Mirror Mirror on the Walls

By Courtney Kraft, Rebecca Miller, Janice Mergenhagen, and Ginna Wilcoxen

Allyn Wingates and her two assistants bowed their heads to Lord Vader as he approached the end of the hallway. "Greetings, Lord Vader. I am Lieutenant Allyn Wingates. I will be conducting the interrogation. Please follow me."

Four doors lined the wall at the end of the hall. Each led to a separate interrogation room. Allyn led Vader to a side door and escorted him inside. She took him down a short, narrow hall and entered the darkened control room.

"This is the control room," Allyn said. She motioned to several attendants at their respective stations. A panel of glass lined the wall of the huge control room. Anyone inside could clearly see into the brightly-lit interrogation rooms through the false mirrors. "We’ll record the sessions from here. The Jedi have small microphones clipped to them already, as well as breathing and heart rate monitors."

She picked up a thin microphone attached to an earpiece. "You will be able to speak to me through this. In turn you will be able to hear everything I say through the control room speakers. The rooms are soundproof, so the prisoners will not be able to hear anything outside."

Vader's immobile features regarded Allyn for a long moment. Slowly, the earpiece drifted from her hand and was plucked from the air by a black glove. As Vader brought the appliance toward his mask, he rumbled, "Which side should I wear it on?" When no answer was forthcoming, he went on, "No matter, I will monitor the frequency you're using myself."

She pointed to Kaliandra through the window. The Jedi stood with her side to the window. A long chain connected her binders to the floor. "As you can see, the Jedi are chained to the floor. They have been instructed to remain standing. So far they have been obedient. If they are not, we have this."

She pointed out a set of buttons on a panel. "These buttons will send an electric shock to one of three electrodes on their body at random. I will be carrying a small remote that does the same." She pulled out a small device from her pocket and showed it to him. "The shocks are strong enough to be painful, but not lethal. Killing them won’t get us any information.

"I will be turning off the Force-dampeners during the session. What I would like you to do is monitor their minds. If they try to reach out to someone, shock them. This should discourage them from using the Force and create a feeling of futility. The weaker they become, the more easily they will give us answers."

Allyn replaced the remote in her pocket. "If they try to reach out to me, let them," she added as she set her own earpiece and microphone. "It will only add to their frustration. All the furniture is bolted to the floor, so they should have no means of throwing anything at me."

She looked around the room, wondering if there was anything else to explain, then didn’t. "Do you have any questions, Lord Vader?"

"Let's get this started, Lieutenant. I want this information quickly."


Outside Room 2, Allyn spoke into her microphone. "Lord Vader, are you ready to begin?"


Allyn nodded to her assistant. He handed her a dossier on a clipboard, and she adjusted the volume on her earpiece. "Durden, shut off the Force-dampeners."

"Yes, sir." Durden’s voice replied in her ear. From the control room, Durden flicked a switch. The Force-dampeners in Room 2 shut off

Kaliandra stood patiently, blindfolded, her senses alert. She almost stumbled back as the Force flooded over her. Instantly, she reached out to feel for Octavia and then for her Master.

In the control room, Vader slowly pressed a button on the panel in front of him, sending a shock to Kaliandra through one of the electrodes.

Kaliandra refocused herself to reach out again while she could. She drew the Force close to focus. Vader sent another shock. The first had hit her shoulder. This new one hit her lower back.

Kaliandra heard the door open then close, and two sets of footsteps. They stopped in the center of the room. She heard something hard drop on what she assumed to be a table.

Allyn looked over at the struggling Jedi and grinned maliciously. She sat down in a swivel chair bolted to the floor. "She has tried twice to use the Force," she heard Vader say in her earpiece. Allyn nodded in acknowledgement at the window behind Kali.

Kali struggled to focus past the pain. This almost reminded her of a lesson Master Alida had taught her to ignore distraction. Though she was tickling her and not shocking her.

"If you persist in your efforts, they will only bring you more pain, Miss Daroa." Allyn told her matter-of-factly.

Vader sent another shock. Kali centered herself in the Force and past the pain. They could do no worse to her than Volaris had. She heard a metallic click and a soft scraping sound. A moment later she smelled lighter fluid and smoke. She heard someone exhale.

