The Hunt, Part 4 Chapter 1

By Harry Sober

"Great,just great" Donovan muttered shaking his head.How the hell are we 
supposed to find Karde in this blasted crowd! He said looking down onto 
Carnauba's main square.Carnauba, Jomak's largest city was playing host to 
many worlds who's trade delegates were attending the trade conference 
talking over many deals. Here was the place, that the part time mercenary 
and full time information broker Talon Karde was to meet them,but as yet 
were no where to be found.

"I don't like this, Donovan said looking at the many rooftops and balconies 
that overlooked the outdoor tapcafe where he,TJ and Moogiesat on the 
balcony terrace watching and waiting for Karde to arrive.

"We're too open out here,He said gesturing at the rooftops "Plus the fact 
that are reporters running around all over the place, i just don't like it" 
he said taking a cip of Chenzawa cider.

"Will there be anything else sir?" a voice from behind him said as a short 
Twi'lek female dressed in a short blue miniskirt outfit asked
him. He looked at the girl for a moment, then smiled "No thanks I'm fine 
thank you" he replied.She returned his smile witha warm one of her own as 
she turned to TJ and Moogie, who both merely put their hands up and smiled 
the girl nodded and was gone.

"Well atleast the food here is pretty good" Moogie said Knawing on a 
barbequed bantha rib.

"Don't talk with your mouth full."Tj chided him as he watched the waitress 
move over to another table talk to its occupants then turn around and 
point directly at them.

"UH OH boss, we got trouble" TJ added as several reporters got up and began 
moving in there direction.

"We're outta here." He said getting up as TJ and Moogie followed suit.
"Colonel Treece, a momenet of your time please." one reporter shouted as he 
hurridly made his way through the maze of tables, as the three men turned 
to leave going downthe opposite stair case.Only to find several more 
reporters coming up those steps flanking them cutting off their only 
escape route or so they thought .

They were trapped,Donovan looked over the railing to the street below, then 
looked to the both of them. A cheesey grin suddenly appeared on Moogies 
face, as TJ caught on to what his freinds were thinking.

"Don't even think about it" TJ growled as the first gropu of reporters 
caught up with them.

"Colonel Treece, is it true you aer leading leading the search for Jaina 
Solo? One asked

"Yes that's correct I'm in charge of one of the many teams." he replied
"What sort of progress have you made if any?" another asked
"No comment," was the reply

"Do you think the Empire is involved Colonel Treece? a short blonde 
reporter asked

"No Comment " he said again

"What Brings you to Jomak Colonel,what sort of things do you hope to find 
that is relative to Miss Solo's disappearence." A lady dressed in a green 
outfit with almost waist length dark hair asked

"Actually I'm here to get some parts for my ship, you know how things break 
down,so I figured I could get alot of good deals here he replied with a 

"Your ship, the lady with the long hair asked " i take it your refering to 
the Star Destroyer currently in orbit over Jomak, the Star Destoryer you 
stole from the Empire.Oh whats its name she stated trying to recall
"you mean the Scoundrel he said cutting her off with a smile" yeah thats 
mine " he added.

"Dev's gonna love hearing that" Moogie whispered to TJ
"YOU STOLE A STAR DRESTROYER???" one of the other reporters blurted out as 
the other reporters chuckled.

"Anicent history" Donovan said with a grin.

"You mean to tell us that the Alliance Military actually trusts you with a 
Star Destroyer?" one of the reporters off to Donovans left asked.

"Why not, they trust Solo to be Fleet Admiral dont they? he replied
"Oh Boy" TJ said softly putting his right hand over his eyes shaking his 
head as the reporters chuckled at Donovans comment.

"What are your feelings on this matter Colonel,do you think that Miss Solo 
actually deserted her unit and went awol" the lady withthe long hair asked.
"I've known Jaina for a long time, shes not the type who would. he replied
"Well then how do you explain the fact that when the rest of her squadron 
exited hyperspace she was no where to be found." this reporter with greasy 
looking hair slicked back wearing clothes that looked a millenium out of 
style asked.

