New Intell Chief

By John Medkeff

A blaster bolt shattered a brick in the wall next to Flandry's head. He
turned and watched as a squad of storm troopers found and killed the rebel
sniper. Amateur, Flandry thought, and moved on though the ruined streets of

This operation was over. The half dozen pro-alliance noble families
here on Dridar were now out of the business stockpileing weapons to support
a future rebel advance. Flandry decided he could safely leave the mop up
to Col. Jandar and the 926th Storm Trooper regiment. Time to start hunting
the next rebel operation.

"Capt. Flandry, sir."

"What is it Colten?" He turned to face the 926th's assistant
communications officer.

"An urgent signal for you from Coruscant, sir." He held out the cube.
Flandry took the message and slipped it into his datapad. He waited a
moment wile the pad decoded the text and then read it.

Captain Sir Dominik Flandry, INI

His Majesty requests that you attend when he holds court at Port Lansing, May 27.

An Imperial summons? What could that be about? Flandry thought. Well,
one does not disapoint his Majesty.

"Colton, I need a schuttle to take me to Port Lansing. see to it."

"Yes, sir."

A week later Flandry in dress uniform stood among the crowd outside the
temporary Imperial Throne Room at Port Lansing. He watched the entrances
and exits. The exits tended to be more intersting. The best was when Lady
Darana came out dragging her lieutenant Rook behind her. The rest of the
Household following close on her heels.

Finaly his turn came and he was sent into the Throne Room.

For a momment Flandry studied the group on the platform at the front of
the room. The Emperor himself sat on a large chair in the middle of course,
with the Empress Azarra in a smaller chair on his left and Prince Trinian
and Princess Raven on his right. Trinian appeared to be ignoreing the
proceedings in favor of a book. Beyond Raven the Sibyl sat on the floor and
Lord Taras Steele stood behind the Imperial Family.

He approached the Throne and knelt. "Your Majesty."

"Ah, Capt. Flandry, good to see you."

"I am honored by your invitation, Your Majesty." He paused. "But
unsure of the reason."

"You are here because I have decided to make you director of Imperial
Intelligence. You will assume your new duties at once."

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

"You may go."

Flandry stood and backed out of the Throne Room.

Once the doors closed behind him Flandry stopped to think. What crime
have I commited that I deserve to trapped behind a desk on Coruscant?

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