Kali tried to reach out once more just to get shocked in the arm for the attempt. This was pointless. They weren’t going to let her contact anyone and she was just wasting her strength. If she had learned anything from her time as Xanatos DuCruet’s and that woman’s ‘guest’ wasting your strength on something you can’t fight is pointless. She let go of the Force. She would need her strength for later.

Allyn frowned and nodded to her assistant. He stepped up to Kali, removed the blindfold, then quickly left the room.

Kali watched the woman sit at the table, smoking a dark brown cigarette. She had long brown hair and glasses, and wore a gray suit with white gloves. Kali looked around the room. It was very bright with mirrors on the upper half of every wall. On the table was a clipboard with several sheets of paper. The woman stared at Kali with a slight grin on her face and a small microphone protruding from under her hair towards her mouth. She kept eyes trained on Kali. She leaned back in the chair and continued to smoke, studying Kaliandra like she was some kind of specimen. Kali just returned the glaze placidly

Allyn continued to stare at Kaliandra, waiting, holding eye contact, but Kali's gaze nor expression of peace ever wavered. After several minutes, Allyn chuckled, stood, and crossed to Kali. She blew smoke in the girl's face. Kaliandra held her breath until the smoke cleared, but her expression never changed.

"How predictable these new Jedi are," Allyn heard Vader say in her earpiece.

Allyn dropped her nearly finished cigarette and stepped on it. "Allow me to make it perfectly clear. You are only here to answer questions."

"Very well," Kali said mildly.

Allyn turned away and sat back down in her chair. She pulled a pen from her inside jacket pocket and made a note on the thick dossier. "The more you cooperate, the less painful this will be," Allyn told her, in a non-threatening tone. "You are a Jedi Padawan, correct?"

"Knight," Kaliandra corrected her.

Allyn noted it on the dossier. "As of when?"

"Five months ago."

"What do you do as a Knight?"

"Serve the will of the Force as I did as a Padawan," Kaliandra answered.

"You're currently stationed on Yavin, former student to one Alida D'Med."

She nodded. "Correct."

Allyn heard Vader chuckle disdainfully in her earpiece. She waved her pen in the air. Durden quickly responded to her, "All signs normal."

Allyn kept her gaze going back and forth between her clipboard and Kaliandra. "Always so vague, the Jedi. Tell me, what business does a Jedi have with Telos. They're a neutral planet."


"Why were you there?" Allyn asked quickly

"A vacation," Kali said with a little bit of a smile.

In the control room, Durden noticed a change on his monitor. "Breathing pattern varied," he told Allyn.

"A Jedi is always a peace," Allyn said. "Why would one need a vacation?"

"There are times when that peace is disturbed, and time and rest are needed to recover. The body as well often needs a time of rest from responsibilities."

"Why Telos then? Isn't Yavin peaceful enough?"

"For a Force user Yavin can be far from quiet at times."

"Why Telos?" Allyn repeated quickly, hardly letting Kali finish.

"It seemed like a nice planet."

"Seemed? Have you ever been there before?"


"Then how would you know it was nice? Do you know someone there?"

"Have heard of it. The travel logs for the planet seemed pleasant."

Allyn rose, taking the clipboard, and walked up to Kali. She stood about a foot from her, looking over her face as she spoke. "I find it rather suspicious for a mere traveler, that you were arrested in the Governor’s office."

"We had been asked there," Kali pointed out. She reached out through the Force to the woman, but felt…nothing. She realized the woman must be a Force Null like D’va.

"Isn't it a coincidence then... that Telos happens to be where Xanatos' main lab is located. And from what I hear...you're not on very good terms with him...are you?"

"Xanatos Du'Cruet seems to have more of a problem with Jedi in general," Kali observed.

"You went to Telos because of him, didn't you?" Allyn accused in an oddly dull tone.


"Then you're not telling me the whole truth. A Jedi wouldn't go to Telos for a vacation, knowing well off that the labs were there." Allyn pulled the clipboard into her chest and closed her pen. "Let's see what your friend has to say on the issue."

"But we did."

Allyn turned on her heel and quickly headed to the door. A light on the lock turned from red to green, and she left the room. The door locked automatically behind her. "Durden, activate the Force dampener on in room two. Shut it off in room three."

