Never Say Vacation, pt 1 July 2001

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Based on Roleplay by Phaedra Whitlock and Ginna Wilcoxen

Aella sat on the transport reviewing the last transmissions she had picked 
up. There was nothing there for her to hand over to the General. It was as 
if they had discovered her program and was slowly disbanding it. 

Transmissions of planets being attacked by some unknown force were coming 
into the Alliance. She hoped they would find out what was behind it. In 
fact it was those very reports that led her to visit her friends and her 
parents. They were on the rim and Aella was concerned about their health and 

Closing the one program she was working on Aella closed her eyes, it was so 
complicated, hopefully she would break it in time, and it didn't hold 
anything of importance. What worried her was the last report of missing Jedi 
from Skywalker's academy that was one report she hoped wasn't true. 

Aella's ship came out of hyperspace. From the windows everything looks 
normal. The planet was off in the distance and it was difficult to tell what 
type of ships were there, it was too far away. 

The captain soon discovered that he couldn't raise the planet or station, it 
was as if all air traffic was basically dead air. Trying every avenue to 
contact someone either the planet or the ships surrounding it. Finally the 
Captain realized he had to lie to the passengers until something was figured 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be a slight delay to our landing. Thank 

Aella straighten in her seat when she heard the Captain's announcement, they 
used shuttles to send the passengers down to the planet usually, was the 
Captain thinking of landing the freighter on the planet itself? Deciding to 
be patient and review her work Aella didn't say anything 

When they began to serve drinks Aella began to be concerned. Putting 
everything back in her jumpsuit she began to look for the steward. 

"Yes, ma'am?" The steward asked. 

"I would like to see the Captain please." 

"I'm sorry he's very busy and if it's about the delay, it's just a small 
technical problem." 

Aella hated that 'customer is stupid attitude' letting out a sigh Aella 
lowered her voice so only the steward would be able to hear her. "I know that 
tone, I've used it many times myself, and I'm not buying it." 

The steward smiled. "I'm sorry miss, but the Captain requested all passengers 
wait here or in their cabins." 

"Very well, perhaps I will go to my cabin and see what I can find out from 
the Alliance, if there's a problem maybe they have some information." Aella 
rose to stand making sure she had everything she would need. She knew she 
was bluffing, but she just hated to be treated like she didn't have a right 
to know when something was wrong. 

The steward let her pass him whenever a passenger was upset they always 
claimed to know somebody somewhere he had heard it all. One passenger had 
even claimed to be related to the Emperor himself. Standing there he watched 
in silence as she headed toward the cabin section. At least she wasn't going 
to alarm the passengers. Glancing down to where she was sitting he noticed 
that something was laying there in the side of the seat, bending down to pick 
it up he notice it was an ID of some kind. Looking at it he glanced back to 
the direction that she had taken. 

"Captain, I think you might want to see one of the passengers." The steward 
then explained what he had found. 

"Bring her to the bridge." Was the Captain's only order. 

The Steward walked toward Aella and found her just before she entered her 
cabin. "Ma'am, the Captain has ordered that you be allowed onto the bridge." 

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