A Meeting of Interest

By Phaedra Whitlock & LadyViper

Takes place right after media

S'Lara sat in her office, watching the patrons of Griffon's Luck.
A soft tone alerted her to an incoming message. One of her many
contacts had informed her that a meeting was desired with her.
When she had been told this same message over and over by her
other associates, she figured it was worth the time to just see WHO
was so interested in locating her. She pumped information from the
contacts on this mysterious person. She had become more cautious,
on whom she spoke with, too much had happen lately.
Finally, after exhausting all associates for information,
she took the contact code.

Blocking her location, she set up an untraceable secured
channel. S'Lara waited for the connection to make its final checks
and get routed through to its ultimate destination. As the full holo
appeared, S'Lara knew right off it was Raven, the Emperor's
daughter. If not by her face then certainly by her stance and
clothing. S'Lara wondered, Why can't these people just leave
my family alone? What could they possibly want now?

"What can I do for you?" S'Lara asked firmly.

Raven smiled, not really a smile but it could pass for one.
"I wish to speak with you, in person if you can find the time to
do so. It is regarding something important."

S'Lara raised an eyebrow. "What could be that important you
would wish to speak to me?"

"Will you meet with me? I am in transit. It would not be difficult to
meet with you." Raven finally stated.

S'Lara thought for a few moments "Alone! No guards."

Raven looked about to laugh, but stifled it.
"Of course."
"My choice of location " S'Lara stated flatly.
"I believe I already said that."

S'Lara gave a location she felt safe with, an out of way location.
One of her warehouses she had set up for just these kinds of meetings.

Raven looked away a moment then gave a time she could arrive there.
"In a day?"
"So be it." S'Lara calmly accepted.

Raven canceled the channel. S'Lara stared at the blank screen.
Did she really want to meet up with this Sith?

S'Lara was at warehouse an hour early, everything set up,
the whole place was force dampened. Stepping back into the
shadows,she waited. She watched on closed circuit cameras as
Raven entered only a half hour early. She was dressed like any
spacer who was currently outrunning her debts and carried a visible
blaster holstered. She seemed to be alone. She watched as Raven
walked into the warehouse then, step back out and walked the perimeter.

Raven opened her comlink, said a few words then re-cliped it to her
belt and entering inside through the side door.

Stepping from the shadows, S'Lara kept a good distance from her.

"Paranoia?" Raven queried.
"Always in my business."
"What business is that." Raven questioned.

S'Lara didn't like how that was asked, surely this Sith wasn't
that stupid. More like she was being pumped for info. Unlike her
slightly naive son, she wasn't about to fall in to that trap. "You
know perfectly well. I won't play your games. Now ...
what did you wish to discuss? Or is this a waste of my time."
S'Lara snapped.

"I wasn't playing games, but now I'm wondering what you have
against me." Raven said in cool tones.

"I am very cautious in with dealing with any Sith or Force User.
I don't trust any of them. Now on to business.
What Can I do for you?" S'Lara was cautious.

Shrugging Raven moved closer, opened a notepad, typed in a
sequence, and handed it to S'Lara. "It has a timer on it and as
the numbers go up, the credit transfer form does also. It only
needs your OK and account destination. This is in regard to your son."
Raising an eyebrow, S'Lara looked at the pad and the amount of
credits, for her time. Even though she wasn't sure she wanted
to deal with this woman she entered the destination codes, then
entered authorization code. "What bout my son." S'Lara's tone
was strong, firm and menacing.

"I presume you know he was in a relationship with Psylocke Lamashta.
That he was brought before the Emperor and used as an object
lesson to her?" Raven calmly informed.

"Yes I was so informed" S'Lara stated drily

"I understand that she broke up with him. I know she returned
shortly and announced her loyalty to my father. True so far?"
S'Lara stepped back from Raven. "I know of the break up, as for
her announcing her loyalty, I'm not interested."

"You should be. Your son has decided they are not broken up."

S'Lara almost laughed. She smiled "SO, what makes you say this?"

"Psylocke belongs to the Emperor now. He will not give her up
and if Lon pursues her, he will be dealt with by the Emperor,
if not Psylocke herself. My father is a big one for loyalty tests."
Raven looked UN-amused at S'Lara

"My son isn't interested in her. HE has moved on. The
Emperor can have Psylocke. Lon will not pursue her.
There is no reason to threaten my son for ideas,
you seem to have."

"I spoke to him yesterday. He's sending her flowers."
Raven paused. "I am not threatening him. I told him how
the Emperor's mind works. Now I am telling you. Psylocke
made her choice, and there is no need
for her to drag your son down with her."

"So you say? I see no proof he sent them."

"Have you asked? It doesn't matter. If he will listen to you
and if he is going to pursue her, do what you like but I
know how the Emperor's mind works."

S'Lara smiled, wicked gleam in her eyes. "Maybe I sent them?"

Raven changed her stance. "Then I hope you enjoy watching
your son screaming, I had not thought it of you."

"My son will be fine. And HE isn't after the Emperor's new toy."

"I hope your son IS fine. I know you are paranoid though
most mercenaries are not, but there is no need to attack
someone who thought she was trying to help him."
She reached over taking the credit pad stopping the timer.
"The money is deposited."

Before Raven took the pad S'Lara wiped her access code from it.
"My son is fine.I'm not concerned over the Psylocke incident.
And I have every right to be paranoid. I'm not like most mercenaries"
S'Lara stated tersely. "I haven't attacked you, but you attack my son."
S'Lara paused watching this woman body language.
"IF our business is done, I'll be on my way."

"When did I attack your son?" Raven asked puzzled by the accusation.

"Accusations toward his intentions. Don't judge my son by
his father" S'Lara spat. Knowing she had raised Lon alone
and with no help from Han, she didn't take kindly to anyone
attacking her son.  Raven looks at S'Lara. "I accused him of
nothing. I told you what he told me."

Raven shifted her stance. "I don't mind if you hate me but
have your facts straight and a reason. I don't know you.
I've never harmed you, nor Lon-- nor his father for that matter."

"Then it must be the family line that bothers me the most. I have
no quarrel with you. But I don't think this conversation is taking
us anywhere. I waste my time as well as yours." S'Lara moved back
from the woman.

"Ah then I really am in luck. I'm an orphan and not related at all.
I don't suppose you'd like to explain what the Palpatines have
done to you?"  Raven queried. "I offered to pay for your time though.
--- I thought it only fair."

"No I don't think I'd care to discuss that family, as for paying for my
I'll pass." S'Lara stated firmly.

"As you wish." Raven said turning to leave.

S'Lara moved back into the shadows, disappearing with no trace as
Raven exited the warehouse.

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