Arridor Disaster Strikes pt 1 jan2003

Ginna Wilcoxen, Dana Terry

This news feed happens 3 days after the attack.

NEWS FEED::::::::: (Jan 2003)


Reports have come in about a natural disaster that has happened on Arridor. Located in theMeridian Sector Arridor is a small planet with only light industrial technology.

Governor Zelek has been unreachable and feared dead in this disaster which by some reports has claimed over 100,000 lives. More Reports as they become available.

In other news...

Gruver Selig has announced that this will be the last season for the Jumping Jizzettes. Selig, who has managed the Jizzettes for the last three years, insists that the band's breakup is amicable. "The girls just want to explore solo careers," he insisted, just before he jumped into an aircar with lead singer Barona Lowe.

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