By Geri Kittrell

(This is the story of Kirienne's training and knighting as both Riddari
Warrior and Jedi Knight. It's in her own words as told to a Bard and Scribe
from the Isle of Rionnag)

	Kirienne sat in the laird's chair, at the high table, on the dais
of the Great Hall of the Riddari Keep. This keep was in the SidheKing
forest, and was near Castle Lonach. Since the SidheKing had held formal
court earlier in the day, she was still dressed in the formal attire of
King's Champion; her's consisted of a nubby silk, dark green tunic that
reached mid calf, and was slit front and back for ease of movement in
combat and revealed black leggings worn underneath.  Her feet were clad in
dark green, suede low-cut boots. A small hint of chain mail could be seen
peeking out from sleeve and neck areas. She was, as is her custom, very
well armed. Her long, silver hair was styled in what was called the
'warrior's braid', hair hanging down long with a thin braid framing each
side of her face. She sipped at her mug of strong, dark ale as she awaited
the arrival of her guests, the Bard and Scribe sent by the Righ Council to
learn her story. 'Why am I here', she thought to herself, 'why did I ever
agree to tell the tale of me knightly training?' A quiet voice inside her
mind answered quickly, 'because your King, your Liege Lord has asked it of
you. Would you deny him a boon when he asks so few?' Kirienne knew that
voice; her conscience was right.
Her king had bestowed upon her a great honor and high rank within his
court, with that came the responsibility to do his bidding. He'd never
asked much of her, other than her loyalty, how could she deny him this?
Though she was known to dislike talking about herself, she had agreed to
tell, in as much detail as she could remember, the story of her training
and Knighting as Riddari Warrior, and Jedi Knight.
	Her Riddari training had been mostly informal, since for much of
her childhood she had been raised off world on a smuggling ship. Thus the
story of it was of interest to many. The story of her Jedi training was
even more desired for it was quite unorthodox, by most training standards.
The SidheKing wanted Kirienne's story committed to the memory of the Bards,
and written in the Records of Heroes manuscripts.

	Kirienne snapped to alertness as the massive wooden doors of the
Great Hall were opened. The Bard, Fain MacKelric and Scribe, Brianne
Tayallor smiled broadly as they walked the length of the hall.  Before
taking the seats to Kirienne's left, as she indicated, they bowed deeply
giving her the reverance due her rank by all Riddari.  Her cupbearer, the
wood-sprite known as Dubh Arrow, filled the mugs of all three with the best
dark ale the brewery had to offer.  Kirienne smiled, looked deeply into
their eyes and began. 
	"I ha been trained all me life to be a warrior. In fact, me birth
runes read that I would 'go in the way of the sword'.  Me Riddari training
began very informally before I were the age of five winters old.  Me
earliest memories of this training are of sitting either on the lap or at
the feet of Barad Volrath, me foster Da.  He told me the stories of the
Riddari heroes, 
 and the Sidhe.  He told of fierce battles on land and at sea, and great
victories. He told me, too, about the bonny sea farerers, of sea and sky.
I learned all the legends of the Isle. 
 When I was of an age that I could begin to ken these stories, and could
hold it easily, I was given a wooden practice sword to play with and began
training as a Ghylie Beag, the first stage of Riddari training.  I loved
the training. At that early age the training is designed to be like play, I
imagined meself fighting alongside all our champions and heroes.  As a
child, all the toys I was given were meant to inspire me as a warrior. As
Ghylie Beag, I was given duties aboard the ship to help me foster da; had
we been on the Isle, I would have done the same tasks for the Rigs's and
the Riddari Warriors. Since I was raised aboard a smuggling ship most of
the time, the training was adapted to fit our situation. I would practice
with that sword for several hours a day. I received basically the same
education all children on the Isle receive, except that I had lessons with
a tutor, who was of course, a Bard. With all the swordplay, lessons and
duties to do for Barad, there was not too much time to just play, but I
never felt deprived; the whole ship was my playground. I had the run of it
as long as I didn't push any buttons or pull any levers. 
