Leaving No Stone Unturned


John Medkeff

Aleia knocked on Sandy’s office door. “May I come in?”

“Did you find anything useful.” Sandy asked.

“No.” Aleia sat down. “I don’t think it’s the same virus they have on Yaven. But it might be a different strain, of the same basic line. Ours is only half as virulent. Of course our data from Yaven isn’t great. What ever it is I’ve never seen it before.”

“Show what me you have.” Sandy suggested.

”Here’s the DNA sequence.” Aleia began. Placing a data cube in Sandy’s computer.

Two hours later Aleia leaned back in her chair. “That’s it. Everything we know about the virus.”

“It may be enough. I know one more place to look.” Sandy replied. “Go, take charge of our patients. “

“There’s not much to do,” Aleia commented as she stood up.

Once Aleia had left the room Sandy got up, went to the wall behind her desk. She placed her hand on the wall, and reached into it with the Force, found the switch and threw it. After a few seconds the wall panel slid away revealing a control panel. She typed a code into it then she reached inside with the Force and entered another code on a hidden keypad. That done she closed the wall panel and returned to her desk.

Back in her seat she spent the next three minutes working her way into the deepest reaches of the Imperial Medical Data base.

Her screen lit up.


It said.

You must have a level 0 medical clearance to use this database.

Sandy entered her name with all its attached titles in Sith and followed by the first names of her children. Then she sat back and waited.

Two minutes later the screen changed. It said in Sith:

Welcome Lady Cassandra Mathem-Steele.

What can data can this unit retrieve for you?

She sent it the DNA record from the virus. “Is this virus in your database?”


“Send me the entire file.” She commanded.

“The requested data is being sent now.” The database replied.

“Thank you.” She typed. “Break this connection when you’ve completed this task.”

Sandy got up, crossed the room and poured herself a cup of kaf. Then she went to check on her patients.

When she returned five minutes later the transfer was complete. She sat down and started to read the menu. The fourth item was treatment. She read for half an hour. Then she reached for the desk com unit.

“Drug factory, what can I do for you, my lady?”

“Dr. Torgau and I will be joining you presently. I’m sending your computer a formula. Start preparing to produce it.

“As you wish, my lady.”

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