Tuesday, 10pm
	Lon approached Psylocke's door, carrying a mysterious invitation
in his hand.  He was about to knock when he saw a piece of paper taped to
it. Gingerly, he pulled it off to read it.  In thin, handwritten letters,
it read, "Come in. Lock the door behind you."
	He smiled as he read the note, shaking his head slightly and
wondering what Psy was up to. He figured he might as well play it out and
did as the note asked. He opened the door quietly and slipped in.  He
closed the door behind him and locked it, pausing a moment to allow his
eyes to adjust to the dimly candle-lit room.  A few feet in front of him
lay another note. He stepped forward and picked it up.  This time, the
note read, "In the bedroom."  A small arrow pointing to the left was
drawn under the words.
	His eyes traced the direction of the arrow down the hall, but he
wondered what Psylocke had in store for him.  She had never been this
forward before... Had she come to some conclusion he wasn't aware of? Oh
well. He had decided to play this out, and curiosity drove him on.  He
headed down the hall expecting to find another note. He hadn't been here
before and didn't really know which bedroom belonged to her.  There were
four doors in the hallway, two on the left, one on the right, and one
directly at the end. The one at the end was the opened slightly, where a
faint light glowed from inside.  Figuring the door was hers and still not
seeing any note, he pushed it open to look inside.
	At the end of the room was a queen sized bet with white sheets.
There she was, sitting at the far edge, facing away from him. She was
wearing a short, violet neglige, and her hair hung loosely past her
	She didn't say anything. Instead, she reached back and pointed to
a small black cloth that sat at the edge of the bed nearest him. There
was one last note there. 
	Lon sighed quietly, wondering what she was up to but decided to
take the game one more step before he called it quits. He moved to the
bed, lifted the note off the black cloth, and opened it.  The note read,
"Over your eyes." 
	"Psy? What's this about?" 
	"Shh." In a low whisper, she said, "No tricks Lon...or no
	"Are you sure about this?" 
	Unseen to him, she smiled to herself. "Yes," she said, keeping
her voice at a whisper. 
	Lon put on the mask resignedly. "Now what?" 
	Slowly she turned, peering through her loose hair to make sure he
was playing fair. She crawled across the bed and knelt before him. She
reached up and grabbed his shirt, then pulled him down onto the bed.  Lon
didn't resist as she pulled on him and fell to the bed with a small
	She chuckled lightly, then leaned in and kissed him. "Do you
really think you know me, Lon?" she whispered in his ear.
	Lon turned on his back and stared up at the ceiling...as good a
place as any with a blindfold on. He shrugged.  "Not as well as I'd
	A wicked grin crossed her face.  She sat up, then straddled over
Lon. She leaned forward, running her fingers up his chest until she
reached his neck, then moved back down his arm.  She took his hand, and
guided it over her side.  "Let me show you how I feel."
	Something bothered Lon as Psylocke began to caress him. It just
didn't feel...right. Everything was different...her kiss, the way she
touched him, even the way she felt. He had to slow this down. "Psy wait."
	She frowned, but paused.. "What?" 
	"I think this is a little abrupt. We should slow down."  He
reached up to remove the blindfold. 
	She instantly grabbed his hand. "Lon...no!" Her voice was
distinctly different that time. Instead of a low raspy whisper, her voice
was higher and nasally.  Lon frowned that the unusual voice and rather
than simply reach up to take off the blindfold he snatched it off his
head and rolled away from whoever it was on the bed beside him.  He stood
up and glared at her.
	Startled, she fell to the side. She caught herself and stayed
kneeling on the bed, a look of anger and horror crossing her face at
once.  With his first close look, Lon realized that the woman before him
looked nothing like Psylocke.  She was taller and thinner with a
completely different face.
	"What the blazes is going on here? Who are you?" 
	She smiled at him wickedly, then got off the bed and slowly
walked toward him. "I'm Psylocke." 
	Lon could feel the anger in him build. He didn't like being
manipulated, and this woman was certainly trying.  "Stay where you are. I
don't know who you really are but I know Psylocke and you ain't it. Where
is she?" 
	"Oh, but I am Psylocke. Psylocke Jago Lammashta. Warrior for the
Empire...intragalactic martial arts champion...secret lover to one Lon
	Trying to control his anger he tried a different tact.  "Where is
your room mate? 
	Her smile widened at the question and she took another step
forward. "Do you mean Jennifer? Ha! She doesn't exist anymore...And when
the time comes, Psylocke won't exist anymore either." 
	Anger sparked anew with her last comment. "What does that mean?"