When I was old enough I was given a real sword with blunted edges to train
with and in time, was given the real thing, sharp edges and all. I was
never shouted at when I made mistakes in weapons training, I did have to
repeat the drills until I had basic moves down perfectly; but that was to
insure that when me life depended on it I could fight without having to
think about it. I was trained to be fast and accurate with a blaster and
ships cannons as well.  I dinna like using a blaster, it always felt
strange in my hand; the sword always felt like part of me. I was thoroughly
schooled in the arts of smuggling, and spent many hours manning the ships
Through the years, I were treated like a young warrior and expected to
think and behave like one. I were expected to follow the Riddari honor code
even though I had not yet sworn the oath."

At this point of the discussion, Kirienne pulled a dagger from a sheath
worn at the small of her back. As she placed it on the table, the beautiful
Sidhe workmanship nearly overwhelmed the bard and scribe, who were not of
full Sidhe blood. 
	"Look intae the blade so that I might show you a thing insteada
tell ye," Kirienne gently commanded. Using her Sidhe magic, she proceeded
to share with them a vision, a flashback of memory.
Her two guests obeyed her command and gazed deeply at the blade. The scene
began to take shape --** A smallish youth stood before the tall, well
muscled, much experienced Riddari Armsmaster. The man spoke kindly yet
firmly to the youth, "Lay on child, I would see what ye have been taught."
Their blades crossed time and time again, the youth met most slashes and
thrusts with blacks and parries, even getting in some good attack moves
which seemed to surprise the battle- seasoned armsmaster. Both combatants
took bruising blows with the practice weapons that were made to mimic in
weight and feel, the real greatswords used by the Riddari Warriors. The
strain on young muscles was obvious as the youth fought desperately to
remain standing.  After a long quarter of an hour, the armsmaster called a
halt to the session, praising the youth. "Hold, ye have done well lass. Ye
dinna let me put ye on your arse no even one time. Ye are no longer a
child, ye are now to be known as young warrior." **
The scene faded away from her blade, and Kirienne continued with her story.
"That is what befell me on the first trip back to the Isle after me foster
da was killed, and I found Jarek, me true sire. From tha day on, Jarek
treated me like a warrior, and I was expected to act like one, no matter
what. Me training continued daily with Jarek, aboard the Star Chaser.
Along with masterin me skills as pilot and gunner, I were taught the finer
points of smugglin, the makin of deals and seeing to the arrangements and
the like. I was taught navigation, both the ancient way, and the modern. I
learned, also, to shoot an arrow with a greatbow. Da showed me more than
once that it was possible to pick off a stormtrooper in full armor, if your
aim was true. When I was sixteen winters old, I was gifted with a fine
greatsword, forged on the Isle, made special for me. To this day it hangs
with me other blades. 
When I was eighteen winters, me da, Jarek, were ' killed' in a battle. Me
training continued under Tylen, who was his co-pilot, and is now me
life-bonded husband; he was already a full Riddari Warrior and Bard. He was
usually brutal tae meself in practice and to this day, I thank him for it.
Then came the day, many years later, when we finally had the time to come
home for the entire nine day Summer Solstice festival. There was finally
enough time for me to go through alla intense testing I had to pass in
order to become a Knighted Riddari Warrior.
The testing of a prospective Riddari Warrior is spread out over several
days it is intense and thorough.  The first test had me standing for many
hours before the gathered Righ Council, reciting story after story of our
heroes and history. I also had to answer many questions about the Riddari
honor code, the history of the Isle and the Riddari.
The most difficult part about that was that I ha only the very basic of
bardic training and it is quite stressful trying to recall the legends in a
time span of a few seconds. Now that I look back on it, the natural bardic
talents I possess as Sidhe came to the fore and I easily passed those tests
with the same score as the bardic students. Once I passed this test to the
satisfaction of the Righ's, I had to endure the formal lists, which is
actually the most difficult of the tests. It is the formal weapons and
combat testing. The lists were my favorite of the testing, and the event I
scored the highest on. I was surprised that I were the only one of the
prospective Riddari standing at the end of the grand melee; all others
remaining upright were seasoned warriors with many years experience. For
those who dinna ken, the 'lists' is an event open to public viewing,
indeed, the spectator areas are full to capacity to watch the display of
combat. It is an event in which the Riddari display their fighting skills
in various contests competing against each other. Warriors not yet knighted
may have to fight Knights with many years experience, or you may fight
someone equal to you in experience. The match up is determined by luck of
the draw. Nothing is held back in these displays of fighting skill. The
final event of the lists is the 'grand melee', --all warriors charge the
field at once as if it were a real battle.