Allyn took a deep breath and rested for a moment. "Lord Vader, have you any questions before I speak with the second subject?"

"I'm sure you know what you're doing, but patience has never been my strong suit. Nor the Emperor's," Vader replied.

"Understood, my Lord. These Jedi are stronger willed than the average prisoner. I shall be taking a slightly different approach with the next subject. Give her shocks whenever you wish, or if she does anything suspicious."


Octavia had no idea how long she had been standing there. Since their capture time all but seemed to disappear. Again, she tested her bindings only to find they were as secure as before. Where was Kaliandra? Was she still alive?

Octavia stopped when she heard the door open and footsteps approach her. At least the room wasn't devoid of all sound. She could feel the blindfold being removed. The touch was too smooth for skin; gloves, that was what she felt. Blinking her eyes, Octavia stared at the woman who stood before her.

"You're friend's health isn't so good. I suggest you cooperate so that we can get her into a medical area," Allyn started. "You will not ask any questions. You will answer my questions fully and not make any attempts to harm me or mislead me. Have I made myself clear?"

Vader sent a quick jolt to Octavia.

Octavia jerked as the electricity hit her system,but held back making any verbal sound and looked at the woman who stood before her. "Yes."

"Good." Allyn smiled at her. "Do you know Mira Lexor, Miss Jinn?"

"I've met her, yes." Octavia kept her tone even. She figured the Empire wouldn't be happy to hear of Lexor's death, and much to her surprise, Octavia wasn't either.

"How would you describe her?"

Octavia’s eyes narrowed. "As a person who needed medical treatment."

"Was she ill?"

"Mentally, yes."

"But she was a brilliant scientist," Allyn reminded her.

"Anyone who creates poisons and tortures people for the sake of pleasure needs help."

"Did she ever torture you or someone you care about?"

Octavia remained silent. Allyn slipped a hand into her pocket and pressed a button on a small remote control, sending a shock to Octavia. She released the button and added, "She must have hurt you pretty badly."

Octavia remained quiet.

"You don't like it when you're friends are hurt. No one does, Miss Jinn," Allyn said softly. Octavia let her eyes look at Allyn. "And if you don't start answering me, I will hurt your friend," Allyn stated emotionlessly. "You don't want that, do you?"

Allyn pressed the button briefly. Octavia let the jolts move through her, her right eye twitched with discomfort.

When the shock stopped, Octavia let out a breath. "You already have, I'm sure."

"I haven't laid a finger on her myself. I can not speak for others. Now if you want justice done, tell me, has she ever harmed you or someone you love?"

"When she was alive, she hurt many people, innocent people."

"How?" Allyn asked, taking her hand out of her pocket.

Octavia watched her. "She shot Master Zuren in the knee."

"Who is Master Zuren?"

"A Jedi."

"One you cared about?"

"One I respect," Octavia answered.

"Miss Jinn, if Mira is to be brought to justice for her crimes, then I need you to be more open with me. Now, what exactly has Mira done to you?"

"She has met her justice, or did you not know of her death?" Octavia's voice was even.

"I'm well aware, but that doesn't put you at ease, now does it?" Allyn makes a note on her clipboard. "What did she do to you?"

Octavia looked at her. "That is in the past, and none of your business."

Vader hit the button. Octavia closed her eyes and grit her teeth.

"Answer my question," Allyn insisted calmly.

Octavia slowly opened her eyes, "Experimentation."

Allyn's expression shifted, becoming softer. "That's horrible. She tested her formulas on you?"

Octavia studied her. "She tested my Force ability." Octavia turned her thoughts to her grandfather and to Kiri, pulling the Force around her as Luke taught her to do. *Kiri?* she reached out for her, *Grandfather?*

Vader was startled at the revelation of Octavia's lineage. Allyn heard a sharp intake of breath over her comm.

"How so?"

Octavia reached out with the Force, attempting to contact Luke. Vader jammed the button and held it. Octavia let out a cry as her body seemed to come alive with the electricity. It was as if it would never stop. Allyn took a step back from Octavia, not wanting to touch her. She glanced at the window over Octavia's shoulder.

