Looking For Work, Revenge Chapter 1

By Aron Sandler and Katy Cargill


Looking For Work

Mercenary looking for work.  Will work as bodyguard, 
bounty hunter, assassin, 
etc... please contact soon.

Mern Gannon Dorf.

Re: looking For Work

Retroy glares at the add, work hm? *I wonder if he'll 
work as an assassin on himself that two timing,back 
stabbing creature from the depths of darkness. But 
what excuse is there? Hes a Mercenary. I hope he chokes 
on his last meal.* She laughed softly to herself before 
she turned her attention back to her quarters. Packing 
things, knowing it was soon that she would see the 
Emperor and be reassigned to someone else. 

"I doubt there is anyone who would be willing to put 
up with me and my pink phases and all my other color 
phases. If not.. then I'm in trouble... Oh well." 
Shrugs and lays on her bed, drawing more people in 
pink. Oh look.. shes playing around with the red 
guard. Same helmet.. but.. dear god.. a pink fuzzy 
toto....spandex and tights! Let someone beat that one!! 

Revenge Chapter 1.

NOTE- both characters are still on port lansing in this story, mern's message 
to retroy was sent from there as well.
 Having finished his message mern stood up from his console, taking a sip of 
his drink he gave a quiet evil laugh.  "Retroy darkfire, you will regret the 
day you decided to break my legs." chuckling to himself he moves next to his 
guest,  "The first stage is done, if she survives  the emperor, she will soon 
wish she hadn't, Lync is everything in place?"

 "Yes Mern it is, I had better be paid good for this, and you do know that 
TIE pilots usually don't survive very long?"

 "Yes I do know that, that is one of many reasons I had for choosing you, and 
you will be paid quite hansomly, my trip to port lansing was very profitable."

 "So I heard, you had better be careful when messing with Boba Fett."

 Mern chuckles a bit. "Who is this fett guy after all, he appears to be a 
pretty good bounty hunter, and he seems to be feared."

 "You don't know of boba fett??"

 "No, the first I heard of anyone was this year at port lansing."

 "Well Fett is the most notorius bounty hunter in the galaxy, and not one to 
trifle with, he does not like serious competition, don't tick him off."

 "Well I am not worried,  I have proven that I can hold my own against him, 
and I know that one day our paths will most likely cross again, but untill 
then the only things I am worried about are making money and getting revenge 
on retroy."

 "Well as for the former you seem to have handled yourself pretty well at 
port lansing, and the latter will  be handled shortly." 

Mern moves over putting the last few of his belongings away, tunring to lync. 
"when do you leave here? and where will you be stationed?"

"I leave the port tomorrow, while I have no idea where I will be stationed, 
but my friends on imperial center will take care of what needs to be done."

"Good, have a safe trip."

"You too bounty hunter."

Mern and lync both exit mern's quarters, lync goes to his and mern heads to 
the docking bay where his ship awaits.

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