Mercenary Politique, pt 3

By Dora Furlong and Courtney Kraft

Tara saw Lon to her ship. He could have found his own way, since they
had arrived together from Coruscant but, tara preferred to escort him
and have Alexander, her assistant, settle the mercenary in once
again. She requested that, this time around, he restrict his
roamings to the forward lounge area, his quarters, and the cockpit.
As he was well aware, with Psylocke joining them, she was going to
have a full complement this trip.

She was looking forward to getting back to Coruscant. She laughed
quietly to herself. How odd it seemed to once again look forward to
returning to Coruscant.The city planet had been her childhood home.
Raised there practically from birth. Then when she had to flee in
exile...her home had become the family's seat on Shardakour. She
considered it more her home than ever now. But Coruscant would be a
place to rest and recuperate from the past several days and the lack
of sleep. 

Due to the lack of sleep she knew she was not as observant and ready
as she should be. This was one of those rare times she was glad for
her ever present shadow, Topaz. She generally disliked having him at
the edge of her privacy, but now it gave her the peace of mind she

Shaking off her thoughts and the weariness, she rounded the corner to
the medic's station and found the Commander of the Imperial Garrison.
"Commander Krell. How much longer before you will be completely pulled
out of here?"

"Your Highness." He addressed her, "We will be gone within the hour."

Tara smiled at him. The whole scenario had truly played out smoothly.
"Excellent. And what of Cairnfell and Sidra?"

"They are on the transport you requested awaiting your orders." He
reassured her. 

"They will accompany my ship back to Coruscant. Tell them to prepare for
immediate departure." Tara did not bother to wait for his reply. She
headed directly into the medic station and sought out Psylocke Lammashta's

She found the Imperial sitting comfortably, staring off into space.
The girl pays Tara no heed as she picked up her medical chart.
Psylocke is calm and lost in her own thoughts as Tara reads the
sheets. Multiple abrasions on her arms, malnutrition, unhealthy
weight loss, and dehydration. She had read enough. She snapped the
chart closed and replaced it. "Well Captain it seems you are one
determined individual."

Psylocke blinks at the interruption in her thoughts, then replies,
"Thank you."

Tara nods formally, "Are you ready to go home?"

Once again Psylocke blinks, then looks at Tara. She knows she's seen
the woman before, but can't quite put her finger on it. She glances
at the man standing next to her, then straightens up. "I've been
ready to go home for a while now." She glances around, frowns, then
starts combing her hair with her fingers she picks up parts and
starts braiding it.

Tara tries to appear non-plussed by the woman's immediate oddness,
"You can save your grooming for onbaord my ship." She stands back and
indicated for Psylocke to stand, "Please come with me." 

Psylocke's eyes narrowed slightly. She drops her hands down, then jumps out 
of her seat. "Lead the way."

Tara smiles wryly and steps back to make room for Psylocke next to her.
Topaz falls into place behind them. Ever vigilant. 
Psylocke noticed that two Storm Troopers feel into step behind them. 

They walked through the heart of the compound, now being dismantled, to
the far side. It was best to keep the transports and heavy equipment away
from the main 'camp'. Eager to take off, Tara pulled out her comm link,
"Voice Auth Green seven four, pre flight check."

A few minutes later the small crew came upon a medium sized ship.
Psylocke could tell it was meant for long range travel. As they
approached Tara gave the commands, then led them aboard. The two
storm troopers fell back and disappeared. Psylocke almost inquired as
to where they were going, then caught herself. instead she quietly
followed tara through the ship and to her quarters.

"This will be your cabin until we arrive on Coruscant."

Psylocke glances around and nods to her. "Thank you."

Tara returns the nod and shows her where where everything is, "You
should find everything you need here to refresh yourself" She paused
glancing up and down Psylocke once, "We appear to be about the same
size..I'll have some clothes brought to you...I am certain you wish to
be fresh when you meet with the Emperor."

"His Majesty wants to see me so soon?"Psylocke asked in surprise.

Tara simply nodded in response, "I will be sending word upon our arrival. I
will turn you directly over to him at that point."

"Oh...of course. Thank you."

Again tara nods her acknowledgment, "Now if you will excuse me..I
must attend to getting us on our way."

Psylocke nods, and watches Tara begin to leave, "Please forgive me,"
tara remembers," but I am locking your door. This is for your
safety." Psylocke gives her a quizzical look but remains silent;
doubting the other womans words.

True to her word, Psylocke heard the click of the lock as Tara closed the

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