"Are you trying to contact someone, Miss Jinn?"

Octavia felt as if her body was on fire. Was this how she was destined to die? Concern grew in Allyn when the electricity didn't stop a few seconds later. Octavia gasped for air, as she continued to concentrate, but it was hard to do. *Master Skywalker.* Octavia sent as her concentration collapsed, her body and soul filled with pain.

"Stop," Allyn said firmly. "We need her alive."

"No one can help you now." Vader's voice echoed in Octavia's mind as the shocks stopped. Octavia closed her eyes as relief filled her.

Fury raged through Allyn. She took a deep breath while the Jedi's eyes were still closed. Octavia opened her eyes and looked at Allyn. "Why do you need me alive?" The voice still echoing in her mind.

"To answer my questions." She pulled out another cigarette and lit it, then took a seat at the swivel chair behind the table. Vader said to Allyn, "Unless we get the information we want soon, there is no necessity of keeping them both alive."

"Let's change the subject for now."

Allyn took a long drag on the cigarette, well aware of Vader's claim. *Ah, but the Jedi don't know that* Allyn thought to herself. She flipped through the dossier on her clipboard. "Why were you on Telos?" Allyn asked, forcing her voice to relax.

"To help some people," Octavia responded slowly, thinking how you'd explain the search for voices.

"To help who?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know? What kind of a reason is that?"

"It's the truth," Octavia answered.

"So...let me get this straight. You went to Telos to help someone you didn't know, and somehow ended up in the Governor's office."

"I was looking for the ones in danger, as for the Governor we took a wrong turn." Octavia answered. Vader leaned on the button at this obvious lie. Octavia cried out easily from the jolt.

"I find that hard to believe. Wrong turn then ‘Oops! I'm in the Governor's office.’ You were there to get him to stop Xanatos."

"I was there to find the voices crying for help!" Octavia spits. "As for Xanatos, his time will come."

"So you have something against Xanatos as well as Mira," Allyn implied, leading her subject. Underneath her emotionless disposition, she smiled. Evidence, she thought. Perhaps the video can at least keep her under Imperial custody for a while.

Vader wondered what kind of ally this Xanatos would be to the Empire.

Octavia forced her emotions back under control as she looked at Allyn. "We have a...different way of viewing the universe," Octavia answered at last, letting her hate of Xanatos go.

"You hated them both, didn't you? You're happy that Mira died."

"I feel regret that Mira Lexor met such an end; no one should die like that."

"Like how?" Allyn asked quickly

"Her own evil attacked her, from what I understand."

"Her own evil? You mean an enemy in the Alliance. She was murdered and you know it."

Octavia shook her head. "No."

"Who killed her?"

"No one." Octavia answered. "The reports are it was her own poison that killed her."

"Her poison could have been injected by someone in the Alliance."

Octavia thought back to when she went with Master Du'Sau to Langley to retrieve Master Rionni's body and the condition. "The Alliance wouldn’t do that."

"People think the Alliance wouldn't do many things." Allyn reminded her. She finished her cigarette and stood. "Miss Jinn, are you willing to be straight with me in your answers?"

"I have been."

"I don't think you've been telling me the entire truth."

"I will not give you anything that will harm the Jedi or the Alliance, so I will not promise you anything."

"You've already harmed a Jedi. I don't tolerate those who don't obey me." Allyn turned and headed for the door. Durden unlocked it, and Allyn passed through.

"NO!!" Octavia yelled after her.


Allyn shut the door behind her and turned to an assistant. "Get me a bag of ice." The assistant nodded and ran off. "Durden, turn out the lights in room three and drop the visual barrier."

"Yes, sir."

The lights in Octavia's room went out, and a screen to her right slid down. She could see Kali through the mirror now. Octavia pulled at her restraints and reached out with the force to contact Kali. Vader shocked her.

Allyn handed off her dossier to a second assistant and entered Kaliandra's room. Kali stood, attempting to meditate. Before the door could swing completely closed, Allyn stormed across the room and punched Kali in the face.

The girl stumbled back in surprise. Her eyes wide with shock. Octavia pulled at the restraints as her anger built.