	After all the tests are completed, a feast was held in honor of
those who were to receive the accolade. After the feast came the Knight's
Vigil when all who were to be knighted made their way to places held sacred
by the Riddari and the Sidhe. There in those places, we spent the entire
night in contemplation of what it would mean to swear our oaths and what it
would mean to finally become Riddari.  The vigil is kept in absolute
silence.  For the vigil, each warrior to receive the accolade is allowed to
have at his or her side one who is already Riddari; naturally I chose
Tylen. We went to the Ring of Stones in the SidheKing Forest. I would show
you that night rather than just tell you, so look you into me blade once
again, and see for yerself."
	Bard and scribe again looked intently at the blade of Kirienne's
dagger, they saw another flashback of her memory. They saw Tylen sitting
off to the side, with his back against one of the stone pillars, softly
playing his clarsach (wire strung small harp). The scene changed rapidly to
show Kirienne sitting in the center of the 'Ring'.  She sat stone still,
cradling her greatsword in her arms. It appeared that she was either very
deep in thought or in the midst of a  'seeing'.  She was dressed in dark
green open tunic over a lighter green shirt, brown leggings and soft
leather shoes the same green as her tunic, the laces wrapped loosely around
her ankles.  The scene in the blade faded from view and Kirienne continued
telling the tale.
	"I stayed in that position for the whole of the night, no saying a
word, no having even a small sip of ale.  At dawn Tylen led me to a place
deep in the forest where I had tae show myself to me king, who has final
say over who is to receive the accolade.  The Riddari Warriors are his, we
are sworn to obey his laws and commands. He had remained hidden from view,
but had watched all the testing and all of the vigils. 
	Finally the time came on the actual High Feast of Solstice that we
were given the accolade. I would again have ye watch the blade and see how
it was, for I dinna have the words to properly describe what that honor
 	 Again, they watched as the dagger's blade showed them what
Kirienne was remembering of the event that took place in the Great Hall of
the Righ Council Keep. **The Righ Council was seated on the dais along with
their personal guards and Bards.  The Armsmaster stood at the back of the
hall- almost to the massive wooden doors.  Kirienne stood calmly at his
side.  She nearly glowed with pride of her accomplishment.  She was dressed
in what the warriors call 'sleeves', the belted tunic with the huge bag
like sleeves; her tunic was a deep crimson in color, with embroidered trim
in gold and silver, she like the other warriors wore no trews. The belted
tunic reached to a few inches above her knees.  The belt was of very soft
yet sturdy leather with colorful knot work designs stamped into it.  Over
the tunic, she wore the doublet like Ionar; it's sleeved untied and hanging
open.  It's fine embroidery was partially hidden by her long hair.  She was
noticeably naked of weapon; her sword and daggers would be formally
presented to her after she swore her oath of fealty to the Righ's.  The two
of them walked slowly down the length of the hall.  Once in the presence of
the Righ's, she gave a nod of reverance and approached them closer.  She
was given a mether filled with mead, the ancient sealer of oaths and drank
deeply before swearing her oath.  She swore her oath as she held the
ceremonial greatsword of her clan.  She stood motionless, the huge sword
held high, it's blade pointing to the rafters of the hall; she spoke loudly
and clearly as she swore "I Kirienne, do swear upon this sword and me honor
that I will do the bidding of Himself, as one of his Riddari Warriors.  I
swear tae champion those what canna fight for themselves and I will use my
skills as a warrior to stand against evil and tyranny.  I will, when called
upon in need, take up arms to defend the Isle of Rionnag as well as alla
other Highland territories of Corellia.  I will remain with honor at all
times e'en should it mean me death.  Battles I will fight with fairness and
chivalry and ne'er will I attack an unarmed opponent. I will remain true to
this oath for as long as I live."**
	The vision in the blade faded away as Kirienne refilled their mugs.
