Never Know Who is Listening

by Ginna Wilcoxen, Dora Furlong

Aella Skott sat at the computer there was a strange signal that kept
popping up. Again she couldn't make out what they were saying or
where it was coming from. The most frustrating part was not being
able to lock it down. So far it eluded all her current programming.
Aella toyed with the idea of telling the director that she just
couldn't crack the code yet she refused to give up after all the
Alliance couldn't afford anyone to give up. And she owed them so
much, a chance to help the oppressed and a chance to stop the Empire.
Regardless of what most people thought the Empire was still a threat
as well as their allies.

Branwyn entered the work area and studied Aella, she could tell the
Officer was frustrated. "What is wrong?" She inquired.  "The
frequency keeps shifting. It's like this signal knows I'm close and
it lets me get so far before they alter it." Aella wasn't sure if she
liked admitting defeat of admitting she was being bested by some
unknown Imperial sympathizer.

Branwyn frowned, then nodded, "Is there a possibility they might know
you are monitoring, or could this just be their standard operating

She wasn't sure how they would know they were specifically being
monotored, but then again with this crew, they most likely assumed
they were always being watched.  Aella sat back and let out a sigh.
It was a thought she didn't like to entertain, but then again who
wanted to admit they were fallible. "It's possible though unlikely.
If it's standard operating procedures, sooner or later it will have a
repetition. Though I do rule out the fact that they know of my
monitoring. If I was discovered, my own programs would make it seem
like a self diagnosis."

Branwyn considered Skott's words carefully, she wasn't sure if their
quarry would see it as a self diagnostic, but then she trusted her
tech, she was good. Very good. And if they were going to catch this
group, it would require the best and full support to the best. "Is
there anything further you require? Information? Resources?"

"So far I've come to the conclusion that the transmissions are
Imperial in nature." Aella shook her head. "Looking for an opening is
like looking for a needle in the hay stack. I wonder if the Jedi
could even find this needle." Branwyan laughed. "Fortunately for us
then you are not a Jedi." Aella smiled, even though she trusted the
Jedi and their abilities she trusted her abilities better. "True. I
do trust my abilities better than some unseen force. I can at least
control circuits."

"Yes, yes you can." Branwyn agreed. Do you need any futher support
from Intel or any other branch of the Alliance?"

Aella considered the offer, but decided that too many hands in one
project ruined the odds of success. "Do you have any idea of whose
transmissions I'm looking for? Or any content?" Aella asked. "Or are
we just hoping for something interesting."

The General shook her head. "No we don't know who the they belong to,
but we need to find what we can." It wasn't a complete omisison of
the truth, they knew the origination of the tranmsisison. Just not
exactly which one of the Imperials had sent them.

"A challenge?" Aella mused. "I like that." She paused looking back at
her panel. She had a feeling that the Director wasn't fully being
honest with her, but then again it could be for safety purposes
also.  There was risk of being discovered, and with that being
captured.  "They've changed the freq again, but this time it looks
like they went back to one they've used before."

"Well, keep McGee and I briefed." She turned to leave, then added,
"And let us know if you need assistance with anything."

"I will Ma'am." Aella nodded listening to the series of sounds that
were coming across her panel

"Good, is there anything further you wish to cover?"

"Not at this time, but I will alert you when I have something."

Branwyn nodded. "Very good then Captain, I shall leave you to your
work." "Thank you General." Aella turned back to her work and tried
to pin point where the Imperial signal was coming from. Listening
closely to the series of beeps and codes Aella attempted to make
sense of them hoping to find a name or contact. Anything that would
help her flush out her prey.

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