	"Don't you get it? I become whoever I want to become. I used to
be Jennifer before, and Nina before that, and Darlena before that.
Now...I'm Psylocke. And when the time comes to shed that skin, I'll do
it."  She stepped even closer to him. "Why not enjoy it, Lon? While there
is still time." 
	Lon held his ground.  "And the people who you copy...what happens
to them?"
	By now, Jennifer was beaming.  "There can be only one.  Funny,
they seem to come to such unpleasant endings.  Nina's balcony collapsed
when she stepped out one morning for tea....oh and Darlena was hit by a
bus...poor dear.  And Jennifer....ah such a pity....she had an allergic
reaction to her dinner." She shook her head and let her smile drop. "I
couldn't get her to the hospital in time with all that traffic!" 
	"And Psylocke?" 
	She giggled. "That's the beauty of it!  She just left one morning
last week and never came back.  Nice apartment to leave me, don't you
	"Don't know. Haven't seen much of it yet. It was dark when I got
here." He was thinking wildly, yet trying to play it cool and prolong the
conversation. "So when you become these people...do you do everything
they do as well as they do?" 
	Jennifer sat down on the bed. "I was raised as an actress.  I
learn by watching them, reading about them, even going through their
stuff.  To be a good actor, one must become the role!  Unfortunately, I
didn't have much time with Psy before she left.  I'll just have to fake
it I guess. You're just an excersise in getting to know her." 
	"I hope I'm push ups. I hate push ups." 
	"So she likes her men with humor, eh?"  I was hoping that I would
get to see how you would make love to her before I killed you, but I
think it's too late for that." She stood. "I'll have to complete the
circle now.  Pity." 
	"You mean you don't want to?  That does suck.  I was hoping we'd
have a chance too. You're a far better kisser than she is you know?
Prettier too." 
	Taken slightly aback, Jennifer smiled and batted her eyes. She
stood, stepped forward, and slowly put her arms around his neck.  "That
is how Jennifer kissed. What I want to know...is how does Psylocke kiss?"
	"Ok. If that's what you want." Lon approached her slowly and
unmenacingly then kissed her gently on the lips. "Psylocke always did
like the gentle touch.  Now you try." 
	She nodded and closed her eyes.  She leaned in to kiss him
lightly on the lips.  As Lon continued to kiss her, he moved forward a
step at a time to make her retreat.  Between kisses, he directed her as
if telling her how Psylocke would do it until he was a foot from the
wall.  Lon put his hands to both sides of her face as if getting cuaght
up in the moment.  Lightning fast, he rammed her head forcefully into the
wall behind her. 
	A light squeal escaped from her lips as her head struck the
plaster. Her eyes started to roll back as she slid down against the wall.

	All Lon said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve
was "Bitch." 
	He dug around in his pockets, and donned a pair of lightweight,
leather gloves.  Then, he picked her up and roughly tossed her on the bed
face down. He turned the lights on and used an extension cord he found
after looking around to tie her hands behind her. He flipped her over his
shoulder and took her out the the main room, putting her in a kitchen
chair.  He used some food wrap he found in a drawer to tie her to the
chair. He the took a towel and gagged her with it. When he was done he
looked at he a moment in disgust then set bout the task of looking around
the apartment for any clue that might tell him what had happened to
	Lon heard the muffled groans through the gag, then turned to see
her looking around furiously, realizing that she had been moved to the
kitchen.  He turned a chair to face her and straddled it casually.  "So
you're awake.  I've been trying to decide what to do with you."  He
looked up at the kitchen ceiling where the light fixture hung. "Shame
about that light." 
	She looked up, and the color drained from her face. "Ye mwndt!" 
	He couldn't quite make out what she said through the gag so he
decided to remove it. First he turned on the View screen and turned it up
loud. From the stories Psy had told him, people did it all the time here.
He moved back to her and took off the gag. "Sorry what was that?" 
	Jennifer licked her lips.  "You wouldn't dare kill me. Psylocke
would only get blamed for it.  Think about it Lon...I'm dead and she's
taken off?  So sure you want to set up your girlfriend for murder?" 
	"You know you're right...except for the fact that you happened to
leave such a long and drawn out suicide note. It seems all those
convenient accidents caught up with you and you couldn't stand the guilt
	She tried to chuckle. "The handwriting would never pass." 
	"Handwriting huh?  Well lets see...we have all these samples all
about he apartment and I've noticed your handwriting seems to be pretty
close to the handwriting of your next victim. It's I good thing you wrote
another note warning her of your intentions before it was too late for
her too." 
