A Breech

Ginna Wilcoxen (July 2002)

The sun beat down through the trees, if it wasn't for the soft wind every now and then Aella Skot would have found herself very uncomfortable.

So many transmission had come through her little set up, and each one she passed on to the proper people. It never bothered her when she picked up Alliance messages and usually she overlooked them, if they weren't sent to her, then they were none of her business. But it was so hard to resist the temptation to just peek.

Closing her eyes and feeling the breeze, Aella overcame her temptation to peak at the transmission she had come across.

Encrypted Message.

As ordered here are what I've come across. They are piggybacked so only you can decode them.

They all deal with the scientist

End Encryption.

Aella opened her eyes and looked around her. She needed to get back to routine, all this sitting around was making her lazy. She made sure to double check her programs and that they would alert her to any transmission that might come through...

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