The Hunt, Part 2 Chapter 1

By Harry Sober

Donovan watched with eager anticipation, as the Scoundrel's landing bay 
personel directed the shuttle to a landing place in the massive Star 
Destroyers cavernous landing bay he was home.

As the ramp lowered,Donovan could see a familior face waiting for him. he 
quickly moved down the ramp to embrace his old freind.

"How ya doin Dev, he said warmly "I am so sorry I couldnt be here for your 
fathers funeral,he was a great man and a fine officer this ship wont be the 
same with out him.

"Thanks, Dev replied "Welcome home Donovan, I took the liberty of geting 
your old quarters up to speed for you, and the rest of your team can stay in 
the V.I.P. ......Devs voice suddenly trailed off and he became strangely 
silent as he exhaled slowly placed a hand over his eyes and shook his head.
"What is it Dev, are you alright? Dononvan asked as Daniel Mac and Serina 
exchanged concerned looks.

"Tell me I am seeing things,and you actually didnt bring Rocky along with 
you," he said quietly seeing the womprat sitting quietly at the top of the 
ramp reluctant to come down.

"Is there a problem?" Donovan inquired looking at his friend,then looking up 
at the womprat who actually seemed to be affraid to come down the ramp.
"Do you have any idea how long it took us to repair the damage he inflicted 
the LAST time he was onboard?!" Dev asked in stern tone.

"I heard," Donovan replied shaking his head."Thats only because you guys 
locked him up and would'nt give him the run of the ship like he used to 
have,this was his home too ya know!"He said defencively.

"Yeah and look at all the trouble he used to get into back then, Dev shot 
back," Face it pal, since he's grown, he's an even bigger menace than he 
once was!

"Hell, we had to stun him, just to get him off the damn ship!

"you shot him?"Donovan blurted out obvioulsy shocked by hearing Dev's words.
"Yeah we shot him, it was the only way we could control him, Hell Donovan 
you and I both know, the ONLY person who can is lost some where out there! 
Dev said pointing out to the stars.

"Thats not true,Dev listen I'll take full responceability for him, he wont 
cause any trouble I swear," Donovan pleaded.

Dev was silent for a few moments as he pondered Donovan's defence, then 
exhaled slowly and looked up the ramp at Rocky who seemed to have a 
pleading look on his face.

"I know I'm gonna regret this, but ok," Dev Finally said.

"So he can stay? Donovan asked with a jubilant grin. Dev nodded then spoke 
he can stay he replied looking up the ramp.

Hearing that Rocky slowly made his way down the ramp to face Dev,sat up on 
his haunches and slurped the right side of Dev's face with his long tounge, 
much to the delight of everyone present.

"ACK, your welcome Rocky," Dev said as he wiped his face off with his 
sleeve. "Ok lets get you guy squared away in your quarters,then we'll take 
it from there ok?" he asked.

"Sweet," was Dononvan's reply

As they moved out of the hangor bay, Mac looked about the massive bay like a 
child on Lifeday morning.

"First time aboard a Star Destroyer? Serina asked with a smile as they 

"it is," he replied "I was unaware the Alliance possesed such a vessel he 
added with a touch of wonder.

"We're full of surprise's Donovan said with a smile as they boarded the lift 
As the lift traved upward through the ship rocky suddenly sprang forward, 
stopped the lift opened the doors and disappeared around the corner.

"UH OH!" Dononvan blurted out as he followed Rocky out of the lift,
Rocky barreled down the corridor at full speed as Donovan and Dev Strugled 
to keep up with him while Daniel, Serina , and Mac rought up the rear.
Peole seeing him coming, jumped or dove out of his way totally shocked to 
see a fully grown womprat running the corridors.Finally skidding to a stop 
outside of a crewmans quarters, he stood up hit the button for the door to 
open then barreled inside.

A split second later the corridors were filled with an ear shattering scream 
as Donovan and Dev raced to the open doorway.

as they caught up to him upon entering the quarters they saw its 
occupant a young girl of about 19 or 20 with golden hair clad only in 
sweats obviously off duty pressed tightly into the far corner of her 
quarters her face as white as snow .

"Ggggggg get th th that thing outta here she stammered visably shaken by 
Rocky's sudden intrusion as Rocky Sat up on the bed.

"OK thats it I want him off the ship NOW Donovan, I knew he'd act like this, 
I just knew it! Dev barked

"Hold on a min Dev," Donovan said as he looked the quarters over carefully 
until he saw some familior marks on the wall, then looking behind a poster 
the girl had hung up he found exactly what he searched for.

"Here it is ," he said triumphantly

"Hey, what the hell do you think your doing, captain whats going on who are 
these people, and what do they want with my quarters?!" she protested
"Donovan you better have a Damn good explanation for this, Dev barked as 
three fleet troopers appeared behind him blaster rifles at the ready.

"Dev, don't you get it theses are jaina's old quarters," Dononvan said 
pointing to the mark on the wall.

