Mercenary Politique Part 4

By Courtney Kraft and Dora Furlong

Psylocke examined the room, looking all over to see what was in
there. It was small to accommodate the size of the ship, but not
uncomfortable. Very pragmatic in design. In the bathroom, she found a
hair brush and brushed the hair out of her face. She started to
french braid it again. "Grooming..." she muttered softly. She
sighed quietly when she had finished and headed back into the main
room. "What to do now..."

After take off and jump to hyperspace a knock came to the door and
Psy heard the click of the lock. A man's voice called out to her
after another soft knock on the door, "Captain Lammashta, I have
brought you some clothes."

Psylocke stood to greet him. "Come in."

A young man she did not recognize entered, carrying several
outfits. He stood about 5'6 and appeared to be late teens to early

"I am Alexander." he introduced himself. 

Psylocke remained still, with her arms at her sides and watched him
carefully. "Thank you Alexander. You can leave them right there,"
she stated, indicating a small table near the door.

He laid out the outfits for her where she indicated. "Is there
anything else I can get for you?"

"A book would be nice. Preferably Kafka."

Alexander considered her request for a moment, "I'll see what I can
do, anything else?"

A grin nearly cracked her stoic expression. "Not right now."

Alexander paused, reacting to the near grin, "Very good then. I
will be back shortly."

Psylocke watched as Alexander left. Wondering how long the aide would
try to search for the book. Picking up the outfits, she headed back
to the bathroom to change. 

Finally Psylocke settled on an outfit and emerged from the bathroom
and dropped down on the couch. "Being cooped up in here is like being
back on Tattooine!"

After 35 minutes another knock on the door, a click of the lock,
then knock again, "Captain Lammashta."

She stood up at the second knock. "Enter!"

Alexander entered with a data pad in his hand. "It took some doing but I managed to download it from the Imperial Library's central databanks."

Psylocke's face immediately lightened. She walked over to him.
"Thank you Alexander! How very kind of you."

Psylocke noticed that by the term 'it' he was referring to probably
the most complete works Alexander could get his hands on.

"You're welcome." He smiled "Now if you would like, My Lady has asked
me to invite you to join her for a meal in the lounge."

"And I was about to ask you to join me for tea." She smiled at him, then
indicated the door, "Shall we?"

Alexander returned her smile, "Perhaps afterward." Surprised by her
taking the lead he turned and walked out of the room. He paused outside
her door and indicated she should proceed him down the hall to his left. 

As she walked beside Alexander, Psy found herself thinking of his
kindness in taking the time to look for Kafka. 

As the pair came to the end of the hall it opened up into the 'lounge
area', Tara was sitting there, the food already spread out. Topaz
was sitting behind and to the side of Tara. Both of them, Psylocke
noted, were facing the door

Tara smiled openly at Psylocke as they entered, "Ahh I see they worked."
Psylocke appeared to Tara, to be in a much better mood than before. Tara
turned to her aide, "Thank you Alexander." She dismissed him. 

"Yes, I appreciate your generosity." Psylocke replied.

"It's not a problem at all." Tara returned.

Alexander bowed to Psy, "If you will excuse me I must see to my other
duties." Psylocke flashed a smile at him and returned the bow.
Alexander smiled inwardly, pleased. He then turned to tara, "My

"Please have a seat." Tara indicated the booth around the table.

Psylocke stepped up to the booth, and smoothly sat down across from Tara
and Topaz. 

Tara had served up a plate and both she and Topaz were about to
start. Psylocke gracefully placed her napkin in her lap. Tara
invited Psy to begin and waited for her before starting to eat. "So
have you found everything you need?"i Tara inquired.

Psylocke scanned the table and took bits from here and there,
collecting a variety of foods. It was nice to have something that
didn't resemble gruel or dog food.

"Eat and enjoy you must regain your health." Tara noted outloud.

"Yes, I have. Alexander has been very kind to me." Psylocke responded to
her question. 

"Good I am glad."

Before Psylocke started eating, she glanced up at Tara, and locked
eyes with her. For the first time, she noticed the woman's silver
eye color. "Please forgive me if I'm being rude, but you never told
me your name."

Tara chuckled briefly, "Forgive my manners, I am tara

"Palpatine?" Psylocke asked reflexively, then tried to cover her
surprise by picking up a piece of bread.

Tara continued to meet Psylocke's gaze, "You didn't know?"

"My apologies. I knew I had seen you before, but I couldn't quite remember."

"Most likely at Port Lansing or perhaps at the palace..." Tara
allowed her voice to trail off.

"Yes. That's it." Psylocke glanced down at her plate, then took a
sip of her tea, trying to cover her embarrassment.

Tara watched her briefly, wondering what the Red Guard trainee was
concerned about, then asked with more seriousness than before, "Does
it bother you?"

"It only bothered me that I couldn't remember who you were.
Actually, it comforts me a bit. At least I know I'll be returning
home safely and that I'm not at the hands of some mercenary who would
ransom me off."

A wide smile wandered across Tara's face "Are you sure about that?"

"I only say that because I've seen you at Port Lansing. Besides,
even if you were a mercenary, I can tell that you're smart enough not
to go up against the Emperor." She took a large bite of mellon.

Tara laughed openly now, if Psylocke only truly knew the history of
how she came to be adopted by Annelis, but no need to point it all
out. "My grandfather is well aware of my history...even if others do
not remember."

Psylocke smiled, feeling a little more comfortable after breaking the
tension. "Are you close?"

Tara was a bit surprised by the question, "Close to him?"

"Yes." She stated more matter of factly.

Tara considered the question in all seriousness. "That depends upon
how you define close?" 

"It's probably none of my business anyway." 

Tara shrugged, "I find it refreshing actually. Your frankness is a rarity
these days." 

"I try to understand His Majesty, but sometimes it's just too difficult." 

Tara raised an eyebrow, surprised this woman was opening up to her,
trusting her, "Understand in what way?"

"I'm quite tired of diplomacy. Never really got me anywhere."
Psylocke's eyes started to drift off. "Well for one, it was to my
understanding that to be a full Sith, one must forsake love. This
confuses me. Why would he ever fall in love with Azzara if it goes
against what a Sith is." She shook slightly then turned back to
Tara. "Gah! Please don't tell him I said that!"

Tara nodded "Well I doubt he loves her..... and I will not say
anything to him about our conversation."

Psylocke's eyes widen slightly, but she stuffs another piece of bread
in her mouth instead of responding.

Tara paused briefly then met Psylocke's eyes, "You have my word on that."

Psylocke let out a breath. Tara ate for a bit, watching Psylocke
closely, then finally, "So what do you want Psylocke?" 

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