Tor and Sandy

By John Medkeff

This story occured a few years before the first movie.

Palpatine entered the Audience Chamber, followed by a subchamberlain 
and two Red Guards.

Lord Koross Mathem knelt as the door opened, and waited. 

Palpatine surveyed the room for a moment. "I wish to speak to Lord Koross 
alone." He sat on the Throne.

The chamberlain and guards departed.

He motioned for Koross to rise. "I have seen in the Force that you have made 
an important discovery. One best kept secret.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I have found Maialin Kai."

"Excellent. Where is she now?"

"Unfortunately I was late. A foolish governor had her executed. I missed 
saving her by an hour."

"That is inconvenient. I assume you have punished him?"

"Not yet." Koross replied, "I have one more use for him."

The Emperor paused to think. "I believe she was pregnant when she 
disappeared. The child would be twenty now. What of him?"

"There were four children. I was able to rescue two of them. The boy Torin 
is twenty, the girl Tarna is five." Koross answered.

"And the Force?"

"Strong in both."

"Good, what arrangements have you made for their education?"

"Tarna is young and will come easily to the Darkside."

"And the boy?" Palpatine asked. "He is old enough to be a problem."

"I left him in the Lass' arms. They are finding each other's company quite 
agreeable, and I gave him the stormtoopers who killed his parents to play 
with." Koross held out his hand and a package flew to it from the table. "I 
have film here of his first lessons. You may find them amusing. He broke 
one over his mother's tombstone."

Palpatine took the box. "I like him already. Keep me informed of his progress." 
He thought for a moment. "I assume you are saving the errant governor for 
his graduation?"


"Good, and what of my dear Sandy."

"Tami and I look forward to grandchildren."

"Good, love and revenge. They will tie him to us forever. Tell Sandy I look 
forward to presiding at her wedding."

"I will Grand Master."

"Palpatine stood. "Now we must attend to the council

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