The Rescue and Interrogation of Mira Lexor.

Phaedra Whitlock, Ginna Wilcoxen (July 2002)

Mira Lexor sat in her cell waiting for the Sith Lord to execute her.
She had given them all the information they had wanted, so why was
she still alive?  She looked up as Imperial guards entered. Placing
binders on her they led her from her cell to an awaiting shuttle.
They moved in silence.

Mira sat in silence watching the two guards in the compartment across
from her.  They sat silent in their armor, there was a female officer
who wasn't , yet there was something wrong about her Imperial
uniform. The officer glanced down at her belt as her datapad beeped.,
quietly she stood up and the two armored guards departed.

The officer sits down again on the opposite bench. "Commander Lexor."

Mira eyed the officer. "Who are you?"

"Lt Wylde. I understand that you are to be terminated shortly."

"If that is the Emperor's wish, yes." Mira glances around the area.
The restraints made it difficult to see too much.

"What did you do to deserve it?".

Mira didn't answer, she just stared ahead. "Surely it is in your
reports, that is if you are Imperial officers." she states after a

"Perhaps I wish to hear it from you. Reports are written but not
always true, Commander."

"I lost control of a experiment."

"You like your work as a scientist?"  The Officer asked watching
Mira's reaction.

"It is my life, all I've known." Mira clutched her hand the best way
she could in the shackles.

"I can help you return to it, if you let me Commander. The Sith have
already ordered your death and there is little that will change that.
I'm not Imperial, but you knew that. The offer still stands."

"One does not avoid the Sith." Mira's eyes narrow. "I might have been
accused of treason, but I'll be damned if I will commit it."

"They have no such loyalty towards you. A pity isn't it."

Mira fell silent. "The Empire does what it must to survive."

"I could debate that. The Empire used to be the Republic and did very
well for 40 thousand years. I think you know that the Sith are not
concerned about the Empire, only their interests regarding you. You
are in their way and a threat now, and so they mark you for death.
That has nothing to do with the good of the Empire." Rachel shrugs
lightly, speaking calmly throughout.

"The Sith answer to the Emperor, and I will not oppose them. You are
part of the Alliance aren't you." she spat out the word Alliance like
a curse.

"...To Restore the Republic, yes. If I believed the Empire were the
best thing since slicing bread I would not be here. A good thing for
you isn't it."

"What difference does it make who my executor is."

"If you insist on it, then it will not matter no. But I can offer you
a chance to live and work and start anew. If you are afraid  to take
that I can do nothing for you." Rachel stood. "If you need anything
on the journey I will be within hearing range Commander."

Mira watched her walk away. Betray the Empire? was the woman brain
dead?  Mira replayed ever event that led her up to this point.  Why
didn't she stay with Xanatos, wait to hear what he might have had in
mind.  She tested her restraints, to their credit they were solid and
quite tight, not to mention the collar around her neck, had to be
force null.  'Come on, what do you need to do to get yourself out of
this?' she asked herself.

"Lt. Wylde." Mira calls out.

Rachel came to the door and steps in. "Yes Commander?"

"I have a question."

"Certainly." She looks on with interest.


"Why what? I don't understand."

"Why risk your life to take me away?" she pulls at the cuffs. "Why be
concerned if I live or die?""

Rachel hesitates slightly before continuing. "It is my job to be,
and, the Sith hurt me once when I had no reason to be. Someone
rescued me, made me whole again. They are dead now so I'm passing on
the favor." She looks away a minute.

"So you travel around rescuing people?"

"Not usually, but sometimes. I have a house and a garden near a park,
and 2 (cats) to take care of."

"I use to have a house, on Telos." Mira answered.

"Really?" Some surprise, she hadn't read that much detail in the
file. "One or two story?" Rachel leans against the doorjamb.

"Two, I kept most of the lower level full of plants."

"Washer and dryer?"

"Yes, it had many comforts."

"Mine too, now. I couldn't stand going to laundromats any longer. I
don't have a dishwasher, yet. Do you raise plants for show or hobby?"

Mira let a smile cross her lips. "Work, and my personal enjoyment. I
had more at my office and lab at Xanatos ..." she stops remembering
Xanatos and how he was the real reason she was in this position.  His
soft words of persuasion; his threats.

"My mom raised Alderaanie violets, but I over watered them and
usually killed them I'm afraid."

"They are very delicate flowers." Mira agreed. 

Rachel smiled, nodding with regret. "Soft and purple. Do you need
anything to drink or eat?"

"Something to drink would be welcome."

Rachel disappears and returns after a few minutes with a waxed Dixie
cup of ice water. She moves to Mira's side and holds it to her.
Mira's hands were bound in front  of her but she would be able to
manage the cup.

Mira drinks it and nods. "thank you. How long til we reach our

"I don't know for certain. A few hours."

Mira leans her head back against the seat. "And then? a trial or just
execution Lt.?"

Rachel smiled. "The Alliance has full judicial procedures. You will
have a trial."

"The Alliance .. a trial .. how quaint." her tone is bitter.

"Why do you think we would not?"

"I only know the damage your fight with the Empire does. No I guess,
you would go through a trial."

"The Senate was disbanded. Without representation we have no way to
create popular change. If there was and we were voted down," Rachel
shrugs, "But there is not. Many worlds defected willingly to create
the Alliance and take part in our Senate, the Empire won't leave us
alone, won't stop attacking us so what else can we do. We're not

"Tell that to the families that are destroyed Lt. Tell it to the ones
who lose the ones they care about."

"And we don't? Take a look at the statistics sometime." Rachel takes
the cup back and tosses it out of sight in the next compartment.
"Tragedy happens in war. We just want left alone, the same as you do
to live our lives and have children and cats and brothers and

Mira only nodded. "I was working toward that end, then ... well never
mind. I'm now on the outside looking in"

"Your work was to cause harm to people you didn't know. You may be
pleased to know you even had some success, including coming close to
killing an eighteen year old girl."  Rachel might not like Jedi much,
but she was still upset that someone would attack the way that Mira
allowed the Empire to.

"I ..."  Mira stammered.  She had never intended to have children
hurt, though she knew the possibility was there.  "I did not release
the poison on Arridor. I have no idea how it was released."  Mira
looked at Rachel. "I created it for the Emperor and his use alone."

"But you knew what it did, you made certain of it. You know what he
would do with it. Will very likely do. They have an antidote and we
don't. So sooner or later alot of Force Sensitive children are going
to die from your poison."

"Of course I know what it does. I used it on myself. Counted every
second every reaction!" Mira snapped. "What concern of it was of
mine, if Jedi died or Alliance allies died?"

"People Commander. Not jedi. People. Tell that to their families, if
they have any left when your toys run their course."  Rachel

Mira's eyes narrowed "Then that brings us back to my first question
Lt. Why?"

"Because I thought better of you. I thought that those who died on
Arridor and Port Lansing were an accident." Rachel straightens from
the wall looking faintly nauseous to be in Mira's presence. "I
thought you might have a concern for life, you spoke so fluently
about damaged families, but I see you'd inject it yourself if you
could. Will you need anything further Commander?"

"No thank you Lt." Mira answered softly.

Rachel nods. "I will bring you something to eat in a while." She
steps out into the other room.

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