She drank deeply of ale and continued. " After I swore me oath, I was
lightly struck three times on each shoulder and upon me head with the sword
of me Clan Righ.  I was given the title of Riddari Warrior and all
privileges and responsibilities that go with it.  Me surcoat was draped
over me head and alla me weapons were strapped to meself by those that had
long been Riddari.  I turned and gave the assembled guests a salute with me
sword then turned to again face me chieftain who placed the torc of rank
and status around me neck.  When the accolade ceremony was over, meself and
all the other newly knighted Riddari were taken in armed procession to
Waylend's Grove deep in the forest, where we swore oaths of fealty to the
SidheKing.  I still remember every word of that oath, ' Me 
Ard Righ, this day I do pledge fealty to yourself and take you as me Liege
Lord.  I pledge to use sword and life in your service.'
	Once we'd sworn our oaths of fealty, we returned to the great hall
where a grand feast awaited us.  The festivities spilled out into the
bailey and out the outer walls themselves into the surrounding glen.  It
was dawn of the next morn before Tylen and meself made our way to our
pavilion, which was set up just inside the border of the forest.  After
forty-eight hours of tests, oaths and ceremony, no to mention all the
feasting, drinking, and dancing, I was indeed ready to sleep."

	"Milady", the Bard Fain spoke softly as he took Kirienne's hand in
his and kissed it softly.  "Me thanks to you for sharing so much of your
personal memories."  He released her hand and she poured them all another
mug of the rich nut-flavored dark ale.  She summoned the wood-sprite
servants and the young Ghylie Beags' to bring in the meal she'd had the
kitchen staff prepare for her self and her guests.  As they ate, she told
the next part of her story.

	Kirienne and her guests sat back in their chairs and adjusted their
positions slightly for comfort; she'd mentioned that her story was 'no so
short'.  Fain noted the 'far-away' look in Kirienne's eyes as she
	"I'm told that the Jedi training I had were no the usual. I was not
taught under formal circumstances, and I was not an apprentice to anyone.
Most of the training I was given came from Luke Skywalker and the ancient
Jedi Warrior/Knight Gylpyn Cairbre; some of it, came from data holos me da
had made.  Me earliest Jedi training came while I was in the brig of the
Alliance medical frigate. I were there, as a patient but became prisoner
when I attacked the Baron Calrissian.  I blamed him for the hurts done to
Luke and Han while they were on Bespin. Ya see, I had 'seen as well as
felt' every torture done to them there.  When the Falcon landed, I was
ready. I came out of hiding as soon as Lando started to walk down the ramp.
I was hauled off to the brig and somehow, the Force itself told Luke about
me. He dinna even allow himself to be fully de-briefed before he came to
see me.  He said he'd been guided. E'en though I had me back to the door of
the dark cell, I 'felt' his approach. We'd spent a little time together on
a mission or two, but didn't know each other well at all. Look ye once more
intae me blade and see that meeting."
	**Kirienne used her magic to enable the bard and scribe to see yet
another flashback of her past. They looked into the blade and watched as
Luke keyed the cell door. He heard her before he saw her sitting on the
floor of the pitch-dark cell. "Skywalker, why do ye come here? Ye'd be
better served by a medic than a crazy Corellian fighter pilot." Luke
illuminated the cell and looked at her face, when he looked at her pewter
grey eyes, he suddenly felt a surge of power come from her; a power he'd
never felt before on any of their previous meetings, a power that seemed
strangely ancient and somehow familiar yet different.  He crouched to her
side and spoke "Kirienne, I am a Jedi Knight now.  What is this strange
power I feel, could it be that you are… the Force and something else
flows so strongly around and through you.  You must be trained in its' use.
We must somehow get you trained before the Empire finds out about you."
While Luke gazed into her eyes, he felt himself starting to feel as if in a
trance, he forced himself to look away, breaking the contact. Kirienne
reached out and took his one hand in hers and poured out her pain, fear and
confusion. "Ye were tricked lad, by tha man all in black who wore the
battle helm on head and face. He tortured Han and encased him in a metal
and gave him tae the bounty hunter" Luke was stunned, no one except Leia,
Chewbacca and Lando should know the details of what had happened on Bespin,
but this Corellian fighter pilot did, somehow she knew. "Kirienne, how do
you know these things?" He asked.  She started to sob softly as she told
him. "Och, Laddie, I saw, as well as felt, every hurt done." 
