Hunting Mira

John Medkeff and Ginna Wilcoxen

The Emerald's shuttle descended onto the landing bay's deck.

Taras continued to pace. He savored the anger he felt coming from the ship. Sandy was in rare form.

The hatch opened and two teenage girls in black capes bounced down the steps. They ran up and hugged him.

"Hello, Daddy, Mother's in a snit." Tiri announced.

"Hi Uncle Tor," Jan added. "She's right. Aunt Sandy really wants this Mira Lexor's head."

"Its a really icky plague," Tiri added.

"Hi, girls." He answered. "You and the boys go explore the station. I'll deal with Sandy."

Cassandra and the boys followed down the steps and joined them. "Have you caught her yet, Love." She hissed in Sith.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. "Welcome to Port Lansing, dear. No, Mira Lexor is still missing."

"I want her now."

"Hi, Dad."

He waved them on their way.

Around them the guards and servants got on with their jobs.

"What should we do if we find her?" Lonnie asked.

"If two of you are there, take her," Taras commanded.

"And remember I want here in condition to be questioned." Sandy added.

"Now off you go, and have fun."

The four teenagers headed off into the interior of the station.

"Don't worry, dear, we'll find her." Taras reassured her. "And you will get your information. Now come, dinner awaits us by candlelight, at the finest restaurant in this sector."

He put an arm around her and they followed the children.

Mira Lexor stood in the shadows of one of the stations alcoves. Her face was being broadcasted everywhere. 'Xanatos what have you gotten me into?' she asked herself leaning against the wall. The Steeles were involved, she would never live to see trial.

She held her breath as they passed too close for her comfort, that goodness that she wasn't Force sensitive. She needed to get off this station and have time to think of past events. Why in the Emperor's name was she being hunted? And what else was Xanatos holding back?

Moving within the shadows, Mira needed to find a ship that would be for hire. When Xanatos told her to find a way off the station, and that they would meet later, she didn't think she would be fighting or evading bounty hunters, and the Sith.

Mira stopped when she heard the latest news dealing with Arridor. Listening to the reports Mira sank down to the floor and pulled the hood of her cape further over her head. Her poison ... somehow it had gotten loose ... Now things were starting to make sense. She needed to see the Emperor, to find him if he was here ...

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