Mercenary Politique Part 8

By Dora Furlong and Courtney Kraft

Psy reached for another cookie as Tara spoke. "Well you should have
that pet store shut down for allowing mercs to grab you in such a

"If I ever find out who did it...."

Tara shrugged, "You may not know who did it," She said around a
mouthful of cookie, "but you know what pet store you were in. Their
security was the one that was too lax. At the very least sue."

"I like that idea!" Psy stated, "I could be set for cat food
for life!"

Tara laughed aloud, "Yes. Yes you could!"

Tara accompanied her to her room, "I will come back when we have
reached Coruscant." she opened the door to the ships guest quarters
and indicated for Psylocke to enter. "If there is anything else we
can get you please let us know."

"Perhaps later." Psycloke entered and turned back to Tara.  "Thank
you for dinner."  She paused and regarded her host strangely, then
turned back to the room as the thought was put out of her mind.

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