If At First You Dont Succeed, pt 2

By Heather Melville

Darana toed the fallen assassin's head into moving, to
make her face visible. "People just seem impelled to
send me gifts this cycle." She shook her head. " I
don't recognize this one. Bring her."


A swinging motion jarred a shoulder into Sharra's
stomach. She opened her eyes a slit, but couldn't
see. Her head and back hurt. The nausea and scarcity
of breath took her back into unconsciousness before
she could act.


The second time she woke, her bearer was walking up
some sort of ramp. No, no, no, not a ship! Sharra
tried to move, to fight. None of her muscles
responded in so much as a twitch. She could still
feel the Force, but some sort of head injury kept her
too unfocused to use it. She centered herself and let
impressions sink in through the pain in her skull. 
More people around her. Others in the ship, including
faint traces of.Jedi energy?

She had no time, and no weapons. Sharra pulled
herself back into her center, weaving as many walls as
she could between her and the outside world,
retreating as far as possible with what little energy
she had left. Thank the Force she was wearing no
insignia. The light saber alone was too much clue to
her identity. One stray thought whisped across her
consciousness. She had misjudged mission success
probability entirely. If she was lucky, she would
only die for it.


Darana Cairnfell stared at the medical sensor
displays. So far, their captive was not waking up on
schedule. The skull fracture and subsequent brain
injury had caused the original loss of consciousness
(she made a mental note to speak with Eric about his
enthusiasm), but shouldn't have kept her out this
long. The stimulants were working on the body, but
still no waking. Maybe it had been a mistake to leave
the woman out of the bacta tank, but Darana had hoped
for the confusion from the head injury to provide some
initial information.

The Sith woman looked across the biobed at Shade. 
"For the moment, she's your responsibility. Call me
when she regains consciousness. Use whatever non
permanent methods you deem necessary." He nodded and
went to fetch the medical officer on duty.

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