News From Home

By Jilly Harris

Midalah sat, her knees pulled to her chest. Her chin was propped up on
them in deep thought. She felt terrible that Lon had given up his bed
for her, especially when sleep was eluding her at that moment. Her mind
kept drifting to the transmission she received before she met Lon and
S'Lara. She had only enough time to download it onto her portable holo
chip and tuck it into the pocket of her jacket. Curiosity finally got
the best of Midalah. Rising gracefully, she made her way into the other
room where she'd left her jacket when she had arrived. She slipped her
hand into the pocket, taking the holo chip out. Turning as she rose from
her crouched position, her gaze fell on Lon. He seemed more content and
peaceful when asleep. In sleep he didn't look as if the entire universe
rested on his shoulders. "Sleep well, Lon," she murmured to herself more
than to him. She made her way past him back to the bedroom. Setting the
chip down, she turned it on and settled in to watch it. M'Lissa, her
lady in waiting since childhood, materialized. She bowed, her brown eyes
full of sadness.

"Hello your majesty," she said. "It is getting harder to send these
transmissions as it feels the future of our world grows bleaker. The
legislation grows restless with each passing day. There aren't many
legislators left that support Melantha's rulings. Reesha is behind most
of them. Apparently Melantha is nothing more then her mother's puppet.
Our world is falling apart Midalah. The legislation is ready to vote out
Crayl, Melantha's strongest supporter. They want you to return to the
planet and take your rightful place as queen. Look at our world
Midalah--," M'Lissa's image faded and revealed Nebula. It did not
resemble the lush green planet she grew up in, its brightly colored
flowers were no where to be found. It looked like many war torn planets
she had seen on her travels. "This is what our world looks like under
her rule. We are falling apart your majesty." Flames burst in areas on
the holo chip, and Midalah watched in horror as people raced away from
the flames and the explosions. "People are dying every day. We are in
our own civil war. We are lost without our queen." M'Lissa appeared
again, her face sad, tears in her eyes. "We are lost without you
Midalah. Chaitanya's blood runs in your veins my queen. You have her
heart and her natural leadership. Melantha and Reesha both lack those
and it is tearing our world apart. Reesha's bitterness shines through
her daughter in the way Melantha rules. Midalah please, return to us. We
beg of you. Your quest can be completed with you as queen."

Midalah looked down. She closed her eyes feeling the tears burning
beneath her lids. Her white eyes shimmered with the unshed moisture as
she listened more to her lady in waiting's words. "We all understand
your need to find the person who killed your family, but the treacherous
ways to which brought their demise are known all over our world,
Midalah. Your people wish you to return and reclaim what is rightfully
yours. Let your people ease your pain, find your vengeance. Find your
closure. What keeps you from us so? Please return, we beg of you yet
again." M'Lissa looked down, a tear falling onto her hand. "I must end
this transmission for now, I fear that Melantha, Reesha or Crayl will
find me as I send this transmission. I shall do my best to find a time
to contact you again with further information. Please come home your
majesty. Nebula needs you. Now more than ever." Bowing once again,
M'Lissa's image shimmered then vanished.

Midalah continued to stare at where her lady in waiting's image once
was. Tears ran down her cheeks. Lowering her head, her hair obscuring
her face, her mind whirled. She had set out a plan for herself since her
family was killed six years before, which included staying away from Lon
and S'Lara because of her anger and need for vengeance, but now she was
back with them. Her plan had also included staying away from Nebula till
she found those responsible for her family's massacre, but now she was
receiving word that they needed her to return and take the throne back,
and take her rightful place as queen. She couldn't return though. She
had to stay away a little longer, she needed that time to find the
person who killed her family. A sob caught in her throat and Midalah
laid down, curling herself around one of Lon's pillows from his bed.
Burying her face to muffle her sobs, she cried as if her heart were
breaking. It was, but it was breaking for the turmoil her people were
going through, something she couldn't change yet. As she fell into a
fitful sleep, hitching sobs racked her frame till they subsided and she
was drifting into a dreamless slumber.

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