The Next Step

By Ginna Wilcoxin


Octavia was relieved when she finally reached her quarters. She never thought she would get out of the Cantina. She still remembered the unseen voice. Who had spoke to her, who had told her to be patient? Octavia stared at her lightsaber. "You are starting to be a lot of trouble you know that?" Laying it down on the table next to her Octavia closed her eyes.

A rustle of fabric and the scent of wood and flowers filled her room. Opening her eyes she saw a woman standing in front of her, she saw a lightsaber clipped to her belt. The woman's dress was ancient, the tunic the low shoes and a sword that was sheathed across her back. Was it a broadsword?

"Octavia, I sense the turmoil in you. Confusion shows on your face lass. I be Kirienne and while in the mortal realm I were a Jedi Knight, though I was never a master like your grandfather."

Octavia stared at the woman in disbelief, was she stating she was ghost? Octavia shook her head and listened to the strange visitor as she continued.

"Me thinks there were few men as honorable as your grandfather Qui-Gon. I have recently met him lass and there is much of him in you. You canna run from your destiny for long. Soon it will catch you up. Octavia, you are needed. The Jedi must continue to rebuild. There is a great need to increase in number and once again be the guardians of justice, freedom and peace in the Galaxy. Dinna fight yer destiny lass --- Search yer feelings, deep down. Let the Force flow through you and guide you. Ye ha only tae speak my name in need and I'll be at yer side if ye ha need of counsel."

Before Octavia could say anything the woman was gone. Sitting back in the chair Octavia meditated on the words that the woman spoke. This Kirienne had seen her grandfather? How was this possible if everything she had said was correct how was that possible? Rising to her feet Octavia picked up her lightsaber and walked out of her room. The smell of wood and flowers still lingered, yet Octavia needed to get out. Too much was happening too fast. Perhaps she would be able to find Rachel, perhaps. There was one place possible to find Rachel, the cantina. Octavia wasn't sure why she being drawn to the cantina, but for once she was going to follow her instincts. Octavia recognized the feeling in her stomach, it was fear, for the first time since she had discovered that her mother had left her alone, Octavia felt fear.

As Octavia took a seat in the cantina the feeling didn't leave her, but she took a deep breath and calmed her fear, she needed to find solutions, needed to figure out her next step.