Arridor: Rebuilding pt 3 2003

Ginna Wilcoxen and Dana Terry



Arridor slowly rebuilding.

As corporations send support and supplies to Arridor. The main city is starting to show again through the debris and the mud.

Agri Corps as well the mining corporation known as Off World have ships and personnel there helping with the cleanup. Supplies as well as manpower have from neighboring planets and governments have been seen. Shardakour as well as Telos have lent support to rebuilding as well as security in this time of need.

It has been confirmed that the dam was destroyed, deliberately by explosives and not by structural weakness as first thought and reported. Those responsible are in custody and awaiting trail.

Arridor city whose population was estimated at 150,000, has only 60,000 survivors.

The moon that circles Arridor has been turned into gravesite as a memorial to those that lost their lives here. Final count of the dead stands at 90,000.

Governor Zelek encouraged citizens to return to their homes as soon as possible. "Life must go on if we are to prove that we will not be cowed into a corner by the acts of evil beings. My family and I are moving back into our city residence the moment it has been declared fit for occupancy and I encourage other residents to do the same."

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