By Dora Furlong with apologies to Simon R. Greene

The rim is cold and dark feeding into unplummable depths of darkness; the
intergalactic void where no stars shine and fewer star destroyers dare go.
It's easy to get lost on the rim. The Empire fights the rebellion and
hungrily reaches outward, claiming more and more worlds. But not on the
rim. It is here that both the Empire and the Alliance stop cold. 

It gets dark on teh rim. Ships get lost and disappear. Colonized worlds
are as self sufficient as they can be. Away from strict Imperial Law or
Alliance Order, crime grows and outlaws seek havens. Star Destroyers
drop out of hyperspace occasionally to clean house, but they don't see

Strange and rogue forces are at work on the rim. Ancient and forbidden
practices occurr and beings turn away from the darkness, the untamable void.
But in that void lurks patient and terrible forces, and all it took to
set it off was a simple clash between a Star Destroyer and an outer rim 
planet owned by a rogue Sith called Nathaniel.

The destruction of the planet, Nathaniel's planet, released those
terrible and dark forces...the ancient energies symbioticaly entwined with
the very planet itself. This sentient force howled in despair as it was
ripped from it's host. The life forces of it's children draining away.
Instinctively, hungrily it reached out and drank in the vast energies.
In the voices of many it spoke.

"I am everything that I was before and more. A gestalt that none, not
even a Force user, shall stand against. Their minds shall feed and
sustain me. I will take them in and devour them. My enemies will drown in 
blood and suffering." 

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