Night at the SilverStorm, cont.

By Ginna Wilcoxen

Night at the Silver Storm Continued. 

Luna returned to the dining room with the plates and gently placed them 
down on the table before the two spacers. "Here you go, gentlemen," she 
said lightly. "So what brings you to this part of the galaxy? I hear guys 
like you are looking for young pretty red-haired girls to sell as slaves to 
the Hutts. Haruka says I'm pretty enough but I don't know if I like the 
Hutts enough to work for them then again anything is probably better than 
working for her she's crazy and if you don't eat with good manners boy are 
you going to get it have you ever eaten her food before she travels you 
know all over the place to find exotic receipies and spices...." 

Luna continued on for another minute before finally pausing to take a 

Roc and his friend looked at Luna then exchanged smiles. "Let me try and 
answer your questions." Roc stated calmly. 

"He might not be interested in slaves, but .." 

"Enough Leonard." Roc snapped. "I came here for some food and heard its 
pretty good here. I haven't had Haruka's food but hear that its something 
to remember. As for selling slaves, I haven't done that in a long time and I 
don't like the Hutts and wouldn't send someone as pretty as you to them." 

"Roc here might be looking for someone to travel with on a cruise he's going 
on." Leonard suggested to the witness. 

"Luna, you stay right here and continue to work for Haruka, I'm sure she's 
not as crazy as you may think and the world out of this place isn't very 

"Nope, you have slave traders, and Jedi and Sith and well, hell it's a war." 
Leonard scoffed turning to Roc, "I still think you're crazy." 

Luna rose to her feet. "Well, I think you both are crazy." She turned to 
leave and accidently knocked Leonard's drink over spilling it all over him 
and Roc. 

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