiutenant" 
Donovan replied. As they entered the Command HQ A short stocky baldheaded 
man came forward to greet them all.

"Welcome back Colonel Treece," General Harzok said as he approached Donovan. 
"Thank you General," Donovan replied casually saluting the man. " I belive 
you are familior with my recon team," he added

"Yes yes ofcourse, welcome Major Kyle,Dr.Saxxon ,Mac " Thank you General" 
both Serina and Daniel said in unison "it is an Honor to meet you General 
Harzok, Treece has spoken highly of you."

"we have alot to discuss, this way," the general said directing them to a 
large room on the second floor of the HQ building.

As they entered the room sitting there att he table was another person from 
Treece's past one whom he hoped he'd never see again.

"Ah Colonel Treece, nice to see you again," the man said standing up to 
greet Donovan formaly ."Craythorne" donovan said quickly moving to his seat 
deftly avoiding contact, Colonel Craythorne saw this and returned to his 
seat as everyonetook their seats .

Colonel Craythorne I dont belive you know the rest of Colonel Treece's 
recon team," General Harzoc said.

" I know of them sir, but have never met them." the genral nodded "to your 
left is Major Serina Kyle, Major kyle is a demolitions and computer 
expert,to her left is Doctor Daniel Saxxon the teams linquistics expert and 
archeologist and translator.

To your left is the Weequay Warrior Mac, and ofcourse you already know 
Rocky," the General said with a smile

"ofcourse I do," Craythorne said as he reached out to pat the immence 
wamprat on the head.

Rocky instantly began growling and bared his three centimeter teeth 
Craythornes hand shot back instantly his face turning pale.

"Rocky's a good judge of character, he knows an idiot when he see's one," 
Donovan said with a smile "why are you suddenly interested in my team 
Craythorne, you actually want to do something constructive for a change?"

"Colonel Treece," Craythorne said taking a deep breath and composing 
himself"My people want to know how you learned of a highly classified 
mission while you and your team were several light years away totally off 
on your own," he inquired looking Donovan squarely in the face.
"Simple I used the force," Dononvan replied with a smile.

"I was'nt aware you became a jedi," Craythorne replied his face loosing all 
color once more.

"He's not" General Harzoc said interupting

"Then how Treece?" Craythorne demanded

" I have my Sources," Donovan Replied

"Those Sourse's are whats in question, based on your performance record of 
the last two years," Craythorne said pulling out a data card from a small 

"I know what I did ," Donovan sighed

"Thats exactly my point General, Craythorne said in a stern tone
"Your still considered some what of a security risk and Alliance 
Intellegence wants to make sure there are no leaks what so ever!"
"Only in your head Craythorne , only in your head,"

"Ok , supposing you actually could go searching for Jaina Solo, how do you 
expect to cover the galaxy in one beat up shuttle, thats an awful lot of 
territory to cover!" Colonel Craythorne Sneered.

Before Donovan could reply General Harzocs Comlink began beeping
"Harzock here what is it?" he barked.

"Sir, the Alliance Star Destroyer Scoundrel has just entered orbit,"

"Acknowledged," General Harzoc replied.

" I love it when a plan comes together," Donovan said flashing Colonel 
Craythorne a cheesey grin.

"Oh well uh..I guess this sort of changes things Craythorne stammered 
obviously taken completely by surprise

"Has Rocky been fed yet, he's looking kinda hungry ," Donovan inquired 
turning to the General.

"I dont honestly know," Harzc replied with a smile.

As if on cue Rocky put his chin on the table looking hungrily at Colonel 
Craythorne and began licking his chops.

"Oh my Look at the time I think I have all the info I need," he said 
getting up and and making a hasty exit.

" You know I really hate that guy," Dononvan said as he stood up watching 
the man leave " the way he sneaks around looking over your shoulder , 
gives me the creeps." Donovan said

"Well isnt that what Intel does, spy for a living Serina asked getting up 
and standing beside Dononvan as Daniel and Mac rose as well.
"Well intellegence was never my strong suit any ways Donovan replied
Daniel walked over an patted Donovan on the back

"No Arguement here

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