Mercenary Politique pt 7

By Courtney Kraft and Dora Furlong

Tara waited for Psylocke to sit, then slowly followed suit. Her every
move, designed to put the other woman at ease. Years of experience
brought to bear. 

Psylocke sat there quietly without eating. 

Tara let her sit there for a bit, then decided to break the ice once
more, time to regain the trust, "Please eat you still need your
nutrition and you do have a meeting with the emperor soon."

"I've lost my appetite." The response was flat.

"I am sorry." Tara reiterated, trying to emphasize her sincerity to
Psylocke. But she simply remained sitting there, quiet. 

Tara let her sit there, apparently the other woman's issues ran
deep. The Emperor would be sure to exploit them. Psylocke was right
about him using her. Indeed, Tara thought to herself, I see a very
depressed person in front of me whom I have just upset and was more
likely than not on the verge of tears. An excellent fighter she now has a lot to
think about before visiting the Emperor. 

Tara remained quiet and continued eating. Respecting Psylockes silence. 
No need to push the issue, the woman would come out of it on her own. 

Psylocke watched her as she continued to eat, glancing once or twice at Topaz

Tara was savoring the each bite, she noticed Psylocke watching her,
"I love strawberries the texture the taste..such a simple pleasure in

"I prefer blueberries myself." She muttered.

"mmmm yes." Tara considered the berry, "An even simpler taste. Not as

"I like the occasional sour ones."

"Ahh yes Pineapple for that is mine." Tara replied happily, "has a
most exquisite sourness, yet still sweet in the end." She paused, then
decided to throw in an allusion, although she doubted Psylocke would pick
up on it, given her current state of mind. Then again it was hard to say,
"A beautiful dichotomy really." 

Psylocke nodded, "Even pleasing to the touch."

"Yes it can be." Tara replied, a little more serious, it was amazing
how much you could learn about a person, even thorough a simple
conversation about fruit.

Tara rose and went to a cupboard bringing back a plate of
chocolate chip cookies. "Now here we go..." She nodded to the plate,
"this is the true nectar of the Galaxy." Tara's eyes twinkled a bit. 

Psylocke chuckled slightly.

"The chocolate is from a small corner of the rim..I understand they
have a special recipe it can be quite addictive" Tara chuckled as she
explained the origins of the chocolate. One of her family's perks,
when you trade as much as the Alderson's did, one tended to find the
small treasures upon occasion.

Psylocke nodded solemnly, staring transfixed at the cookies. "I
haven't had chocolate in a long while."

"Well then high time to break the fast" 

Psylocke chuckled slightly and shook her head.

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