The Knight Road
by R. J. Miller

Kaliandra Daroa sat in dark corner in the back of the run down Cantina. She sat with her hood pulled up over her head to conceal her face. Her contact was to meet her here. Things were afoot in the galaxy and she needed to find out exactly what they were.

She had left Yaven just a few weeks before with a mission that was to be her last as Master Alidaís Padawan. If she could complete it, she would complete her training and reach the rank of Knight.

She sighed and sipped her drink. The water was stale, but drinkable, if pricey. Water was almost a luxury on this dry dust ball of a planet. Sehhera was drier than Tatooine if that were possible. It had once been an Imperial fuel depot, but no longer. It was just one of thousand other world abandon and dying. Now the only life was from the smugglers and other scum that used it as place to warehouse goods on the way to the black market.

She saw a Trandoshan working his way toward the back of the Cantina. "Greetings," he hissed.

She nodded in response.

"I have come as you asked. I have the information you seek."

She nodded again and held out her hand.

The Trandoshan shook his head. "Payment first."

Kali repressed a sigh and slid and data pad toward him. "Youíll find everything in order," she said.

The alien scooped up the data pad and scrutinized it closely and then nodded. "This will do." He rummaged around in the over sized coat he wore and pulled out a grimy looking data cube. "And this is for you."

Kali took the data cube and fed it into a reader. She glanced over the contents and then nodded. "Thank you."

The Trandoshan grinned toothily. "A pleasure."

She looked up at him and drew tightly on the Force. "You donít remember being here," she said with a subtle gesture of her hand. "You donít remember meeting with me."

He stared at her a moment and then repeated. "I donít remember being here. I donít remember meeting you."

She nodded. "Go on about your day."

He turned on his heel and wondered off.

Kaliandra looked down at the information she now held. This would do for a good starting place. This would do just fine.

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