Medenna's Rejection

By Amanda Wilcoxen, Ginna Wilcoxen and Phadrea Whitlock

More fun time in the tanks, or you can never dream enough. 

Medenna moved smoothly in the training area her teachers had told her that 
her acrobatic skills needed work. 
Her friend Ira Leb'r was there helping her work on her movements. 

"Come on Medenna, you're not concentrating." Ira complained as she threw 
Medenna into a corner. 

"I am concentrating, just not good enough." 

Ira sat down and crossed her legs. "You've been different since you met that 
older Jedi. You need to pay attention or you won't pass any of the tests." 

"Octavia is a good friend and I might be going with her shortly." 

"Going? ... going where?" Ira asked. 

"She's going to meet some friends. I'm not sure where she's going yet, but 
it'll be interesting to see what she was like before she came here." 

"Why would she take you with her? She hardly knows you?" 

"That will change." Medenna answered with a smirk. "She's going to need me, 
I have a feeling." 

Ira chuckled and rose to her feet. "Keep dreaming, she's busy and she's 
older than you. What would possess her to take any child, let alone you 
along with her?" 

"I just know that's all." Medenna watched as her friend left the exercise 
room. Why did some of the children look at her like was an outsider? Just 
because she acted differently? Medenna turned to leave the room and stopped 
when she thought she saw a shadow in the corner, it had to be the sun 

Stepping out into the sun Medenna looked around the area. Everything seemed 
to be in order ... yet ... yet she felt that she had done this before. 
Marking it up to her confusing her visions with reality Medenna went looking 
for Octavia. 

Walking toward the glen where she was use to seeing Octavia she found the 
woman practicing with her lightsaber. 

"Hi Octavia." Medenna said coming into the open field. 

Octavia turned and looked at Medenna, a shadow seem to pass over her face. 
"Done with your classes so soon?" 

Medenna nodded. "Just came from practice. You seem to be getting better 
with the saber." 

Octavia nodded. "I've always used it, but I'm starting to feel how it's 
suppose to become part of you." Sitting down Octavia looked at Medenna. 
"Why, do you seem so obsessed with me?" 

Medenna looked at her eyes widening. "ME? Obsessed?" Octavia nodded. "I 
just feel like you need a friend." 

Octavia placed her saber back on her belt. "I admit we are the same in many 
ways. But you have over four years of training already, and I am trying to 
catch up to you." 

"You'll do it. You have the ability if you would just give into it." 

"Medenna, I don't know what you are hoping for. A friend I will be, but 
that's all." 

"And I'll be yours. Heard you're going to meet some friends of yours." 

Octavia smiled. "Yes, My former Captain." 

"Let me go with you?" 

"NO!" Octavia rose. "Absolutely not." 

"I won't get in the way." Medenna said quickly. "Who knows I might be 

Octavia studied the girl carefully. "No, the ship I served on is no place 
for children." 

"What are you saying?" Medenna asked fearing what she was going to hear. 

"I might not be coming back." Octavia answered. "The life here is so quiet 
and the time on the Electra was fast paced." 

Medenna's heart fell, she had seen so many of her friends move on either in 
training or with other friends they made. No one stayed around for long, 
some had even quiet to go back to what they had been doing before. 
"Leaving?" Medenna asked. 

Octavia nodded. "I've got to get ready to leave. I'll leave you to 

Medenna watched as Octavia walked away. Looking down on the ground Medenna 
saw Octavia's lightsaber laying there. "Octavia!" Medenna called and watched 
as Octavia seemed to disappear. 

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