	Luke glanced around the small cell and saw some of the things she'd
been allowed to have, as well as a few items that were no doubt smuggled
in. There was some food, mostly bread and cheese, some gaming dice, playing
cards and a flask, which he didn't think contained water.  He called the
objects to him and began levitating them as he started to teach Kirienne
about the Force. **
	The vision faded from the blade and Kirienne continued to tell her
tale. "Luke showed me how to relax every muscle of me body and how tae
control even the blinking of me eyes. Finally, he showed me how to levitate
a few things. Wi effort, I found me dice and cards floatin in the air. I
couldna see much sense in levitatin cards and dice, so I tried something
useful, I visualized every component of the cells locking device and
suddenly, it was opened-unlocked. Luke made me promise not to escape; he
said it'd no be honorable, so I gave him me word. He left me to practice
while he went for more medical treatment, he told me that as soon as
scheduled permitted, he'd take me to Dagobah and train me. 
	A few months later, I found meself flying me A-wing tae the place
Luke called Dagobah.  The dense foggy mist surrounding the planet was no
hard for me tae see through, for I ha no trouble seeing e'en when it's
fully dark out.  I think I impressed the lad wi me landing. Although I
shouldna been able ta see more than the tops of the trees, I saw everything
verra clearly through the mist and I set me ship down as nice as could be
-- on dry land. I remembered Luke telling me one time, how he'd crashed his
X-wing intae the swamp. Well, I think he told me anyway, maybe I "saw it",
since I've always had "The Sight". 
Anyway, Dagobah be a hellhole if ever there was one, when we   arrived, I
was immediately disheartened. The place be a swamp, a dirty, slimy, smelly
swamp.  Now, I've been in many a battle where conditions were rude, but at
least I'd always had me proper ship, the StarChaser, with me so I could at
least bathe and sleep in me own soft bed.  Luke had forbidden me to bring
any ship except my A-wing.  I'm sure if looks could kill, I'da murdered the
lad many times o'er in the time span of our first hour in tha Sidhe
forsaken place.  No only did bugs crawl up me legs, fly at me face, try tae
take up residence in me hair, but a snake slithered right o'er me boot,
causin me tae nearly jump outta me own skin.  There was swamp as far as I
could see, which be verra far.  No green or purple hills or bonny glenn of
forest, just slimy swamp. 
"Luke," I said to me teacher, "If ya think I'll be bathin in tha water, yer
crazy."  He smiled at me as if I were a confused child and dared to reply,
" No, it would not be wise to bathe there.  You'll have to forgo that
luxury for now, as well as many others."
Tha first day, we spent most of our time makin our camp, such as it were;
the rudest camp I ha e'er in alla me days yet seen.  He expected me tae
sleep ona hard ground in a wee tent, no longer than meself when I be layin
down.  We were tae ha no cozy fire either, just a hint of one just big
enough tae boil a pot of stew over.  After we set up camp, he dragged me on
a run 'round the swamp wi him.  Stars it were amazing how much ground there
were tae cover, I thought I'd die of exhaustion when we got back tae our
'lovely' camp.  Dinner was another shock, this teacher o'mine was daft, he
boiled weeds for our meal, weeds -no meat, no roots, just weeds.  I was
glad I'd packed ship rations which I detest, but tae me kennin they were
better than weeds. After we ate our meal, he put me through a few mental
drills -levitatin things like twigs and rocks and then he had the bloody
nerve tae send me tae bed like a child.  Stars I hated tha man then.  We
rose before dawn for another brisk run around
'paradise', then we spent the day climbin trees, swingin from vines, and
levitatin rocks.  This was the days work for many long days, no once in
alla the first two weeks did I see any light saber, or any other any weapon
for that matter.  The only thing what made it bearable were the sight o'
Skywalker.  He be a bonny lad, doncha ken.  He were quite a bonny lookin
warrior wi a glistening of sweat and smudges of dirt upon him, some days it
were all I could do to keep me mind ona drills, and offa him.  
	Most wha he were telling me, I dinna ken.  It made no sense, he
were askin the impossible of meself.  It seemed tae mean so much to him for
me tae be trained tha I let him think I had kennin of what I were tae do.
There was this old warrior who would come to me after I were in bed, it was
sorta like a dream but was real -for I could reach out and touch him; he
told me I was from the line of the ancients, then he explained in the
ancient tongue of Rionnag wha Luke had been telling me.  He seemed tae ken
all about me and me home world. I thought he was one of the Fair Folk but
he said he wasna.  When he explained tae me in words I could ken, alla
Luke's teaching, it made more sense and I were able tae do the drills.