	Jennifer suddenly held her breath. Her chin quivered and she
gulped. "Lon...please," she said. "I know....I need help." She lowered
her head, and willed a tear into her eye. She looked back up again.
"Don't do this..." 
	"Save it Snake. You told me yourself you're an actress. I'm not
letting you go around shedding anymore skin. Especially not Psylocke's.
You threatened to kill me already earlier tonight. You want compassion?"
He leaned in close to her face.  "HA! I don't have that good a sense of
	"I didn't kill her." 
	Staying close up to her face he asked her in an icy tone through
clenched teeth,  "Where is she?" 
	"I told you, she took off one morning and didn't come back." 
	"Not good enough."  He left the room and went to the bedroom. He
came back with a sheet he began to twist. 
	Jennifer began to struggle with the cord around her wrists, also
pushing against the cellophane that pinned her in the chair. 
	"I assure you they are quite tight. After all we couldn't have
you loose before you had a chance to taste your own medicine. You've made
your own bed to sleep in, I'm just using the sheets a little differently
than you intended. 
	She continued to fight against the plastic.  "Lon, believe me
this time. I don't know where she is. That's what cops are for!" Lon
finished stringing the sheet up and began to tie the end around her neck,
whistling as he did it.
	"No!" She shook around, trying to avoid the noose. "Stop! I
didn't do it!  This isn't like you. I know all about you Lon. Psylocke
says your kind and caring. You're special to her, Lon. She won't admit
it, but I think the sap is in love with you." 
	"I'm sorry but I don't believe you.  By your own admission you've
killed at least three women. You know what Jennifer, or whatever your
name really is, usually I am. Psylocke never saw me pushed like this
though. She has no idea what I can do when I'm pushed."  He tightened the
noose about her neck and gave it a sharp tug then nodded in satisfaction.
"Last chance. Tell me what I want to know." 
	By this point, Jennifer tried to repress a true sob as she felt
the cloth slowly constricting. "I don't know where she is....she t-took
off last week. P-police already questioned me..." 
	"They said...that she didn't show up for work. They called her,
but I was out. The next d-day they turned the case over to the
authorities....that's what they told me." 
	"What authorities?" 
	"Coruscant Police Department."
	Lon's brows furrowed. "The police handed over the case to the
	"No...the people from her job. She works for the government, but
she never told me what area," she paused in thought for a moment, then
added, "You mean she's a cop?" 
	"Sorry, you're turn for asking questions is over. As is your time
to live. Take your last breath, and while your neck stretches, think of
how scared and helpless your victims felt and how you could have avoided
	Jennifer took in a deep breath, then let it out in a
blood-curdling scream. Her eyes fell upon him, and stared right into him
as she yelled. "Help! Somebody please help me!" 
	Lon swore under his breath and tilted the gag around her mouth
once more, stifling her.  She had outdone the View screen noise and there
was sure to be authorities on the way soon. Much as he wanted to have her
swing until she blacked out then untie her, he didn't have the time.  He
undid the sheet and ran to the bedroom with it.  In moments he had gone
the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and the booze cabinet he had found
earlier. He dumped the contents of two or three bottles of random pills
and swirled them in a glass of hard liquor. 
	He removed the gag and grabbed a hand full of hair. Yanking hard
he dumped what he could get into her mouth when she gasped in pain.
Holding her mouth open and plugging her nose, he made sure she swallowed
a good bit of the concoction.  Any that spilled on her or on the floor
would add to the story.  Next, he took the towel and ran to the phone he
covered the receiver and called the emergency police number. 
	"Police Emergency."
	"Officer you have to hurry. I'm at the Terrace twelve apartments
at 208 Landon Drive...apartment 3-3.  Uh huh..." He heard Jennifer groan
in pain behind him.  "I heard a commotion and came to find this woman
overdosed on drugs and alcohol.  She was going on about killing some
women and making it look accidental and how she couldn't stand the guilt
anymore.  I don't know how much time she has!  Hurry!"
	He slammed the phone down and ran to Jennifer. With a couple of
vicious blows to the stomach he ensured she wasn't going anywhere till
the drugs took total effect and the Police arrived.  He untied her wrists
as her struggles slowed, the drugs spreading a numbing purr through her
	He picked her nearly limp body up from the chair, then kicked it
out of the way.  With one arm around her waist, he leaned over to the
counter and picked up the glass again.  He pressed it into her hand, then
dropped her.  She hit the ground deadweight, and the glass shattered as
it bounced out of her hand.
	"Goodbye...'Psylocke'" he grated contemptuously.  "Have fun."  He
opened the door to the hallway and peered out, then moved slowly out of
the room before he could be identified by anyone. 

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