"See here's the scorch mark her lightsaber made when she was practicing with 
her lightsaber when somebody messed with her remote making it go haywire 
and hurting her pretty badly, remember that? he

"Captain who's this Jaina ? the girl asked Dev said nothing but held up one 

"Yeah I do remember,Dev replied."But it still doesnt excuse him for running 
off like he did and scaring this one of my crew half to death, sorry old 
buddy but he just blew his one and only chance I wont him off my ship NOW !
"Hey wait a min, donovan protested

"No, YOU wait a minute Dononvan! This is a whole new crew and a whole new 
set of rules , the days of us running rampant around the galaxy are over, 
this is a totally different ballgame! " Dev ranted

"Hell I had to fight tooth and nail to get this command after my father died 
, Fleet Command said I wasnt qualified to be the skipper eventhough I spent 
so much time doing just that filling in for dad when we were on a few years 
back . The ONLY reason why I got this command was becasue I went to Luke 
about it and HE talked to them and told them how much of a an asset I 
really was to the ship.

I gotta say They werent too happy about the Scoundrel leaving its
assigned patrol area either to go on this little side trip.
Until I told them you might try to swipe her again to go looking for 

"OH really ," Donovan said folding his arms in front of him.
"Yeah really,Dev replied " I told them they could deal with you using the 
Scoundrel to aid in the search or they could deal with her parents when it 
was learned that Fleet Command refused to aid in the search for their 
daughter !' he said angrily

So if you cant convince me that Rocky will behave, I want him off cause 
the mere fact he's running around wil be a MAJOR distraction for the crew 
and I dont want Fleet Command on my ass anymore than they already are !
"Ok you want proof? Dononvan said reaching into a bag he had over his 
shoulder "If this wont convince you nothing will," he added finding a small 
box then kneeling down and placing it in the middle of the floor then 
pressed two buttons. a full size holo of jaina appeared,it was obviously a 
few years old for she still wore the khaki colored jumpsuit her long hair 
tucked up neatly under her black hat.

"Hey isnt that SHHHHHHHHH Donovan said cutting the girl off as the holo 
smiled warmly then spoke

"Rocky, hey little fella ,I'm sending you this message to let you know I'm 
gonna be gone a little longer than I hoped,I heard what you did but I'm not 
mad at you. But I need you to be really good til I get back ok? Listen to 
what the people on the ship tell you and do what they tell you to do ok. Oh 
and one other thing don't chase after the mouse droids, no matter how many 
bagels Dev tapes to them, They have a job to do too and its really important 
that you let them do their job,I'll be back as soon as I can I love you buh 
-bye " then the image faded

"Convinced now" Donovan asked looking at his friend.Dev was silent for a 
moment then shook his head as he pulled out a comlink and switched it to 
transmit broad band all over the ship


"Thanks Dev I owe you one,"Donovan said placing a hand on Dev's sholder.

"Dont worry about it," Dev replied "Any doubts I had about Rockys behavior 
just went out the air lock.

"Uh Captain Gramke sir,the girl in the corner said as she came forward
that girl in the Holo, that was Jaina Solo wasnt it? she said as a smile 
came to her face "I've been livivng in the same quarters and sleeping in the 
same bed she once did? she added

"She sure is and you sure are uh....Donovan said

"Oh uh sorry sir," the girl said as she snapped to attention

"Petty Officer 2nd class Denise Quincannon sir!'she barked

"A pleasure," Donovan replied as he stepped forward "Colonel Donovan 
Treece," he replied shaking her hand then turning to Rocky
"Come on Rocky time to go we've bothered Petty Officer Quincannon enough for 
one day, this isnt Jaina's room anymore so you cant stay here, he said 
scritiching the womprat behind the ears.

Rocky looked once at the girl then slowly hopped down off the bed padded 
over to the small box picked it up in his mouth then quietly left the room.
As Donovan and Dev turned to leave, Denise spoke up

"Sir where will he stay?she asked brushing a loose strand of golden hair 
from her face

"He'll bunk with me," Donovan replied "its no big deal" he added as he 
turned to leave

"Well it seems to be to him sir," she said as she walked out behind 
them.Rocky was Halfway down the corridor his head hung low walking slowly 
when denise came out into corridor

"Rocky wait," she said as she walked up to him. Rocky sat the box down and 
sat looking up at the girl.

"Hey if it means that much to you,I'd be happy to share my quarters with 
you, " she said with a smile.

"You dont have to do this Quincannon, he can stay with Colonel Treece," Dev 

"Its ok I want to sir, I've heard alot about Both Jaina Solo and her pet 
womprat Rocky ..and well if I dont let him stay I'd be kicking him out of 
his own home," Dev said nothing simply shaking his head and grining.
"You sure about this? Donovan asked with a smile.

Denise smiled and nodded as Rocky moved closer to her and ever so gently 
nuzzeled her neck then picked up the Holobox in his mouth ,walked back into 
the room sitting the box in the middle of the floor he pawed the controls 
until the image of Jaina appeared again hopping up on the bed as jaina 
spoke again he pawed at image making a sad sound as it faded then curled 
up and was soon as fast asleep for he too was finally home .

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