The Rescue and Interrogation of
Mira Lexor part 2

Phaedra Whitlock, RJ Miller, Ginna Wilcoxen (July 2002)

Rachel came back to the holding area with a cup of soup, not boiling
of course. "Are you vegetarian by chance?" she asked of Mira.

"I can be, though I also have been known to enjoy a good steak."

Rachel doesn't smile but does approach. "We seem to be out of nerf
steak tonight. Can you hold this and drink?"

Mira nodded then took the cup. "Thank you."

"Call when you have finished." Rachel goes back out.

Mira stares at the cup then slowly drinks the soup.  Mira watched the
area where the woman disappeared through, thoughts of the Empire and
her labs on the Heresiarch drifted through her mind. Why did she ever
leave her post, Xanatos  the discovery of Xanatos changed
everything.  Yet it was clear that neither were helping her now.  She
was a prisoner of the Alliance and would probably face trial.  She
was on her own she stared at the half empty cup, she wasn't hungry.

Rachel came back after awhile ito check on Mira.  She noticed the
level of soup that was left.  "Your hand will be cramping up soon I
think. Should I take that Commander?"  Rachel asked.

Mira looked up. "Yes, sorry, wasn't that hungry."

"Understandable." Rachel takes the cup and moves away. "We will be
landing in a few more hours."

Mira nodded, keeping quiet.

"I will visit you there. If you have comments or complaints during
your stay do let me know."

"I'm sure I'll be treated fine. What would a criminal have to
complain about anyway?"  Mira asked.

"As you said, the release of the poison was an accident Commander. We
are not the Sith, and you will have a trial." She departs again.

Mira closed her eyes and waited for the landing, she had a feeling
she would learn soon enough what the Alliance wanted from her.

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