By Courtney AND Viper

Psylocke pulled her cloak tighter around her as she strolled down the halls
of the ESD Eclipse. She neared the infirmary and noticed more guards
outside the door than usual. She paused for a moment to ponder this, then
stepped toward the door. One guard moved toward her, but stepped away when
she looked up at him.

She passed through the door of the infirmary, sensing that something was
waiting for her inside. Everything looked normal. One of the medical
interns even greeted her. Slowly, she made her way toward the back room
where the overnight patients stayed as if something was suddenly pulling
her towards the room.

Psylocke peered through the doorway and blinked. Lt. Colonel Melora Lexor
was lying half-conscious in a bed nearby. Slowly, Psylocke stepped toward
the bed. Lexor was in bad shape. Burns bruises...most likely the work of
the Emperor's wrath.

There was something about Melora...something hidden deep within her. She
couldn't explain why she wanted to continue looking at the battered woman
before her. Psylocke stepped up to the bed until she was next to her.
Melora shunned away slightly, like a trapped animal in a cage, putting up
her mental defenses.

Suddenly a thought came to Psylocke's mind. "Nik-vie..." she muttered, and
Melora visibly cringed and threw Psylocke a wicked glare.

Psylocke cocked her head slightly at Melora's reaction, and slowly, a grin
started to creep into her expression. "My master told me you killed him."

"If he isn't dead, he should be." Melora spat.

"Hmph." Psylocke turned and started toward the door. "You're right...he
should be."

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