By Heather Melville


Miranda looked at the door after Du’Sau left, shaking her head slightly. What had that been? A courtesy to a prisoner? She wasn’t due any.

Few of their reactions so far made any sense. Raven had taken the extra time and risk to send her with Du’Sau and the other person. Du’Sau had spent days in trance, healing her shattered joints. The medical staff had been attentive and…kind. She had been largely left to herself after the initial examinations. No interrogation. No questioning, even. The doctors had offered pain and anti-inflammatory medications, but they had allowed her to refuse. None of the food or water had been drugged.

The only reaction that made sense was D’med’s: locking her in a Force damp capable, secure room. The rest of the Jedi…she fully understood why Annelis saw them as weak. They took inadequate precautions with a dangerous prisoner, and they made no attempt to acquire potentially valuable information from her. No wonder they had not destroyed the Empire.

And these were the people with whom she was now forced to throw her lot. She had nowhere else to go. Alliance military would see her as a typical prisoner, and their Force users would be perfectly willing to help question her. For how the Alliance treated Sith, given the opportunity, she had only to recall Daniel Tarkenien.

The unallied worlds would be scant haven.

If the Empire found her, her sentence of death by torture would be immediately reinstated. Darana, she thought calmly, would be furious that she had escaped. Cairnfell’s previous duty would become a personal pleasure, and Miranda had no desire to contribute to that event. Someday, she would see Darana die for what had already been done. No one, duty or not, treated her as Darana had. No one owned her. No one living frightened her; one condition or the other would change. But for now, she did not have the means or the strength to do the job herself. She would need allies, supplies, and time to heal first.

For the moment, at least, she had the time. She would use it as best she could.

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