Journey That Never Was

By Amanda Wilcoxen

Medenna La'Rose had just finished her training sessions, which took a good part of the afternoon. Ever since Octavia had left again with Master D'med, Medenna had spent more time studying and training. She wandered around the gardens as other students ran along, playing games with their friends. Most of the students didn't really talk to her or do anything with her for *some* reason. She had only made a few friends; Micko and Octavia were the closest friends she had. But she was more occupied with other things, like becoming stronger in the Force among other things.

For a while now, she had thought about visiting her brother, Keith, who was in the Alliance Military. She hadn't seen him for the longest time. How long had it been? Two years? A small smile crept on her lips. Well, since Octavia was gone at the moment, this would be a great time to visit her brother! All she'd have to do was get permission to leave Yavin, and that wouldn't be hard to do at all, since she'd be seeing family. Medenna nodded to herself and made plans to see how long it'd take to leave.

Two days later…

Medenna slung her green duffel bag over her right shoulder as she walked out of her quarters to go to where the transport would be. One of her friends, Micko, caught up to her.

"Where ya going?" he asked.

Medenna looked up at him. Micko was about her age, fifteen, with sandy brown hair on the longish side and clear hazel eyes.

"Hey Micko. Gonna go visit my brother."

"Oh." He glanced around. "How long will you be away?"

"It depends. Probably for a few days." She let out a dramatic sigh. "You won't miss me, will you?"

Straight-faced, he replied, "Nope."

She frown, then shook her head and smiled covertly. "Later, Micko."

"See ya." He watched after her until she disappeared from sight.


After she boarded the transport, it soon took off. A cloaked figure watched it until it couldn't no longer. The figure pulled out a comlink and said: "Her transport just taxied…I got the coordinates on where she'll be going…"

Medenna's flight was somewhat quiet. The pilot seemed reserved, but also snotty. So she kept to herself. To keep to herself, she pulled out a book. Before she could get really wrapped up in it though, she heard the pilot curse.

Uh oh. She put the book down and asked, "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing kid, we just have to delay the flight."


"Something's wrong with this bird." He mumbled something under his breath.

Fifteen minutes later, the pilot had landed on some planet and told Medenna that he'd had to find a repair shop. The engine had gone bad, and he had to look for another.

Naturally, Medenna didn't stay on the ship; she checked out the planet. She kept her lightsaber inside her tan poncho as she slung her duffel bag over her shoulder. The streets were mostly crowed, filled with business. Her eyes looked around carefully as she stretched out with the force. Nothing seemed wrong, then again she was a visitor and she knew better. Medenna walked around the streets of whatever planet they had landed on. When she looked over her shoulder, she noticed that a cloaked figure seemed to be following her. Still, she acted as if she didn't notice him or her, and kept walking through the market. She could still feel the person following her, so she kept close to other people, using them as decoys to make her seem to disappear from the crowd.

It wasn't long at all before she found herself traveling down some alley.

Great, just great. Looks as if the flight might be delayed even longer if I don't find out where I am.

Medenna watched, as someone seemed to emerge from the shadows. It was obviously a man, probably in his early forties.

"Are you lost little girl?"

"No," she replied, feeling something in the Force. Her eyes glanced around as she studied the man in front of her.

"It's been a long time since a bright eyed girl has been on this planet."

"I must be on my way," she said was two other men came from the shadows. Medenna watched the three.

One of them pulled out a tranquilizer gun as heard footsteps behind her. Another stood there, blaster aimed at her chest. She started to walk backwards when he fired off his blaster. She ducked it, but at the same time, the man with the tranquilizer gun shot the side of her neck. Her hand moved up to brush it off, but she soon felt dizzy and she collapsed to the ground.

One of the men moved over to her, picked her up, and slung her over his shoulder as another grabbed her bag and pulled out a comlink to mutter, "We've got her."


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