" I cant explain that to be honest" Donovan replied solemly

"Do you suspect foul play? another asked

"Oh come on folks," the sleazy looking reporter blurted out "this is just 
another case about some rich kid who finally had to race the REAL galaxy 
and got scared he added smugly

"Excuse me?" Donovan growled dropping his right hand to rest gently over 
his blaster holster straped low in a quickdraw configuration
several of the reporters saw this and began backing up very slowly.
"daddy's little girl played all rough and tough, butwhen she REALLY had to 
do it she went and hid, come on Colonel sure you can understand that women 
just arent cut out for the military" he said with a smile which drew alot 
of dirty looks from someof the other reporters who were female.

"let me tell you something friend "Donovan said getting up in the man's 
face" thatgirl is a veteran soldier she's seen more action and been more 
places, than you'll ever see in your lifetime!

Just becasue she's a girl doesnt mean for a second she cant do anything you 
or I could do. he growled stepping back

"oh there are a few things I am sure she could do to me." the guys said 
with a smirk

Donovan reached for his blaster as TJ caught his hand.

"He's not worth wasting the ammo over boss.he said trying to calm Donovan 
down as several of other reporters backed up even further.

"Buddy you best just clear outof here while you still can!" Moogie growled 
coming up along side of TJ.

"This interveiw is over" Donovan growled as he turned to leave.

"One more question the guy said stepping directly in Donovan's path
man this guy must have a death wish TJ thought as Donovan did his best to 
remain calm .

"How is it that a girl barely 18 years old,could not only go through flight 
school, so soon but end up leading a squadron of Xwings as well, tellme 
Colonelby what means was she able to do that hmmmmmm" the guy asked folding 
his arms arcossed his chest,""Surely dady must have pulled some strings he 
added with smile.

Donovan glared at the man for a moment then spoke
"Jaina is a very talented and capeable young lady not to mention a jedi to 
boot, she's got skills and abilities I can't even begin to describe, she 
did it all on her own . he said as he started to walk away.

"Ah so in other words, she slept her way to the top" the man uttered
Donovan stopped dead in his tracks turned around very slowly and gave the 
man a look that sent chills down the backs of the other reporters

"Come again" Donovan said sofly. Everyone behind the sleazy reporter stood 
open mouthed at the audacity of this guy, or took a large step away from 
this idiot knowing it was not safe to be standing next to someone as 
brainless as this.Moogie with a big grin on his face leaned over and 
whispered something in TJ's ear TJ looked at his friend with a surprised 
look on his face then smiled and shook his head.

"I said it sounds to me like she slept her way to the top,it explains alot 
actually, typical rich girl they either use sex or money to get what they 
want" the man stated with a smile.

"Thats what I thought you said" Donovan replied returning the man's smile 
with a nod as he turned to walk away, took one step, then in a flash 
whipped around laying a lightning fast rightcross to the left side of the 
mans face knocking him several meters away flat on his back.

Everyone present stood there in silence gawking atthe scene they just 
witnessed, everyone except for Moogie, who chuckled softly as he held out 
his right hand.TJ shook his head reached into is pocket and handed his 
freind a credit note.

"Donovan walked over to the man looked at the other reporters then back to 
the man lying unconcious on the ground.

"AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT" he said in loud tone for all to hear then 
nodding for his two friend "we're outta here " the crowd of reporters 
silently drifted allowing the three men to part.

"Tell me you got all of that" one of the female repoters said to her 

"every bit' he replied.

Four hours later on board the Scoundrel, Dononvan sat quietly in Dev's 
office just off the bridge as he watched his friend pace back and forth
"Have you lost your mind Donovan?" Dev blurted out"The comment you made 
about Solo is bad enough, but did you really have to punch that guy out 
too? he asked shaking his head.

"Hey you should have heard what that guy said about Jaina" Donovan replied
"Heard about it, HELL I SAW IT its allover the damn news, its galaxy wide 
by now" Donovan when the hell are you gonna learn to control that damn 
temper of yours" he barked

"He if Solo would have been there, he would have done the same thing" 
Donovan replied . besides who made you my C.O. all of a sudden Dev, if I 
remember correctly I'm the one who out ranks you" Donovan hissed.
"Hey buddy dont go there, Dev said pointing a finger at his freind while 
your on MY ship you'll follow the blasted rules!

And another thing when did the Scoundrel become your ship huh?
I'm the Skipper here ,' Dev said thumbing his chest.

"Funny you dont look like Alon Hale" Dononvan said with a smile

"Dont Start " Dev barked that's another problem you dont know when to keep 
your big mouth shut !

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