Allyn glared through the false mirror, knowing she couldn't see Octavia, but that Octavia could see her. "You're friend has been uncooperative," Allyn told Kali in an oddly flat tone.

Kali felt warm blood trickling down her upper lip. She struggled to control the cold knot of fear in her belly. "Have you harmed her?"

"Only once...but it seems someone else is very upset with her," Allyn replied. "If you two don't start answering me straightly, I will hurt the other."

Kaliandra held herself stiffly. "I have not lied to you."

"You haven't been entirely truthful with me either. You're both holding back."

Octavia's anger rose quickly, it was her fault they were here. She was responsible for the pain Kaliandra was feeling.

*Be careful! You're getting dangerously close to the dark side...granddaughter of Qui-Gon Jinn.*

Octavia heard the warning, it almost sounded like Vader's voice, but … no … she had to be imagining things.

Allyn's hand started to throb. She turned away from Kali and left the room again. Kali let her shoulders slump a little and closed her eyes a moment.

Octavia shook her head looking at Kali. "Kali," she whispered, trying to regain control of her anger. "Peace over anger, honor over hate, strength over fear," she repeated softly.

Outside, the first assistant returned with the bag of ice. Allyn held it on her hand for a few minutes. "They're really starting to piss me off," Allyn muttered. "Lord Vader, do you notice either of them weakening?"

"We seem to be getting nowhere fast," Vader said.

"Agreed. We don't know much more. I have a feeling we're talking to the wrong people regarding Mira's death. I suspect that they weren't even present."

"I concur. They were seeking information about Xanatos."

"Shall I continue to question their presence on Telos?"

"We will keep them alive for now. The Emperor may find some use for them."

Allyn sighed. "Breaking them could take days. These two are starting to break down, but the Jedi are strong willed. I need more time."

"I will report what little they know to the Emperor. And will let you know if he wishes you to continue. I'm sure you can find some uncomfortable accommodations to hold them in for now."

"Yes, my Lord," Allyn replied reluctantly. She cursed silently. *I was so close. My tactics were just starting to work too! Just a little more time…*

"I sense they simply do not have the knowledge the Emperor desires."

Octavia calmed herself by reciting what her father had told her.

"Agreed. We're looking for someone else." Allyn thought for a moment. "My Lord, should I press Jinn to see if she knows who was with Mira at the time of her death? Perhaps we can learn who we need to speak with."

"You may do whatever pleases you, but do it quickly."

"Yes, my Lord. I'll be brief." Allyn handed the bag back to her assistant. "Durden, replace the visual barrier and turn on the lights in room three."

The screen between the rooms raised and the lights in Octavia's room turned back on. Octavia closed her eyes against the brightness. Allyn composed herself and stepped into Octavia's room. The door locked behind her, but Allyn kept her distance from her subject.

"I only have one more question. If you answer it honestly, the session will end. If you don't, I will hurt your friend further. Do you understand?"

Octavia's eyes narrowed. "Yes."

"I believe that you had nothing to do with Mira's death. Tell me who was with her when she died." She said calmly.

"I don't know, I am not privy to that information, but from ... from what I know of rank structure you would have to seek someone in Intel."

"Who would I need to speak with?" Allyn asked. Vader slowly half-pressed the button, just enough to tingle.

"General Branwyn." Octavia bit her lower lip, keeping her anger under tight reign. "Peace over Anger," she whispered.

"Branwyn..." Allyn repeated softly. Vader released the button.

Octavia nodded. "Kali needs medical attention, please."

Allyn nodded slowly. "Very well. We are done for now." Durden unlocked the door. Allyn turned to leave.

"Will you see she gets medical attention?" Octavia asked.

Allyn glanced over her shoulder at the question, then left, shutting the door behind her. Octavia lowered her head, pushing down the fear and despair that threatened to rise.

"The Emperor should be pleased," Vader told Allyn.

Allyn smiled to herself and took the ice to her hand again. "Is there anything else you want from the other Jedi? Their stories about Telos do not match."

"If the Emperor isn't satisfied with what little they've given us, we'll resume the interrogations. But I don't believe there is anything useful we will get from either of them."

"Not about Mira, no. We will have to speak with this ‘Branwyn.’ Very well. I will have the guards escort the Jedi back to their cells."

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