	Luke was patient but firm, he scolded many times when I were in
playful moods and couldna shake them.  It was to be all work and no play
while we were there, 'cause we'd no been given long leave tae see to me
training.  Finally I got to train wi the light saber, but e'en that made
Luke frustrated.  He was glad I caught on so fast, and why shouldn't I
since I ha used swords from the time I was wee, but I destroyed his
targeting remotes in seconds.  I did what he'd said to do, but he wasn't
expecting me tae do it so fast.  I ken he was not sure what to do with me
after that, he told me he'd ne'er met anyone like me before.  Anyway, I
ended up leavin Dagobah without Luke.  I got so frustrated and was feeling
such a failure; I just left and went back tae the base.  As I left, he told
me I'd be back.  I dinna listen.
	When I got back tae me quarters on the base, 'the old guy' was
waiting for me.  He is the ancient warrior that had come to my tent to
translate Luke's teachings for me. (Since I know him to be ancient, I call
him the old guy).  He was scolding even as the door whooshed open, telling
me that I couldna run from me destiny and that if I wanted to live much
longer, I needed to trust Luke and treat him the way I would treat the
Riddari Armsmaster. Finally, after going on a long while, he told me in
words I fully understood, that I had to 'string me bow and sharpen me
blades, and that I had to above all else, keep me aim true'. He told me he
would complete me training if I would go back to Dagobah, alone. 
I dinna even want to hear the word Dagobah, so I sulked -a thing I had
never before done. 
	A few weeks later, Luke came to see me, he had a gift for me; it
was an old box he'd found at a bazaar-it contained some very surprising
objects, a practice light saber that had belonged to me Da, and a
holo tape he had made for me, just before he'd fought his last battle. 
Luke had taken the liberty to turn the practice saber into a fully
functioning and lethal weapon, it was made of materials he'd never seen
before and felt strange to his hand. When I took the saber, it felt like
part of me somehow and felt oddly familiar. I now know that this was
because the weapon is made of the fair-metal, one of the few the alloys
that willna burn those of Sidhe blood.  He told me he'd also arranged leave
time for me to go back to Dagobah, alone. 
	Well, I did go back tae that swamp, it'll ne'er be said tha
ran from a challenge. I swore an oath on tha light-saber tha I would show
Luke a thing or two, and I would be a Jedi Knight.  I spent two exhausting
weeks there; training like me life depended on it. I have always kept
myself battle ready, but during that time, something seemed to come to life
inside me that had lain dormant for so long; I felt a strange surging of
powers and I 'knew' somehow, that there was more to it than just the Force.
The 'old guy' beamed with pride as I tried to explain the sensation to him,
he told me I 'would know all that I needed to know, in due time,' I know
now that it was the awakening of my stronger Sidhe powers. 
What I did not learn from my da's holo, or remember from Luke's teachings,
the 'old guy' taught me. He told me that I was from the most
'ancient line of warriors', and that fighting style would soon find me if I

just allowed things to 'happen according to the spinning of the wheel.'
	At the end of two weeks, I sent for Luke, he was not far away
-about a day's flight; he had brought me unit SilverFlight and they were in
orbit. When he arrived in the Silver's shuttle, I gave the lad a bit of a
surprise. I was sitting in the open hatchway of the StarChaser, levitating
several wee glasses of long-aged Corellian brandy, I dinna even spill a
drop. Luke said he could feel the control I had. He admitted that he'd had
a vision of me being strongly confronted by the dark side, and that I had
not given into it's luring ways even though in the vision, it meant me
death. He said that's when he knew I was a Jedi and all that remained was
the formal knighting and oath taking. 
	I was formally knighted at one of the gatherings at the neutral
Port Lansing; there minutes after my knighting that had been attended by
curious Imperial and Rebel alike, I was given a compliment by way of a
threat. A mighty foe had told me to "enjoy knighthood my dear, it won't
last long." Well, truly I think it lasted far longer than he hoped. 

	Now, many years later, I ken that it was nae me Da's dan (fate) to
become a Jedi, it was his though, to see that his daughter had a weapon
meant for one of her blood, and to see that she was fully trained. 
Well there me friends, ye have in as much detail as I can remember, the 
Riddari and Jedi training and the double knighting of Kirienne."

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