by Jilly Harris and Rob Smith

ooc- this takes place a couple days after the meeting with Colin.


Midalah crossed her legs as she processed the code for the transmission
to Khando. The screen shimmered then a Toydarian came on the screen.
"Who are you? And who gave you this number?" he demanded.

 Midalah raised her eyebrow. ^”S'Lara Mercetto gave it to me. She
suggested you to me. My name is Midalah."

"And what can I do for you, Me-dah-lah?" Khando asked.

 ^”I need an information broker, I heard you are the best,^‘ Midalah said.

 "Best? Maybe. I get accurate information when I can. What do you need
researched?" Khando said.

"A planet. I need to know who is on the side of the current queen,^‘
Midalah explained.

^”Find a paper. What do I look like, a reporter?^‘ Khando demanded.

"This information can only be gotten on the inside. It's very
important,^‘ Midalah said. "S'Lara wouldn't have given me your name if
she didn't think you could do it."

"It's always important. Of course I can get it! But can you make it
worth my while?" Khando said.

^”Yes,^‘ Midalah said.

"I'll assume you don't want to give me any more information over the
comm. Meet me in office 47 Level 3 on Port Lansing in 3 days." He
severed the connection. Midalah was a bit taken aback by how abrupt the
little alien was, but S^“Lara had forewarned her that he was just that,
but also very efficient. She clicked the transmission screen off.


3 Days Later^Ň

 Midalah slowly approached the door of the office she was meeting Khando
in. It opened, and she heard a voice. ^”Come in.^‘

Midalah walked in, looking around. Her eyebrow rose when she saw various
pictures taken years ago when she was in court, some weren^“t even ones
she remembered having been taken, including those taken yesterday. ^”I
see you^“ve done some research,^‘ she said.

^”I know my customers, or they are not customers,^‘ Khando said.

^”Understandable,^‘ Midalah said.

Touching a control, the door closed behind Khando. Midalah tilted her
head a bit when she heard a soft hum begin. "There, we are in privacy.
Except for someone reading your mind if they choose,^‘ Khando said.

^”I doubt that,^‘ Midalah said. ^”Thank you for the privacy.^‘

^”What exactly do you wish to know?^‘ Khando said.

^”Considering the pictures, I'm assuming you know my... history. Who I
am?^‘ Midalah asked.

^”Yes, Queen Midalah of Nebula,^‘ Khando answered.

"Technically yes, however, officially not yet. That's where I need you,^‘
she said.

"Sorry, I don't fight wars for succession,^‘ he replied.

"You won't be. I already have someone for that. However, I do need
information to get to him,^‘ she returned.

"Yes?" Khando said.

"I need to know deep on the inside who would support me and who supports
Melantha and Reesha,^‘ Midalah said, sitting in a chair opposite the

"Very dangerous. My agents may die if they ask the wrong questions. That
may cost me much,^‘ Khando said.

^”Everything has its price,^‘ she returned.

"I'm just letting you know at the outset, it wiil *not* be cheap,^‘ he
pointed out.

Midalah^“s eyebrow rose. "To be perfectly honest, if it was cheap, I
wouldn't want it. I want the best, and I want it done right. That means
spending the money to do so,^‘ she said.

^”And the time?^‘ Khando asked. "How urgent is this?^‘

"Urgent, however, I've waited six years as is, and that was without
proper help,^‘ Midalah said. "How long do you suspect?"

^”Maybe a year,^‘ Khando said, testing her.

^”I^“d rather it sooner, but if takes that long, fine,^‘ she said.

^”What are you offering for this info?^‘ he asked.

^”What are you asking?^‘

^”That was not the question,^‘ Khando said.

^”It is now. You want to know what I'm offering; I want to know what you
are asking. Answer my question, and I can answer yours,^‘ Midalah said.

"I thought you were serious. Sorry for wasting your time." His wings
began to lift away from the desk, lifting him into the air.

"I am serious, if you'd sit and answer my question I can better answer
yours. Just like you need information to better ascertain something, I
need the same,^‘ Midalah said rising.

Khando hovered where he was "You know what it's worth to you. Tell me,^‘
he said.

"You're right, I do know what it's worth to me, but what I think it's
worth may not be what you want or what you think it may be worth to me.
So name your price," Midalah said placing her hands on the desk, palms
flat, her eyes intense on him.

^”One billion Imperial credits."

"Now I'm the one wasting your time. The information may be worth a lot
to me, but even that is a ridiculous price," she said, straightening,
crossing her arms over her chest.

"Then stop wasting my time and tell me what *you* think it's worth and
we'll see if it's worth my time,^‘ Khando said.

"Five hundred thousand credits. Half now, half after the job is done."

"Keep the down payment. I get paid when I earn it. I'll contact you when
I have it," he said. Khando moved to the back wall.

^”Agreed,^‘ Midalah said.

Khando moved forward back to his desk. "Now, for the other piece of
business. What is it worth to you for Melantha and Reesha to not know
you are alive?" he asked.

^”Why? Do you plan on telling them?^‘ Midalah asked.

"Not for the right price," he said with a grin.

^”Two hundred thousand credits extra,^‘ Midalah said.

"You are serious about this aren't you? There's no charge for that. A
dead customer can't pay can they?" Khando said. With that, he flew to
the wall and through the door that opened. Never once turning his back
on Midalah. Midalah shook her head taking one last look at the pictures
before she backed out of the room and headed for her ship.

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