By Heather Melville

Sharra N'aquiva leaned the barrel of her blaster
against her head and sighed. No way was she going to
get a shot at Darana from a distance. Not with her
trained Household surrounding her. Force take it, she
was going to have to get close. She began to move
toward her target, using every available spot of cover
and the hunter's mindset that obviated emotion-and
made her Force signature much easier to conceal.

Gradually, she gained on them. Guessing their next
position was a gamble, but she took it, hiding in a
tight alley. Darana would have to pass near her to
get through. Sharra's mouth quirked in a grim smile.

She waited, willing the blood to move through her
legs, preventing their cramping, carrying away the
toxins. Her breath calmed. Her hand relaxed on the
blaster trigger. All she needed was a clear shot, and
this particular piece of evil wouldn't be bothering
anyone anymore. Footsteps approached, moving quickly.
Sharra let passive sensing trail out a bit, trying to
get an exact measure of Darana's position. Closer. 
Closer. Now!

The dark haired woman whirled out into the middle of
the party. She threw herself at Darana, angling for
a body or head shot at close range. She was actually
pulling the trigger when someone's TK moved the
barrel. Her hand and her Force ability compensated,
but her aim still went off. She heard a scream, but
not from the RIGHT person. "Damn it!" she had just
enough time to think as someone hit her from behind. 
She crashed into Darana and on into darkness.

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