Nightmare in the Tank

By Amanda Wilcoxen

Her long auburn floated in the air with the rest of her body. She knew she 
couldn't be dead because she would have seen a light. At least that's what 
she thought she would have seen. Medenna couldn't even hear herself scream, 
nor the beat of her heart. But somehow she knew she was breathing, even as 
the darkness engulfed her into another sleep trance. 


When she opened her eyes, she was back at Yavin. The training room where she 
practiced her lightsabering. But a voice called for her, this confused her 
because she actually didn't see anyone there. Suddenly she was swept up from 
her feet and staring at the cold marble floor. Medenna was clearly annoyed 
from landing face first. When she sat in a sitting position, no one at all 
was there. 

"Hello?" She heard herself call as she reached for her lightsaber. It wasn't 
there. Panic filled her mind. She never went anywhere without it! Then a 
glow of a dark , violet blade, began to swirl towards her. But it wasn't a 
lightsaber-but a whip? 

Medenna easily backflipped a few times away from the whip that seemed to 
dance in the air. She wondered who would attack her, and why. The whip's glow 
of dark violet disappeared. She tried to use the force to sense where her 
attacker was, but it was too late. The whip curled around her ankles like a 
snake and it pulled her off her feet, making her hit her head hard on the 
cold marble floor. Medenna felt herself being pulled with the whip fast. At 
last, her attacked planted a foot on La'Rose's throat, cutting off her oxygen 
slowly. The young Jedi gasped for air as she tried to move, get away from 
this thing--her attacker. She felt herself being taken back into the shadows. 
The dark shadows that could possibly stop her suffering. And she left herself 
be engulfed by it. 


Her head jerked and her eyes fluttered open in the tank. Again, Medenna felt 
nothing, heard nothing, not even her own heartbeat. She was panicy, which 
wasn't good in this sittuation. She needed her mind--she had to figure a way 
out of this, and help Octavia! 

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