A New Threat

By Ginna Wilcoxen

Allea Skot monitored the transmissions as they came in from the Empire
and other sources.  She had thrown herself into her work since her return
from the destroyed planets and the death and destruction she had seen. 
Many had approached her to take it easy and possibly seek some

Allea wasn't one for talking over problems with anyone and told them if
she was still having problems she would talk to someone but until then
she just wanted time alone to think.  What concerned her was the silence
in the wake of all her reports.  It was as if no one was concerned about
what was attacking the outer rim.  She understood that they were too far
out to help either Alliance or Empire, but still they were lives.

Allea sat up as her instruments picked up a few transmissions from one of
the Imperial fleet ships.  Her fingers quickly moved over her instrument
panel.  It was rare to pick up such a classified transmission and she
didn't wish to lose what was being said.  She would work on breaking the
codes later, the most important thing was to capture was being sent.


"Allea, are you still working on that last transmission?" Leonyd
questioned entering the area that Allea called her area.

"Yes, I'm almost done.  It was touch and go for a while in making sure
that I got the complete message."

"How you're able to do that I'll never understand." Leonyd commented. 
"Anything of interest?"

"Not sure."

"Too bad you lost the ability to keep tabs on the household of Darana. 
Just think of what we could have learned from them."

Allea lowered her head. "There is always a chance I'll do it again.  I
haven't given up."  She let out a whistle as the translated message
revealed itself. 

"What is it?"

"Can you watch the equipment.  I think the General needs to see this at

"Sure what is it.  Who was it between."

"The Emperor himself and someone called a Commander Lexor.  Scientist."

"Want me to see if we have a file?"

"I think we should.  She doesn't sound like someone we should ignore." 
Allea walked out of her office and headed for Branwyn's office hoping she
would be there.  Letting out a sigh of relief when she found her there
Allea entered her office.  "General, I think you'll be interested in
this."  Allea laid the information on the desk.

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